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Q:oh! ..crazy textures...
A:Resize your textures to large in the options menu.

Q:I Cant finished the quest! what is in the abyss?
A:Quest ends there because it discontinued the production of RFSv4.

-Easy history-
3.3 Apple!!
Open the trial dungeon [Apple Temple]. still beta...
Boss has a weapon [kokutou(•“)].
fix quest & marker.
add cell.
refine Alondite weap.
refine Knight Dual Sword.

The custom races cannot be used.

Add Dual Model.

*Attention! *
Whole dialogues and messages are in Japanese. No translation yet.
At the moment, I'm not planning to release English version.
(Since there're neither a quest nor a storyline, you won't be bothered much.)

Description & History
A shop will be placed at Dragon Claw Rock near Bruma.
You can purchase various items from Hidden Sky Garden of Toel ul Romuska there.

-Decorated SS, diary, and magic book are Japanese.
Add Weapons
-Grimm Axe (Enchantment:None
-Agust Axe (Enchantment:None
-EinherjarAxe (Enchantment:None
-Laevatain(Two Hand)
-Laevatain(Dual Blade)
Add Armors
-Saint Series.(Male Only)
Add Small Area & NPC
-New areas were added to the Celestial Ghost's RoomB

I have integrated some maps from HSG and improved them.
There's no LOD. I tried but failed...I've no idea how to create the LOD...Sorry!

* There're two hidden dungeons. *

Before you go there, go buy 'Hero's Mant' at the shop first.
After you get it, get out of the store and head down to a basement storage from the entrace outside the shop.

You can enter the dungeons regardless of your level but if you're lowbie there's no chance without a dirty trick via console.
Needless to say, cheating will spoil everything. Please tackle it straight.

Be warned! Boss monster is very tough!
I suggest you get decent gear as well as companions before entering the dungeons.

From Hidden Sky Garden of Toel Ul Romuska
Weapon Skill Effect

+ Hero Units +
In the basement storage under the shop, you can find four NPCs.
Once you equip 'Hero's Mant' in front of them, they start following you and help your fight.
These NPCs die when they lose their health. They aren't set to essential.
If they die, you can revive them nearby you by casting Chant of Judgment which is an AoE resurrection type spell.
You need [Resurrect Potion] and [Magic Book [Chant Of Judgment]] to cast the spell and consume a [Resurrect Potion] per cast.
They're available at the store or you can purchase them from an Apple Head in the hidden dungeons.
In case you don't need NPCs, just unequip 'Hero's Mant' and they no longer follow you.

+ New Spells +
You can learn new spells from these spell books.

@ [Chant of Victory]
@ [Chant Of Dragon]
@ [Chant Of Glowing]
@ [Chant Of Judgment]
@ [Chant Of Vishas]
Spell Effect Movie

You can't cast these new spells without equipping corresponding orbs.

* Link Orb Primus
* Link Orb Secundus
* Link Orb Tertius
* Link Orb Quartus
* Link Orb Quintus
* Link Orb Sextus
* Link Orb Septimus
* Link Orb Octavus
* Link Orb Nonus
* Link Orb Decimus

By carrying one of these Link Orbs, you can receive a special bonus of restoring health or spell resistance each time you cast a spell.
In addition, giving Link Orbs to your companions allows you to fortify multiple targets at a cast.

Hero units already have these Link Orbs, so you needn't give them orbs. Just cast a spell to fortyfy them.

maybe none.

Danis13 BEAUTY FACES v13 imperial by Danis13

"Doomshard" (modders resource)

NPR Knight Armor Beta by NPR

NPR Marine AR and Bunny Suit for HGEC by NPR

Tona Whitesquall-armor for HGEC by Tona

Tona SimpleDress-Armor for HGEC by Tona

Vampire Hunter Armor for Exnem and HGEC By Eyren

Capes and Cloaks by someone1074

Akatosh Mount By Saiden Storm R19 by SidenStorm

Custom Creatures By Saiden Storm Release 2


*Special Thanks*
He translated [readme] into English.

mad tarou
He advised the script to me.


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