Brew House v1_5 by AXY
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Added: 25/01/2009 - 10:57AM
Updated: 10/05/2015 - 09:34AM

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Last updated at 9:34, 10 May 2015 Uploaded at 10:57, 25 Jan 2009

Adds a buyable plot of land just outside of Anvil. To the right upon exit of Anvil gate you will find a the home of a man called Duggan who will sell you the land and build you a house on it. You can buy sheep, plant and grow grape vines and hops, and raise fish for harvest. You can then ferment the grapes and hops into wine and beer.

The original Brew House mod for meshes, sounds and textures, downloadable here: Brew House v1.12

Please see the original readme for full details on the mod (available using the Readme link of this page, also included in this download)
AXY gave me permission in July 2008 to release a cleaned version of his mod, so here it is.
There are NO new features added.

First download and install Brew House v1.12 (see link above)
Then replace the ESP from v1.12 with the new ESP from v1.5 (the one that came with this readme)

It should be safe to just swap the ESPs out and leave it at that, but if you have issues in-game after doing this, then make a clean save without Brew House then re-activate. You'll have to purchase the House again and replant your seeds, but since the house is fairly cheap anyway, I hope this won't be too big an issue.
A clean save means finding an interior (not in the Brew House nor in Duggan's store) preferably with no NPCs or creatures in it. Save the game in a new slot. Exit to desktop, disable BrewHouse.esp, and reload your new save. Save again in another new slot. Exit to desktop, enable BrewHouse.esp and continue from your latest save.
I doubt a clean save will even be needed however.

Known Issues
I tested the quest to purchase the house after making my changes, and it worked perfectly.
I tested the sheep shearing, fish-egg laying, and seed-planting after making my changes, and all scripts worked perfectly.
I made no changes relating to brewing, so the scripts for the brewery will work the same as they do in v1.12.

This is not my mod, I did not create it.
If you feel something is no longer working which was working in v1.12, then please post a comment on the Nexus download page or send me a PM.
If something is not working which was also not working in v1.12, then by all means let me know, and I may look into it, but I make no promisies.

This is not my mod, I had permission from the original author to clean and release, so I cannot give any permission for reuse of this file.
I consider this release to be the property of AXY, not me. If you contact AXY and he says you can use his mod in any way, then you can use this ESP.
Please do not upload this ESP anywhere else without permission from AXY.