Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Rebuilt by aggressivepassivist
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Added: 27/11/2008 - 02:11PM
Updated: 12/08/2009 - 01:31PM

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Last updated at 13:31, 12 Aug 2009 Uploaded at 14:11, 27 Nov 2008

Thanks for downloading DBSRebuilt. Ratings and constructive comments are most welcome and appreciated.
VileLairRebuilt is now up and there's a version that incorporates and links up with DBSRebuilt. You can get it here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=26062

My other main mod 'Sentient Weapon II' can be d/l here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=22226
Version 1.9 Notes:
Several scripts have been removed from the esp that were not intended to be edited. The lower mine area has been edited some to help with the FPS down there.

This mod is set out to finally redo the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. After searching and searching and seeing that no mod has done this yet, my work began. This mod uses many of the wonderful resources available from other players and modders, and brings them together to give the Dark Brotherhood a more fitting home. Also I figured since the archmage gets his own room, the silencer should, too.

Video now on Video Tab..

Patch For Assassin Tripwires is now up. I plan on doing some remodeling to get the area more in the theme of DBSRebuilt. Read the included Readme File before using.


1. Unzip the files to a temporary directory
2. copy the Data folder to your Oblivion folder
3. If asked to overwrite click yes.
4. Be sure to check DBSRebuiltComplete in obmm or on the oblivion load up options
5. If you have DBSRebuilt, make sure it is unchecked.
6. That's it.

Before running the mod, do a "clean" save(not a new game) outside the sanctuary, even if you used the previous versions of this mod. The abandoned house basement will do. This is to insure the game loads all the changes.


1. Uncheck 'DBSRebuilt.esp'
2. Delete the following folders: \Meshes\Architecture\Moria

Version History
1.9 Repaired some scripting issues, edited mine shaft to help with the FPS.

1.8 Introduced the lighting system.

The exterior entrance is now Locked, unpickable, and a new suprise attached to it. Do not use unless a member. hint hint
Moved M'raaj Dar to help with his AI Pathing issue.
Removed the cobwebs in the undercaverns to help with FPS issues. Not promising full throttle FPS, but should atleast be better than before.

Applied Ownership to the new exterior entrance.
Fixed a bug at the end of the quest line that sent the player in the middle of a statue base.

Fixed conflicting scripts.

Fixed Vicente's Quest markers, so when its time to get rewards, he will be easier to find.

Fixed folder path.

Fixed the missing meshes.

Fixed the Dialog Bug when talking to members in the officer's area.

DBSRebuiltComplete Initial Release.


There is now a patch for AssassinTripwires by WilliamSea

DBSRebuilt Complete FPS - Changed the lighting system to help improve FPS on low computers.

Notes, Known Issues

There is a bug in the training room, where as, the NPC's may not actually hit the targets. However, unless you want to watch Gogron smash up a training doll for hours on in, it should not be an issue.

The new cabinets, have a collision problem, and are just for looks.

Any mods that add items to the Sanctuary won't bug out, but the item may load behind\in walls.

This mod may have a FPS hit on mid to low computers. If so try the FPS version.

The only mods that may not be compatible are ones that add items< ie adds a dagger on a table somewhere> and that is a simple misplacement issue.

Other than that it should be fully compatible with any mod.

I am on TESNexus as 'aggressivepassivist'
Also on Windows Live as 'aggresivepassivist'


Thanks to Bethesda for the great game, and the unbelievable modding allowance.
Thanks to Mr siika for the meshes and many great mods.
Thanks to Disturbed742 for the texturing style.
Thanks to the M.E.R.P. Team for all their work.
Thanks to David Whitefang for the pool and great dining set.
Thanks to Hel Borne for the many, many, many resources.
Thanks to ExileHunter for the bedroom furniture.
Thanks to Loth DeBonneville for the weapon racks.
Thanks to Xiamara and Zimnel for the couches.
Thanks to Sinblood for the Necro Staff.
Thanks to Tigerlilly for her help and support.
Thanks to xFrancis147 for the scripting patch up.
Thanks to Dreke for the eagerness keeping me on schedule.
phew...got'em all.