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In-Game Motion Test of the Rigging of the new Tail model

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This is just a simple way for me to host this video clip somewhere.
It's of better quality than the YouTube version.

The Anthro-Dragon Race my main character is off is constantly in development by me, it's some kind of "personal project" and will most likely never end... unless some day I loose every interest in continuing it.
However, once it's in a releaseable state I will of course... well, release it. All future improvements will from then on be "updates" or "addons".
Development is coming along nicely, as you can see, and I have a lot of fun realizing the vision of my Little Dragon Drake I have in my imagination since the first night I dreamed of him and his world. As I continue his story in my mind almost daily it's already quite long and complex, which makes for quite a lot of content to create sooner or later... and it still goes on.

Further information can be found in my WIP thread over at the official Bethesda Forums
or (once I got some time to add it there) on my website