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This adds a purchasable Pirate themed Island to the game.

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Pirate Island

Da Mage - Textures/Meshes/Scripting/CS

This adds a purchasable Pirate themed Island to the game. The next time you load up a save with this mod active, a quest update will happen that tells you to find the merchant at the Anvil Docks. The Island can be bought from him, along with any upgrades for it. THere are a wide variety of upgrades each giving some perks to your island.

Before Upgrades:
There is a cave with a bed and table, a shipwreck with respawning ghost/wraiths, and the island.

Cave Upgrades:
Bedroom Area:
Adds a small bedroom area with some storage.

Dining Area:
Adds a table with one-time food containers.

Treasure Trove:
Adds a great deal of storage to your Cave, with many chests, crates and sacks.

Adds lights, paintings and tapersties to your cave for some colour.

Dog Kennel:
Adds a dog kennel with the Dog "Barker", Barker can be commanded and comes with a manual to explain.

Island Upgrade:
Adds a small pirate crew with 5 members that live on your Island.
Required for: Watchtower, Fence and Smith

First Mate Murber will now run a small forge on the beack, he will repiar items for a small fee.

Fillim the Deckhand will now act as a fence for stolen goods during the time he is next on his boat.

A small watchtower is built on the rock to help Riniso the Scout watch the sea.
Required for: Pirate Ship

Adds a Pier to your island that the Merchant will now stop at for 4 days a week.
Required for: Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship:
You gain a Pirate Ship for your Island, it comes with a captian's cabin for you, along with three new pirates that live on the ship.

Once you have built a pirate ship you can talk to your scout about seeing anything, you may then go on a raid at against a merchant ship once every four days.

TES IV: Oblivion Patched to v1.2.0416

Copy all the files into your ...oblivion\data directory, then select the esp in the data files in the oblivion lancher

To un-install this mod you must delete the following folders:

and the following file:

that is all.

Contact Darkseed Team
Da Mage - Message at Official ES Forums

Bethesda Softworks - For making such a great game and the CS
Blender Foundation

You cannot re-release this mod in any form without permission from Da Mage.

I realise there may still be bugs and incompatibilities, please tell us if you find one so we can fix it.