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Name: Midas Magic Companion: Karen Iphigenia
Version: 1.0
Date: 12/13/2008
Category: Companions
Requirements: Oblivion Patch, CM Partners, Ren's Beauty Pack, Midas Magic Ver.970
Recommended: Oblivion Mod Manager
Author(s): Krisis1451
Source: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8440

Karen mod is a companion mod, based on Blackie's CM Partners. Karen has the ability to use a few of Xilver's Midas Magic spells, and has a set of spells that complement's the style I've designed her. She also has a set of equipment and weapons that (I feel) best optimizes her performance and abilities.


CM Partners Basic

Midas Magic Ver.970

Ren's Beauty Pack

Highly Reccommended mods

Companion Share Recruit

HIGHLY HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. Allows attack orders and auto buff/heal commands to members.

Exnem's Body
Exnems Eyecandy Body Replacer Underwear (or nude, whatever floats your boats

Companion Sound Sets

I REALLY reccomend Nalia for Karen (Sweet when it becomes available..)

Deadly Reflex

This will seriously improve the companions' fighting styles

Spellsinger Animations and Sounds

For a prettier version of spell casting animations. Warning: This also adds female voices to the animations even for the males, suggest deleting the audio sounds with it if you care about that)

Karen is that first of my Midas Magic "Concept" Companions. I recently designed 9 companions that, generally, fit the theme of the Midas Magic mod by Xilver. However, I wanted to break away from the theme and create companions that would just seem interesting, without the "lore" pressure of Midas Magic.

~Karen Iphigenia~

Class: Priestess
Battle Style: Mage
Spells: Holy Burst, Prismatic Ray, Prismatic Missile, Absorption Stream, Force Ball, Rising Star*, Heaven's Feel".

LOCATION: Skingrad Church

I've designed Caren as a magic, support type companion. Her staff (Mycenae) has the ability to burden, silence, and disarm an opponnent for 10 seconds. Offensively, Karen doesn't do alot of damage, however she she is extremely talented with the ability to stop enemies in their tracks with her staff and spells, enabling you to fight a foe easier and easing the numbers of mobs. Though she has strong magical resistance, she has very low HP and defense. However, she I've also given her two special spells: Heaven's Feel and Rising Star.

Heaven's Feel: Increased mp, 3hp/sec regen, 45shield, and 50% magic resistance for on self for 300 secounds. (Effect can be seen when she glitters)

Rising Star: Causes 3shock/sec for 10 seconds on touch and launches the enemy in the air. (The launched foe glitters as well)

On a final note:
DO NOT think I simply dumped random midas spells in her arsenal and is just handing her out. I SPENT HOURS UPON HOURS EVALUATING THE CORRECT SPELL BUILD FOR HER X_X. Everyone of the Midas Magic companions (whether an official or conceptual) is a custom made job and their looks, AS WELL AS battle styles, have gone through numerous trials by me and testers to be an actual use for the player character.
I also reccomend you use TheTalkingToaster's companion share recruit mod to party with her instead of the "default" CM partners. This allows her the option to heal, buff, and make potions for you when necessary (and she's saved my life on numerous occasions I must add when setting her heal behavior to "critically wounded").


Manual Install
1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data
folder. You can ignore or delete the "omod conversion data" folder.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file(s).

OBMM Install
Create the OMOD (Do this section only once)
1. Copy archive to (install folder)\Oblivion\obmm\omod\
2. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
3. Click the Create button.
4. Click the Add Archive button, find and select the archive, then click Yes.
5. Click the Create omod button, then click OK when it finishes.

Install the mod using OBMM
1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen.
(icon should turn blue)


Manual Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

Oblivion\Data\MyMod Readme.txt

OBMM Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen,
click Yes. (icon should turn green)

1.0, 2008/13/28 - Initial release.

PM me or at [email protected]

Thanks to Xilver for Midas Magic
Thanks to Blackie for CM Partners
Thanks to Hentai for the Lily Outfit
Thanks to Xiamara for XiaNewAmulets
Thanks to gorgonzola3000 for the Pegasus Staff
Thanks to nec01 for the Sonnet Race textures and meshes

Thanks to the authors from the 2ch hair explosion set:
Capucine for the help about making colourable hair.
Daeger and Ranma-chan for fixing texture pathes of meshes.
All of the meshes and textures by Ren.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to TESNexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to God for creating us all.

Tools Used
Oblivion Mod Manager - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2097
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp
Wrye Bash - http://wrye.ufrealms.net/Wrye%20Bash.html

You may use anything in this mod that doesn't associate Midas Magic and CM Partners. However, please be sure to credit the respective authors.