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Adds weapons from the Devil May Cry series.

Permissions and credits
Devil May Cry Weapons v1.3 - by ShokkiiMonkii

>> Description
This mod adds some of the weapons from the Devil May Cry series.
Don't expect the weapons to look EXACTLY like their game counterparts since references are limited.

Below is the list of weapons that I have finished and those that I am working on.


1. Rebellion/Awakened Rebellion
- purchase Rebellion at the Hack N' Slash. It comes with a spell that allows you to switch between the unawakened and awakened versions.

2. Nero's Devil Bringer
- Ayelid ruin directly east of Cheydinhal.

3. Alastor
- find it in a chest on Cloud Top.

4. Force Edge + Yamato (I'll get mauled by Vergil fans if I don't make this XD *shudders*)
- find them in Cloud Ruler's armory.
* Force Edge has an offhand version which can be used alongside Yamato as Vergil did in DMC3; it does not transform into Sparda yet, sorry.

5. Nero's Red Queen
- you can purchase it at A Fighting Chance in the Imperial City.

6. The Order's Sword
- find it in Skingrad's chapel undercroft.

7. Ifrit
- Fire & Steel in Chorrol inside a chest.

1. Sparda
2. Beowulf
3. Agni & Rudra

I am NOT making firearms or whatever isn't listed above.

>> Bugs/Incompatibilities
- No bugs/incompatibilities (yet).
- If the weapons are not showing up at their locations; check the load order of DMCWeapons and make sure that it is at the bottom of the load list. Else you screwed up somewhere when installing the mod :\

>> Installation for Dummies
1. Open the .zip file using Winrar, Winzip, 7Zip etc.
2. Copy the Data folder within the .zip into your Oblivion installation directory, ie: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\
3. Run Oblivion Launcher or whatever mod manager you have, tic DMCWeapons.esp
4. Run the game and enjoy :)

>> Uninstallation
Delete these folders:

Delete DMCWeapons.esp

>> Recommended Mods
For those using Devil Bringer, you need to download Robert's Male Body v3/v4 or Exnem's Female Body, because Devil Bringer uses the gauntless slot which removes hand meshes.

>> Updates
[2/12/09] v1.3
> The Order's Sword
> Ifrit
> Fixed all normal maps (they are now super normal maps :O)

[1/4/09] v1.2
> Red Queen
> Fixed Alastor's handle
> Fixed teeny problem with Force Edge's mesh

[12/26/08] v1.1
> Yamato, Force Edge

[12/22/08] v1.0 - Initial Release
> Rebellion, Nero's Devil Bringer, Alastor

>> Credits/Legal
Thank you...
1. Shiro183 - for making the Force Edge mesh.
2. A special thank you to Dantrag_tc for making the Order sword mesh, and for all of your support/help (and general tolerance of my stupidity). Where would I be without ya? :)

1. Bethesda - for making Oblivion.
2. The people who made Blender - for making a 3D application that a retard like me can understand.

... and everyone who have downloaded my mod. Thank you!

Feel free to modify any parts of the mod, I don't care. If you're going to redistribute it outside of Tesnexus, please get my consent first.

Devil May Cry belongs to Capcom.