Immersive First Person View by Loup Sombre
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Added: 13/11/2008 - 10:01PM
Updated: 20/11/2008 - 04:00PM

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Last updated at 16:00, 20 Nov 2008 Uploaded at 22:01, 13 Nov 2008

This mod adds a body to the floating camera used in 1st person, camera which is a bit more rough as it now uses the same animations as the ones from 3rd person view. Because it was not that interesting to render the body if it only used fighting and moving animations (most of the time you will only notice your shadow), I added the possibility to see your character interacting with the environment. For example when you lockpick a door, loot a body or a chest or read a book, the NPC animation related to that action will be played. This feature is not dedicated to the 1st person view, then you can see these animations in 3rd person view too. Many animations are planned, according to the object activated, the place or the attributes of the player and will be added progressively.

This is a WIP mod then please consider all the risks implied and read carefully the readme. I advise you not to use it on your main savegame...

If you are experiencing missing polygons when objects or walls are too close to the camera , you can force the game to render these objects by modifying this line in the Oblivion.ini (at this directory: My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\):

Under [Display], set the "fNearDistance=" to 3.0 instead of 10.0 (by default). You can set it lower but some words will disappear in the main menu (not a very important drawback), 3.0 works fine for me.

WARNING: Oblivion Script Extender v16 beta or higher is required to use this plug-in (download it here: http://obse.silverlock.org/). Now you will have to launch the game using OBSE launcher.

Beta reports and suggestions are welcome, but do not expect bugfixes to come quickly (time...). My main objective on that mod is to add as many animations as possible to make the interactions between the player and objects, NPCs, menus, etc. more dynamic. Then it's definitely not finished...

Have fun!

Loup Sombre