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A new light armour set, Imperial Legion Scout. It\'s a retextured mix of Legion, Guard, Chainmail and Mithril in a grey and red theme featuring the Akatosh dragon-diamond symbol in place of a town crest, and is slightly better than Mithril. Worn by Legion Foresters & Scouts and also sold in The Archer’s Paradox, Bravil.

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Adds a new armour set, Imperial Legion Scout, which is light armour. It is partway between the Legion heavy armour and City Guard armour in terms of appearance, but quite dirty and dented. The cuirass and shield feature the diamond-dragon symbol of Akatosh and the rest of the nine, like on the Imperial City banners, the door of the Temple of the One and the Septim coins. It is slightly better than Mithril armour.

The armour is worn by the light foot patrols of the Imperial Legion, so replaces the strange mix of civilan clothing and heavy armour the Imperial Legion Foresters wear, as well as being worn by a quite low level Imperial Legion Scout outside Vilverin who is prone to being killed by the bandits who live there. Or, if you fancy paying for some, The Archer's Paradox in Bravil has a few in stock.

EDIT: I've just realised I only changed some of the Imperial Legion Foresters to be wearing the scout armour. Something to change for a future version. Also for a future version, I'm thinking of making a modified version of both normal legion armour and legion scout armour that will be used by an evil split-off group...