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An abandoned tower full of magic. The slightly different player home.

Permissions and credits
IMPORTANT NOTE: The main esp moves the border regions. This may lead to incompatibilities with other mods editing the border regions, although I don't know of any. The esp with the BASIC suffix doesn't touch the border regions and doesn't add a special path to the tower. If you want to use that one you need to disable border regions in the ini, otherwise you won't be able to get to the tower.

== Mad Mage's Tower ==

This mod adds a new player home to the game. It's an old tower that was inhabitated by a mad mage not so long ago. The tower is still full of magic, so be careful what you do!

= Installation =

Extract the contents of the archive into your Oblivion/Data folder. Check the 'MadMagesTower.esp' OR the 'MadMagesTowerBASIC.esp' (see above) in the data files section of the Oblivion launcher. You can delete the esp you're not using. The tower is located directly above Lipsand Tarn (Ayleid ruin) in the Colovian Highlands. You need to approach it from the road north-east of Lipsand Tarn to get there.

= Bugs, Incompatiblities =

Should only be incompatible with mods that add something at exactly the same location. Known mods are Unique Landscapes - Cloutop Mountain (patch available) and Ravenview Village (no patch available).

No bugs I know of.

= Changelog =


- fixed texture flickering on top step of circular staircase
- slightly improved scripts
- main esp now moves border regions and adds a path that leads to the tower


- initial release

= Credits =

Helborne for the enchantment altar resource
Senus for the wizard robe and hat
Always Z for the mimic creature

= Permission =

This is a modders resource. All meshes, textures, sounds and scripts may be used in other mods if you give proper credits. There is a static version of the tower included as well (you'll evenutally find out what I mean). It's not used in the mod. If you want a tower without the strange vines remove them in Nifskope (they have their own TriStrips).

Just make sure you give Helborne, Always Z or Senus credits if you use any of their creations (see credits). Best is if you download their original resources since I changed a few things.