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Last updated at 5:29, 5 Jan 2009 Uploaded at 15:12, 20 Dec 2008

This is Never a female lineage elf partner completely based off of the awesome CM Partners Mod from Cutthroat Mods by Blackie.
A lot of questions can be answered at the CM partner creators url above.

You can find her in the Arena Bloodworks.

Version History
- Bug fix
- Improve combat style

- Tweaked facegen texture
- New shader effect for healing spell

- Add mapmarker
- More powerful spells & abilities

CM Partners Mod Basic

Elves of Lineage II
(no need to check the ESP)

1. Extract the archive to your Oblivion Data folder.
2. Say yes to any overwrites.
3. Place a check next to "CM Never.esp" in the data files.
4. Remember Blackie's CM Partners mod basic is needed for this mod to function. Blackie has supplied excellent documentation that explains most of the options for this companion mod so please take the time and read it.

Better do not change her combat style, once you change it, there is no way to turning back, her default combat style uses excellent setting from Duke Patrick's mod.

She is primary a warrior type partner, But she also good with bows and spells.

She don't have much personality and it makes enemy attack her more often than you.

Blackie for CM Partners mod basic
miss_onatopp for Elves of Lineage II
Ren for oddeyes
somebody who made the 2chhair
Duke Patrick for AI setting
Divine Avenger for model readme

If there are any conflict or problem, please let me know.