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Adds a beacon fire to the top of the lighthouse in Imperial City Waterfront. Comes in two flavours: with smoke or without.

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Imperial City Waterfront Lighthouse: Beacon Fire, Version 1.0
By Phoenix316

I thought it was a bit odd that the "lighthouse" in Imperial City Waterfront wasn't exactly a lighthouse, as it didn't have any way of letting out light as such. I decided to rectify that.

This mod adds a beacon fire to the top of the Imperial City lighthouse.
There are two versions: one with a pillar of smoke and one without. I personally prefer without the pillar of smoke, but as I'd already made it I decided to include it anyway. You could even use both at once, if you really want.

Should work with any mod that doesn't move the Imperial City Waterfront Lighthouse or add anything on top of it.
I made it with the most recent Construction Set and patched version of Oblivion, so in theory it may be incompatible with older versions.

Just shove IC WF Lighthouse Fire.esp or (or and, if you so desire,) IC WF Lighthouse Fire + Smoke.esp into your Oblivion/Data folder and activate in the normal way.

Bethesda - Making it all, and I must say they did a pretty good job.
Me - Placing one fire node reference and one custom light. So, yeah, the hard part.

So, erm, feel free to include it in any future Waterfront lighthouse rework mods or whatever. Not that you'd really need to. Or want to. I'll shut up now.