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This mod compliments \"New Roads and Bridges Revised\" by representing ALL of the new roads and bridges in the world map. Now updated to work with NR&BR 4.1.1

Permissions and credits
Name: Worldmap for New Roads and Bridges Revised
Notes:to be used with "New Roads and Bridges Revised 4.4.1"

4:Version History / Bug Fixes
7:Author Notes

1: Description
I made this mod to compliment "New Roads and Bridges Revised" which ads many new roads and bridges to Cyrodiil. However, these new network was not represented in the world map, which in my view limited its utility. So all this mod does is draw the main new roads and bridges in the worldmap in a way that visually fits in. Also, I used an enhanced version of the worldmap by Thacadians, to which I added a subtle crumple paper effect.

2: Installation
a) Back up your current worldmaps (to find them follow the file structure in my mod, as my files will simply overwrite the ones you have)
b) Unpack the textures folder to your data folder.

3: Uninstallation
Simply restore your back up worldmaps

4: Version History / Bug Fixes
Current version 1.1. - Updated location of Niben Bridge according to New Roads and Bridges 4.4.1.
Previous version 1.0. - I might add additional roads in the Bruma Region.

5: Incompatibilities
Not compatible with other worldmap replacers.

6: Credits
This mod would have not been possible without the resources from the following modders:
- Thacadian for his "Thacadians Colored World Map" which I used as a base. http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=230
- Ukrr and Arthmoor for their "New Roads and Bridges Revised" http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=20218
- Ranokoa for his blank redme templates. http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=20296
- and of course Bethesda for releasing a game that allows modding.

7: Author Notes

I did not add every single road created in "New Roads and Bridges Revised" for mainly 3 reasons:
1- Many of the ommitted roads are very small, the equivalent to dirtroads in the realworld, which usually get left out in real maps. I believe this minor roads should be left as easter eggs.
2- I had a hard time differentiating whether the minor roads were from other mods such as Unique Landscapes, etc (I do have an FCOM set up with over 300 mods installed)
3- I guess I am too lazy.

UPDATE: I spoke with Arthmor and all his roads and bridges are in the current map. So nothing from his mod has been left out. I actually added roads from Vanilla Oblivion that are not in the Vanilla map thinking they belonged to New Roads and Bridges Revised. So I guess we all get a few bonus roads to the map!