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The Haven of the Mad: A Mod by Tanya
This mod is very unusual and may not be to everyone's tastes. If you don't like it, don't download it, and please refrain from flaming me.

WARNING: May be slow on older computers. I made it with my ancient Nvidia 7300 installed, and it was very laggy but still playable. CTDs may occur with cards older than the 7300 or equivalent. It will run best with 9-series Nvidia cards or the ATI equivalent.
Contemplate, for a moment, a mage associate who loses her mind and becomes quite powerful. She creates for herself a fortress hidden beneath the earth, disguised cleverly as her own grave, in the forgotten lakes of Blackwood. This mad mage leaves Cyrodiil, having feigned her own death, and the fortress is yours!

This mod adds to the game:
A fully pathed player home with 4 interior cells and a courtyard, with varied decorations. Some players might find the respawning ore deposit to be a "cheat". I take no responsibility if your immersion is ruined by this mod.

Jewelry boxes, cupboards and chests are safe. Madness ore deposit is NOT safe.

Requires: Oblivion (clearly!), Shivering Isles, latest patch v1.2
Known incompatibilities: Anything using Hel_Borne's Elven Tomb resource mesh. I edited the meshes (removed that red floor in NifSkope) so it may cause you to fall through the void if you've got another mod using that resource!

Anything affecting the area near Fort Teleman, except my Halls of Unrelent.

Known Bugs:
The worldmap loses all its markers in the worldspace and one cannot fast travel from there. A unique map for the worldspace may be included in a future release.

1) Extract the archive
2)Copy and paste the "meshes" and "textures" folders and Haven of the Mad.esp to your data folder.
3)Activate the ESP in the launcher or OBMM.

1)Deactivate the ESP in the launcher or OBMM.
2)Delete the ESP.
3) Delete the following folders:

Tomb architecture:
Hel Borne - Mesh, textures, and collision


Semi-precious stones:
quairtra for new textures
Bethesda for original meshes

Enchanting/spellmaking altars, braziers and pedestals:
Hel Borne - Mesh, textures, animation, and collision
ThrottleKitty - Major assist on texture animation
Bethesda - lava texture

Ayleid clutter:
meo for original resource
cryptic_rain for recolours

Imp statues:
Bethesda - Meshes and partial textures
Hel Borne - Mesh alterations, textures, and collision

AlienSlof and Arty for giving suggestions and putting up with me while I worked on this!

me for the ESP.
If you want to use the resources, well, do so. They're resources.

If you want to make changes to or rehost the ESP (my work) please ask me first. Permission is not required if you want to simply translate the mod to a foreign language, unless you edit something else.

Send me a PM on here.:)