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Adds death handling effects to vampires.

Permissions and credits
Ashes to Ashes
Killing vampires tastefully.
version 1.0

Requires Oblivion Script Extender


For the righteous death of every vampire alive! Vanilla Oblivion handles the death of NPC vampires just like that of any other NPC - a slump rag doll with its legs wide open. Ashes to Ashes aims to provide an honorable (from the vampire’s perspective), and yet a pleasurably horrifying death to each dumb vampire you defeat. Killing vampires will no longer be the crux of Nord jokes.

Fine Print

The mod adds a cascading die roll on every vampire's death to select the death effect. These be the 4 main handlers and their trigger conditions:
  • To Bones - The vampire catches fire and tries to shake it off, unsuccessfully. Shortly thereafter, it dies to leave charred remains. The vampire must have been under the effect of fire damage (or sun damage) before death to trigger this handler.
  • Incineration - The vampire catches fire and implodes in a huge blaze, leaving behind vampire dust. Conditions are the same as above. The vampire must have been under the effect of fire damage (or sun damage) and extremely vulnerable to fire before death to trigger this handler.
  • Grail Effect - The vampire slowly chokes, while turning into stone slowly. Only soul trapped vampires die this way.
  • Resurrection - The last roll in the cascade. A resurrected vampire will emerge as a zombie, its attributes increasing with every resurrection. It will keep resurrecting itself until it gets incinerated or is stopped prematurely while resurrecting (shining enough light on it during the resurrection ritual will do that). There are no extra conditions required to trigger this.

If all rolls fail, the vampire will die like any other NPC, albeit smoking.

NPC vampires additionally receive sun damage depending upon the amount of light falling on them.


This mod is, and should be, compatible with all other mods. As long as they don’t add death handling effects to vampires.


Special thanks to :
  • Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly (The OBSE Team) – For keeping up the Oblivion Modding spirit and providing the modding community with TES4 Oblivion's Elixir of Immortality
  • LHammonds – For his Readme generator
  • da mage – For the zombie meshes
  • natham – For the fire textures
  • dDefinder and wolve – Various gore textures and meshes
  • Skycaptain & hex_0ff – Scripting advise
The Entire Community around the TES Construction Set Wiki – For making such an exhaustive resource catering to ES Modding.
The Folks at the Construction Set Forums – For all their help, rum and fish.
The Rest of the Modding Community – For the inspiration I needed to start modding and all the wonderful mods which I use.
Bethesda – For providing a great game, with enough flaws to keep us busy.

Change Log

1.0 – Complete Rewrite
0.9 – Initial Release (which didn't go quite well)