GATES TO AESGAARD - Episode Two by ThePriest909
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Gates to Aesgaard - Episode II: The Fifth Element
Unofficial plug-in for the video game, The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion.

Genre: Fiction horror
Platform: PC
Developer: ThePriest909
Website: http://gatestoaesgaard2.webs.com/index.htm

Last Updated: December.28.2008
Read Me.txt

IMPORTAND NOTE: Gates to Aesgaard - Episode 2 contains disturbing and violent images.

Thank you for downloading Gates to Aesgaard - ep2: The Fifth Element
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Table of Contents

01. Short Description
02. Recommendations by the authour
03. Requirements
04. Installation
05. Load Order
06. Known issues/bugs
07. Compatibillity
08. Credits
09. Licensing/Legal

01. Description

1.1. Short Description:
A fiction horror quest for "The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion".

1.2. Starting the game:
Play Oblivion as you normally do. The quest will start automatically.

1.3. Features:
01. A complete new custom world space
02. Several new mini realms
03. New races (unplayable)
04. New creatures
05. New items
06. New weapons and armors
07. New textures
08. New statics
09. Custom weather system
10. Scripted events
11. Quest system
12. Cut scenes
13. Custom animations
14. Custom visual effects
15. Custom water
16. New books and notes
17. Custom architecture
18. Dialog
19. Voice acting
20. Custom music and sound effects

02. Recommendations by the author

01. Read the instructions carefully before installing or playing this plugin.

02. It is recommended that you don't use "Night eye Effects". The only result it can cause is to spoil the experience you would have without it.

03. It is recommended that you don't use console cheat codes. They will probably break the quest-line and cause failure to complete it.

04. Although Gates to Aesgaard 2 has been succesfully tested with a variety of other mods, it is recommended that you don't use unofficial plugins that modify already existed items.

05. Gates to Aesgaard - ep.2 has been created on vanilla oblivion for vanilla oblivion and only official plugins are recommended. If you do use other unofficial plugins, please make sure that they are compatible with Gates to Aesgaard 2 before installing or playing the game.

06. It is recommended that you don't use texture or mesh replacements. This project has been created with respect to the quality balance of vanilla Oblivion. If you do use texture or mesh replacements you may notice unbalanced results in quality.

07. It is recommended that you don't use companion mods to any other world space besides Carhenia. They will spoil the experience you would have without them. If you do, please make sure that your companion mod is marked as "essential" and that it supports summoning.

08. It is recommended that you don't use unofficial lighting or weather mods. They will either cause bugs or spoil the experience you would have without them.

09. It is recommended that you don't use overpowered weapons, armors, spells or code-made characters. They will spoil the experience you would have without them.

10. It is recommended that you don't deactivate the border region or the autosave function by modifying the ini text.

11. Depending on your character's level, game's difficulty might change. Use game's difficulty level control to set the required difficulty.

12. The first-person camera mode is recommended for the maximum experiance of this quest.

03. Requirements

01. The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion
02. Oblivion 1.2.0416 Patch
03. 1,2GB of free hard-disk space

04. Installation

General rule:
Before installing any unofficial plug-in, backup your save-games.


To install Gates to Aesgaard - ep.2:

-Step 01. Run GTAEPII.exe to auto-extract the required data into your oblivion data folder.

-Step 02. Open the Oblivion Launcher and select Data Files.

-Step 03. Tick both GTAesgaard_2.esm (Master File) and GTAesgaard_2.esp (Player File).

-Step 04. Play.

To uninstall Gates to Aesgaard - ep.2:
Click the start menu and use the "Unistall_GTAEPII.exe" located at the "Gates to Aesgaard 2" folder.

Note: The installer contains one (1) esm file, one (1) esp file, one (1) bsa archive and three (3) bink video files. There will be no manual installation version, so please, do not ask for it.

05. Load-Order

Landscape issues may appear in game if another esm that alters the landscape affects GTAesgaard_2.esm or vice versa.
Solution: Use Timeslip's Oblivion Mod Manager (http://timeslip.chorrol.com/obmm.html) to change the load order and set GTAesgaard_2.esm right after Oblivion.esm

The load order should look like this:

All other ESMs

All other ESPs

06. Known bugs/issues to understand

01. Landscape issues may appear in game if another esm that alters the landscape affects GTAesgaard_2esm or vice versa.
Solution: Check the load order section for more info.

02. Because of an unknown (and very rare) bug, the second part of the dialog between Claudius Otillus and the player might fail to start correctly. (It happened only twice during the final beta testing so, don't worry about it).
Solution: Save your game after exiting the "Engine of Creation". If the dialog fail to start just reload and play again.

07. Compatibillity

01. Other mods that contain esm files that alter the landscape may conflict with Gates to Aesgaard-ep2. Check the load-order section for more info.

02. Gates to Aesgaard-ep2 is not compatible with weather modifications that use scripts to set the weather instead of the normal region editor (such as Natural Environments). They will either cause bugs, performance issues and crashes or spoil the experience you would have without them.
Their authours should update their scripts with conditions that prevent the weather changes from happening to other world spaces besides Tamriel.
UPDATE: Gates to Aesgaard 2 is now full compatible with Enhanced Weather 1.3.4 and All Natural.

03. Gates to Aesgaard-ep2 is not compatible with any mod that alters the landscape at any of the following cells.
Tamriel 6, 39
Tamriel 5, 39
Tamriel 5, 38
Tamriel 6, 38
Tamriel 7, 38
Tamriel 7, 39
Tamriel 6, 40
Tamriel 7, 40
Tamriel 37,-14

04. Gates to Aesgaard-ep2 might not be compatible with mods that change the way the original loading doors work.

NOTE: Gates to Aesgaard 2 has been succesfully tested with a variaty of other mods. Some of them are:
Beth's official DLCs, FCOM, OOO, OWC, MMM, Deadly Reflex 5, Unofficial oblivion patch, several body replacers, beatiful people, and many more.
With the right load-order, Gates to Aesgaard 2 should be compatible with almost everything.

08. Credits

01. Written, designed, developed, directed, and produced by:

02. Additional meshes, textures and animations by:
Alex Scorpion

03. Additional textures by:

04. Concept art by:

05. Voice actors:
Ibsen's Ghost as Claudius Otillus.
ThePriest909 as the Arch-Priest of Pain.
Anna Papageorgiou as the Arch-Priest of Pleasure.

06. Additional meshes by:

07. Sound design, music & video production by:

08. Books and notes by:

09. Ashen Rose is based on a character originally created by:
Anja the Whisperer

10. TES IV Mod Resources:
Barabus Crypt Set by Barabus and Razorwing
Blue WilloWisp by jcd13
Anima Cyrodiili-Tileset by Gildur and Demonmaster
Extravagant masks by demonizzer
Gatekeeper Gear by Maafiaman
Morrigan Armor Set by jojjo
Masks by jcarl904
Morrigan Swords Axes Hammers and Shield by Jojjo
Robert Mehrunes Dagon Outfit by AlienSlof
Skeletons Helmets Resource by Ancestral Ghost
Zs Skeleton Horse by Always Z
Slof's tiger textures by Slof
SiegeWeapons by Mr.Siika
Rocks by Mr.Siika
The emperor's tomb by Mr.Siika
Griffon Fotress by Mr.Siika
Dwarven City by Mr.Siika
Prehistoric animals by Mr.Siika
Garak's booksets by Garak
Bathing Mod by Joseph Lollback
Paladin's armor by Pale Rider
Exnem's eyecandy female body replacer
HG eyecandy by Raiar
Robert's male body replacer
Custom creatures by Sadden Storm
Templar's Armor by Alex Scorpion

The lost province of Zedar by ThePriest909*
Oblivion WarCry 1.08 by Lazarus**
* I already own the project.
** Permission by Lazarous

11. Other Resources:

Additional sound effects (Base audio-samples for "screams" & "electro-noises") by:

Additional textures by:

12. Quality Manager:
Yiannis Banakos

13. Beta testers:
Anja the Whisperer
Steve Freeman
Anna Papageorgiou
Socrates Efthymiou
Harilaos Georgiou
Jason Kantarakis
Edward Marken
Adrea Colt
George Papoutsakis
Michael Pavlou
Chris Haralambakis
Michael Korokis
Nick Gerogiannakis
Helen Gerasimatou
Myrta Cestero

Special thanks to:
-Alex Scorpion! A very talented 3D-modeler and animator for supporting the project with several new 3D models, animations and unique ideas. I cannot think of a way to thank him enough. Thanks again Alex!!!

-Gizmodian for creating a special new land texture for the project.

-Anja the Whisperer for "Ashen Rose" and for her help as a beta tester.

-Lazarous for the helmet-mesh from the O.W.C.

-Xanthipos for creating a special mask mesh for me.

-Ginnyfizz for her help with G.T.Aesgaard's translation in English.

-Ibsen's ghost for his help as a voice actor.

-Chris Haralambakis for his help with G.T.Aesgaard's translation in English.

-Mr.Siika for the amazing mod-resources.

-Maria Atzaraki for her help with G.T.Aesgaard's translation in English.

-Bethesda softworks for creating Oblivion and CS in first place.

Tools used:

Computer System/s
PC: Windows XP-PRO
PC: Windows Vista-Ultimate
Mac: OS-X Leopard

Game Development & Production
TES IV Construction Set
Timeslip's Oblivion Mod Manager
TES4Gecko 14.5
Fractal Map
3D Studio Max 9.0
Nif Tools
FaceGen Modeller 3.12
Install Creator Pro
Adobe Photoshop CS3
DDS Tools
FaceGen to Oblivion Converter
WinZip 11 Pro

Video Production
Rad Video Tools
Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
Adobe Photoshop CS3

Music & Sound-FX Production
Steinberg Nuendo 3
Steinberg Wavelab 5
Waves Platinum
Waves SSL2000
Ableton Live
Propellerhead Reason 4
N.I. Absynth 3
R.P.'s Albino 2
Midas Venice-160
AKG C-4000B
Shure SM-58
Shure SM-57
Tapco S-8
Genelec HT-208
Behringer Truth B-2030A
Korg MS-2000
Korg MS-2000R
Moog Minimoog
Moog Voyager
EMS Vocoder
Korg Electribe EA-1
Korg Electribe ER-1
Korg Electribe ES-1
Korg Microkorg
Lexicon Lambda

Contact the authour:
-Website: http://gatestoaesgaard2.tk
-Address: "Five demons street, 666/ Hell"

09. License Agreement

Note: This software is a freeware!

By using this software you agree NOT to:

01. Copy this software in whole or in part, without permission by the Authour.
02. Repackage or modify this software in whole or in part, without permission by the Authour.
03. Copy names, characters, stories, artwork, music, sound effects or video files included with this software without permission by the Authour.
04. Upload on the internet or use/install this software in whole or in part on a network or other public sites without permission by the Authour.
05. Translate to other language/s or create and publish custom plug-ins based on this software without permission by the Authour.

This includes the original idea and artwork NOT originally owned by Bethesda Softworks or others.


Note: If you want the free mod-resources used in this project, go get them from their original authours and don't forget to support them by rating their work.
Screenshots and video capturing and publishing is allowed. No further permission is required. Do whatever you like.

10. Warranty

The Authour/Publisher makes no warranty.