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Added: 14/12/2008 - 02:14PM
Updated: 28/12/2008 - 06:45PM

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Last updated at 18:45, 28 Dec 2008 Uploaded at 14:14, 14 Dec 2008

Guys, I know this is unprecedented but I'm going to suggest you download another mod. It has the same functionality as mine, but has made it somehow obsolete because it works in a simpler way.

So if you want to try out Fast Exit 2, go here:


And there's another incredible mod (actually they're both obse plugins) you should consider, although it's still experimental. The Oblivion Crash Prevention System has made my game more stable than ever, cutting short countless crashes before they even happened. It works with the crash on exit too:


Now here's the info about my mod.

OBSE v16 and up needed.
Pluggy v122 and up needed.

Version 2.0: Quitting by pressing F4 should now be faster.

There is also an alternative version which allows you to quit the game by clicking "Quit" with your mouse in the pause menu, as you normally would. If you need to go back to the main menu, just choose "Quit" with your keyboard instead of your mouse.

This mod allows you to quit Oblivion in a clean way, with the absolute guarantee of no crash on exit.

To use the clean exit feature, go to the pause menu (the one normally used to exit the game) and keep pressed F4. Keep it pressed until you see the message "Arrivederci" (goodbye in italian) and there's your desktop, with no crash.

I decided to go this way to avoid having another script checking for key presses during the actual game. This means, zero performance impact.

NOTE: the mod saves the oblivion.ini file before exiting, so no need to worry about that.

Copy the contents of the archive to the Oblivion\Data folder, activate the mod and go.

It's compatible with anything, even with my Fast Shortcuts mod, which has a very similar feature though.

Thanks to Qzilla for pointing the way towards the clean exit procedure.

NOTE for people who don't have Pluggy:
you can download it here.

Then copy it into the Oblivion\data\obse\plugins folder, create it if it doesn't exist.