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Thank you for downloading Sentient Weapon II. Ratings and constructive comments are most welcome and appreciated.

SentientWeaponExchange Patch now up:


I have heard there have been requests for porting this mod to Skyrim. Simply put, No. Explanation simply put: Skyrim uses a new scripting language.

Long Explanation. In order to get this mod into Skyrim, I would have to individually move all the audio files (which there are tons). However, the bigger reason is having to essentially translate the thousands of lines of scripting to work with the new language. To give a literal idea on how much there is, each weapon has an enchantment script of over 900 lines, seriously. Then they have a secondary script attached. So yeah, its a LOT. Not counting what I added on later.

Thanks for all the support.

VileLairRebuilt is now up and there's a version that incorporates and links up with DBSRebuilt. You can get it here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=26062

My other main mod 'DBSRebuilt' can be d/l here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=21125

Hey ya'll; For future support or bug issues I ask you visit my official site. Tigerlilly has done a great job with helping players find their way around this mod. However, most any issue possibly found has been addressed. This blog goes over the main questions of this mod, for convenience to the players of finding a quick fix. Direct blog link:


Any new issues that aren't addressed there, please feel free to add. This will hopefully make it easier for players to find what they need quicker, instead of searching through 300+ comments. Thank ya'll for the support, and thank you Tigerliiy for all the help. ='P

This mod requires OBSE version 15 or higher.
For people with the original mod see below.

A wandering weaponsmith gives you an offer- he'll make you a sentient weapon if you can just get him all the materials. It promises to be powerful, but also potentially comical as the weapon will audibly comment on your adventures as you go.

You will get to choose between three different personalities:

Fred the Coward, who is an eternal pessimist. Sample: http://www.clock.org/~psarris/levels/fred.mp3
Atkivir the Murderer, who delights in misery and killing. Sample: http://www.clock.org/~psarris/levels/atkivir.mp3
Samson the (wanna be) Hero, who's just a regular guy and isn't terribly special. Sample: http://www.clock.org/~psarris/levels/samson.mp3

Each personality also has mildly different combat abilities, but this is especially true if you make a critical hit (which are fairly rare). A critical hit from Fred might make the enemy run away, one from Atkivir deals heavy damage, and one from Samson cripples their combat abilities.

You may also choose to take all three personalities- in which case they will go back and forth over control of the weapon.

About the New Stuff

The main purpose of this "Update" was to make the Sentient Weapons more unique and up to date. With the original mod being over 2 years old, it was time for some refurbishing. All the Original Questing is still there. However, there are two quest extensions that in turn give Atkivir and Fred their own shields. When you finish the quest to get the Sentient Weapon you will receive a lesser power "Forge Sentient Weapon." This spell allows the player to switch between the weapon types. So now if you get a bow from the weaponsmith and change your mind, just cast this spell and now you can change. Also it is good for players who tend to play two weapon types ie blade and bow.
If you choose to have 3 dominant souls, then you will complete the quests just as you did with one soul. However, once you have done all the quests, and have found all 3 shields, you will gain a new lesser power "Channel Spirit." This spell allows the player to choose which soul is dominant. The souls will no longer change periodically or by themselves. Only the player can change the dominant soul.
Only one Sentient Weapon and shield is in the inventory at a time. This is to prevent scripts over running each other, and to keep the player's inventory cleaner.

Special Features

Sentient Weapon II has many special features and secrets for you to discover. No spoilers will be posted on the forum however, if anyone wishes to know more, they're welcome to PM Tigerlilly here on tesnexus. She can answer most, if not all of your questions relating to the gameplay.

Some features, particularly for those new to the mod, need to be explained. Each soul offers you special benefits.

Souls' Synergies:

Aside from the enchantments, the Sentient Shields (once obtained and equipped) will give you Synergies. Each soul offers you something different and these are permanent abilities added to your skills/and or attributes. Check your spell effects page to see what they are.

Souls' Powers:

Atkivir - 'Power of Retribution'
Samson - 'Power of Bravado'
Fred - 'Power of Cowardice'

Each of these powers, as with the Shields Synergies, add permanent abilities to your skills/and or attributes. However, these powers, unlike the Shields Synergies, are scaled to your level. So as you go up in levels, so will these powers increase with you at certain points. Again, check your spell effects to see what they are.

You will also note, the weapons and the shields are self-repairing. So even if you're not an Expert Armorer yet, your Sentient Weapons and Shields will repair themselves to 125% once you strike an enemy. If the damage to them falls below 100, they will auto-repair back to 125%.

The Sentient Weapon II, despite giving a player 15 weapons to play with (if all 3 souls are chosen), conveniently only uses up one quick-slot for the 'Forge Sentient Weapon' spell. And with the shields auto equipping as well, this leaves your quick-slots free for other items.


1.) Copy SentientWeapon.esp and SentientWeapon.BSA to your Data\ directory.

2.) Click on the SentientWeapon.esp in the Game Menu on load or OBMM.

3.) Play


1.) Uncheck SentientWeapon.esp in the Game Menu or Obmm.

2.) Delete SentientWeapon.esp and SentientWeapon.bsa

Version 1.3

Fixed the Large Texture Setting Requirement; ingame texture size setting no longer matters.

Version 1.2

-The shields are now removed properly when casting Channel Spirit. This was causing shields to equip themselves repeatedly for a short period.

-Fixed Atkivir's Synergy. Now if you carry his weapons but are using a different sword with his shield, his Synergy will not be constantly added.

Known Issues

There is a new bug emerging with the starting quest. After returning to Krump with the soul gem, the dialog and quest are not being updated, and stopping the quest. As of right now I am not sure what is causing this bug. It has the signs of a possible mod conflict. If you get to this point, and the quest does not update there is a quick console fix for it:

In the game console type:

setstage zzyquestsword 30

This will update the quest as if Krump accepted the items from you. With most people running a lot of mods, it is hard to pick out which mod maybe conflicting.

-- When initially loading a game you may have to manually equip your sentient weapon. If the weapon icon is showing hand to hand, just re-equip the weapon.

Previous Version of SW
This is for people that have the old Sentient Weapon files on their computers. As you can guess from the BSA size, yes all the files old and new are in the BSA. So you can delete the following folders. this is optional, but will save about 120Mb of disc space.


The biggest part of this mod is the sound files. Narky Bark obviously put a lot of time into this mod, and the sounds truly are what make this mod so much fun.


None that we know of. Everything in this mod is added and new. However, if you have a compatibility issue let us know.

Thanks to Narky Bark for this amazing mod.
Thanks to Tigerlilly for starting the project, all the game testing, and all the ideas.
Thanks to LHammonds for the texture setting fix.
Thanks to Jojo for the:
Dark Flame Sword and Shield
Dragon Claw Sword and Shield
Morrigan Axe

Thanks to Nico for the:
Charon's Call
Talon of Akatosh
Tabaxi Bows
Skelos Bow
Wulfharths Fury

Thanks to Dall for the:
Skelos Bow ReTexture
Ghost Blade ReTexture
Nosferatu Bow

Thanks to Christian of CCRE for the:
Ghost Blade

Thanks to RulZ, Kit Rae, and Amnes for the:
Sword of Darkness

Thanks to Jizzak for the:
Ayleid Shield

Thanks to Soul-Shade and Sinblood for the:
SoulShade Sword

Thanks to Ismelda for introducing me to Tes4Edit.

Any and all retexturing of the prior by aggressivepassivist.

Before doing any changes to this mod please contact me on the nexus. Any changes to the massive amount of scripting may cause serious issues with the mod.