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Adds Dante\'s clothes from Devil May Cry 3 to Oblivion.

Permissions and credits
Devil May Cry Dante's Clothes v1.0 - by ShokkiiMonkii

>> Description
I know someone already made Dante's clothes, but I don't think the modder will ever finish it. So whatever, I made my own.

Find the clothes in a chest in Bruma's chapel.

Female version coming soon?
I dunno...I can't imagine a girl running around wearing Dante's nipple strap *lol*

>> Bugs/Incompatibilities
- If there are any major clipping errors, please report them to me; I hate them ):

>> Installation for Dummies
1. Open the .zip file using Winrar, Winzip, 7Zip etc.
2. Copy the Data folder within the .zip into your Oblivion installation directory, ie: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\
3. Run Oblivion Launcher or whatever mod manager you have, tic DMCDanteClothes.esp
4. Run the game and enjoy :)

>> Uninstallation
Delete these folders:

Delete DMCDanteClothes.esp

>> Recommended Mods
You need Robert's Male Body v3/v4.

>> Updates
[1/1/09] v1.0 - Initial Release

>> Credits/Legal
Thank you...
1. Bethesda - for making Oblivion.
2. The people who made Blender - for making a 3D application that a retard like me can understand.

Feel free to modify any parts of the mod, I don't care. If you're going to redistribute it outside of Tesnexus, please get my consent first.

Devil May Cry belongs to Capcom.