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The Quest for Demon Bane

Version: 1.01
By Pimpskinny

Requirements: A mod that disables Cyrodiil borders, such as Borderless Cyrodiil by Rendelius or Cyrodiil Border Remover by LHammonds.

Note (10/25/10): Ha! Blizzard just announced that their 5th class for Diablo III is the "Demonhunter!" I beat you to it, Blizzard! Neener, neener! It even looks like a similar concept.

Of all the souls in Tamriel to lead the fight against the Daedric invasion - why you? Because you possess a powerful secret - something that you have kept hidden from the world for fear of being targeted by forces greater than yourself. You were born with the ability to harm Daedra by will alone. Who can say why? Is it a random genetic mutation? Is it part of a divine plan?

You always thought you were the only one. But your world is about to change. And you are about to follow a path that will lead to your ultimate destiny.

This is a quest mod. You will follow clues and fight enemies in order to unlock your true nature and seek your destiny - a weapon forged by the ancient Ayleids with deadly power over Dremora and Daedric Beasts. You will get the most out of this mod if you engage in melee with a weapon and are still venturing into Oblivion.

This mod includes:

- A quest that will take you around Cyrodiil.
- Approximately three hours of game time - more without fast travel.
- A unique lesser power - Strike Demon - that burns Dremora and Daedric creatures at the cost of fatigue. You were born with this power, so you will have it immediately when the mod loads.
- A unique weapon - the Demon Bane - that eats Dremora and Daedric creatures for breakfast. Demon Bane will either be a two-handed sword or two-handed axe, depending on which of your skills - Blade or Blunt - is highest when you claim it.
- The chance to gain a unique summoning power - "Call Shadow Spirit" - with the wearing of a special ring. The spirit summoned will be different depending on which of your attributes - Endurance, Strength, or Agility - is highest each time you cast it. It comes with the power "Release Shadow Spirit" to send your shadowy companion away when not needed or desired.
- A furnished player home converted from an old fort with desk, bed, training area, safe containers, etc.
- Unique armor - recolored elven to be darker with a deep red. It is slightly better than elven and includes an armored cloak.
- Unique monsters.
- And last but not least, a lovingly crafted and loot-rich massive dungeon to explore and die in, where your body will remain for all time, broken and bloody.
- Included in the dungeon is unique scenery, scripted creatures and special effects, and a puzzle level requiring you to use your wits.

Version History
1.01 (Download the patch):
- Addressed issue with Mud Crabs and Rats being affected by Demon Bane and Demon Strike. However, this will only address vanilla Mud Crabs and Rats.
- Make Ashwing Armor AC and Demon Bane's physical damage stronger.
- Fixed folder path for mountain lion meshes.

- Initial Release.

Known Bugs and Conflicts
- None that I know of and I use a ton of mods, but the potential is there. See the potential conflicts readme if you suspect a conflict with another mod. That readme contains minor spoilers.
- The Demon Bane textures by Gorgonzola3000 might slow down some computers. If you prefer, in the same folder as the weapon textures is a folder called "Low Res" that contains lower resolution textures that you can use instead. The weapon textures are in the "Data\textures\slr\weapons\pegasus\" folder.
- If you like, please post comments on bugs, conflicts, and difficulty issues.

A Humble Request
Please - no negative comments or bad ratings because you feel this mod makes you overpowered in Oblivion, because that is the whole point of the mod - to make it plausible that you, of all people, would be the hero of the Daedric invasion.

Playing the Mod
You will not be able to complete this quest at Level 1. There are some powerful foes standing between you and your destiny, and you will probably need to be at least Level 12 to stand against them. Melee skills will be more useful than magic in the later stages. Demon Bane is a melee weapon and therefore the tests and trials in order to claim it favor a melee fighter's talents.

This quest mod is driven by two primary actions: 1) Searching bodies of quest actors and 2) Reading quest materials like found notes and books. Don't pass up the opportunity to do these things. Not only does it advance you in the quest, but it tells a story and gives you important information. Looting important figures will also yield a few unique items in the later stages. Included in the download is a separate readme for hints and spoilers if you get stuck.

Starting the Mod: The next time you stumble into the Skingrad Fighter's Guild, you might notice a poster on the wall seeking help to find a missing person.

About your lesser power: Strike Demon is a special power that you were born with. When cast at a Dremora or Daedric Beast such as those found in Oblivion or summoned by Conjurers, they will ignite in a purplish flame, slowly burning them with magical fire. The damage it causes is substantial, but not nearly enough for you to let down your guard when facing such creatures. You must have adequate fatigue in order to use this power. For beasts and humanoids other than Dremora and Daedra, Strike Demon has no effect.

About the weapon: Demon Bane is a weapon imbued with tremendous power over Dremora and Daedric Beasts. While Demon Bane's damage against other creatures is nothing special, when it strikes Dremora or Daedra it releases a powerful force that burns and hurls them to the ground. It will also occasionally kill its prey in one angry blow, growling with fury when it does so. When this occurs, you will receive a brief boost in strength, your fatigue will be replenished, and some of your health will be restored as well. Meshes and Textures are original creations from the Pegasus weapons by Gorgonzola3000.

Demon Bane is more than a weapon - it is a living thing with a purpose.

Manual installation:
- Extract Demonhunter.esp and the Meshes and Textures folders from the archive into your Oblivion\Data folder and overwrite. Nothing will actually be overwritten.

OMOD installation:
- Oh you know, activate it!

Manual uninstallation:
- From your Oblivion\Data folder, delete Demonhunter.esp.
- In your Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Creatures folder and the Oblivion\Data\Textures\Creatures folder:
- Go into the dog folder and delete the files named "slrdhstalkerwolf."
- Go into the mountain lion folder and delete the files beginning with "slr."
- Go into the bear folder and delete the files named "slrshadowbear."
- If you are NOT using my Druid Mod delete the entire "SLR" folders in the Oblivion\Data\Meshes and Oblivion\Data\Textures folders. If you are using Druid Mod, then delete the following folders within the Oblivion\Data\Meshes\SLR folder and the Oblivion\Data\Textures\SLR folder:
- armor\dh\
- clutter\
- static\
- weapons\pegasus\

OMOD uninstallation:
- Oh you know, deactivate it!

Recommended additional mods
Enhanced Daedric Invasion
- An outstanding mod, this makes the Daedric invasion something that really spills into the world of Cyrodiil.
Bag of Holding or Purse of Wonders
- Many will consider these mods unbalancing because they allow you to carry unlimited loot, but you will be going into a huge dungeon and the ability to do just that would be beneficial.

Tools Used
- TES Construction Set
- Adobe Photoshop Elements with the DDS plug-in
- Nifskope
- TES4Gecko by TeamGecko

- Gorgonzola3000 for the astoundingly beautiful pegasus weapons that I used for Demon Bane. (http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4923)
- Hel Borne for the wolf statue that I used profusely in the ruins. (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=20768)
- Dall for the ring texture that I used for the Shadow Ring. (http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16259)
- Someone1074 for the cloak. (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4539)
- Grhys for the exnemized meshes. (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11824)
- The helpful people on the TES-CS Forum, with special thanks to Washington, KyleWollaston, Octarina, CDM, QQuix, JDFan, ShadeMe, and Hiei.
- Everyone involved with the Construction Set Wiki - you rule.
- Modders in general for making TES4 the most replayable game in history and one of the most enjoyable.
- Bethesda for a killer game and their generosity with the Construction Set.

My Other Mods
- Druid Mod - Progress in a Druid Class with nearly 50 unique spells and abilities over 32 character levels.
- The Southlanders - A Native American themed race mod.