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An underground thieves village, in the sewers of the Imperial City, and more.

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Thieves' Grotto by Nernie
September-12-09, Ver. 4

This mod is designed to augment the Thieves Guild in Oblivion (or simply give more depth to the game) by adding new hidden communities of thieves, with new areas, stores, items, and quests. I try to keep most of the weapons and armour reasonably low-level, with some levelled items where I want exceptions, for anybody who is playing through from level one.

The Thieves' Grotto adds a community of thieves under the Imperial City. It is accessible through a manhole, to the left of the Imperial City gate in the Waterfront District (entry by thieves' guild members only), and through a door in the Temple Sewer Systems. Within the grotto there are several new shops, and a very low-end fence. As well, there is a new Doyen with three new quests (also guild members only, and not, notably, Oblivion-style quests with journal entries and map markers, but rather more free-form ones), and multiple new areas and dungeons to accompany them, including a Bandit's Hideout, a Goblin Village, an Ayleid Tomb housing a Spriggan Queen, and new sections of the Imperial Palace.

The Thieves' Port adds a community of thieves under Bravil. It is accessible through a trapdoor, tucked against the outer wall of Bravil, behind the archery target on island where the player house, and Archer's Paradox store, are located (Southwest corner). Another entrance is through a door in a rock, beside one of the canal gates on the outside of the city, following the wall to the right of the main Bravil entrance (also Southwest corner).

The Old Bell Tower adds a small group of thieves in Chorrol. To access it, go to the Chapel Hall in the Church of Stendaar, and turning left immediately as you enter the room there is a new hallway full of clutter, with a rope ladder hidden behind a Chorrol banner.

The Old Bruma Dungeon adds a small group of thieves in Bruma. The entrance is just south of the North Gate, against the city wall, hidden behind some rocks and a tree.

Galehaven adds a new small city in its own worldspace, southeast of Anvil.

Installation: Unzip, and place the esm file, and the meshes and textures folders, in your Oblivion/Data folder. Overwrite any folders or files, if prompted.

Possible Incompatibilities: I tried to make most of this mod exist in new cells, and new world spaces, to lessen incompatibility problems. However, inevitably there will be issues if you are using mods that significantly alter the areas that this mod also inhabits. As far as I can tell, it works fine with Open/Better Cities, which is the only major one I've tested.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

NOTE: Version 4, notwithstanding any necessary minor fixes, will be my last update, unless I can figure out why a portion of players are experiencing crashes with anything above Version 2. I hate to keep building on something that doesn't work reliably.

VERSION 4 Additions:
-the city of Galehaven, with many new interiors, including new stores, guilds, a tavern, a whorehouse (though not, uh, functional), a small castle to sneak around in, etc.
-A new ship, The River Rat, which you can buy and outfit with a crew via a quest that is available to high-ranking thieves guild members. Speak with the Doyen in Galehaven to trigger it.
-The Chorrol Bell Tower has been moved underground (and altered and re-named accordingly). The entrance is in the same place, but has been replaced by a hidden wall panel.
-In the Sewers, the pathgrids have been tweaked, and some of the NPCs have been given more complex AI packages, so they aren't just wandering around in there endlessly, getting stuck in the water and so forth.

VERSION 3 Additions:
-Old Bell Tower in Chorrol, with a new store.
-Old Bruma Dungeons, with a new store selling a full new set of cold-weather armour (one low-level, and one levelled with cold-repellent properties), and some cold weather clothing.
-A new quest (starts with the Doyen in Chorrol, and requires you be fairly high ranking in the thieves guild) which involves becoming the Bruma Doyen, and taking over a fort North of Bruma, with other minor extras.
-A new quest, linked to the one above, allowing you a new companion (or slave, depending on how you play it) who will move into new quarters in your Thieves Grotto house - incidentally, if you haven't done the quest to get the house, she will sit in the Tavern in the Bruma Dungeons until you've completed it, at which point the dialogue will be available (although not the slavery option, which can only be accessed when you first encounter her). Later updates will expand on this character a little.

VERSION 2 Additions:

-Thieves' Port under Bravil, with many new interiors therein.
-2 new quests, both of which can be started with NPCs in the new area, one of which rewards you with a dog companion - retextured dark, since apparently I can't inhale without unecessarily retexturing something.
-Purchaseable Posters for your Thieves' Grotto house (you have to have completed the first quest from the Grotto, to have access to it). These can be bought from Fawn, at Swallowfall Books. Make sure you open the notes in your menu, to enable the posters, at which point they should be on the walls.
-The buildings in the original Thieves' Grotto are now retextured to match the lower-class houses in the waterfront, so they look distinct from the buildings in the Bravil area.
-Minor fixes, like adding collision to the wall in the upper floor of the orphanage.

Acknowledgements, and Resources used:
-Thanks to Vorians, who figured out why this mod was initially crashing (bad sheep).
-The scripting for the commands was largely borrowed from the Dogmeat Companion mod by jefe323
-I've used meshes and textures from the Salmo the Baker mod.

German Translation (including several fixes and improvements) by Tamira can be found here: http://www.worldofelderscrolls.de/?go=dlfile&fileid=177

Please let me know if you encounter any bugs, so I can try and get them taken care of for future updates. Thanks, all.