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Time And Relative Dimensions In Space 4.1 - by Drekmoor
Models, textures and sound made by Murfy27 used in TARDIS Mobile Home Mod - http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16806 (not necessary for this mod)

A mobile home for Oblivion based on the TARDIS from Doctor Who with 91 different preset locations and four interchangeable ones to travel to.

There are two main files that both contain the exact same material, I only uploaded the ZIP file because some users couldn't unzip the .rar file.

Extract to: ...Oblivion/Data
Overwrite when prompted.
Activate AGC-TARDISmaster.esm (master file)
Activate TARDISMaster.esm (master file)
Activate TARDIS by Drekmoor.esp (player file)

- If you can't initially find the TARDIS, see section: Known issues

Delete all TARDIS files and all AGC-TARDIS files.

This mod was made without any script extension programs and does as such need nothing to work
Only requirement is Oblivion with the 1.2.0416 patch (latest patch)

'Open cities' (any other mod that makes changes to any of the cities and castles)
Other TARDIS mods, though on occasions different TARDIS mods will engage simultaneously mending two different sets of control on top of each other which makes it a bit strange to use.
It has a small incompatibility with 'Clocks of Cyrodill', but nothing major, just that the TARDIS might materialize around one of the clocks in Bruma at the chapel.

The TARDIS by Drekmoor is set up to react to different control input. Depending on which controls you choose to insert the TARDIS will materialize in different parts of Cyrodiil. E.g. in 7(+/-) different locations of each of the nine cities, at deadric shrines, at wayshrines, in cloud Ruler Temple plus a lot more.
All the controls are however locked. You need to activate a console in the Auxiliary control room to add you character as a pilot for the TARDIS to fly. Being added as a pilot also changes a few other things which I've chosen to list in the spoilers section of the ReadMe found in the compressed file.
Once you are a pilot you can dematerialize the TARDIS and then select either a city or a direction north, south, east or west.
From there you can choose either you specific destination, in the city or somewhere in the worldspace of Cyrodiil.

The n, s, e and w settings are a bit complicated to use since they are only marked in numbers, where as the city options have hintfull names.
If however you read through the manual on the desk next to the main door there is a list of the different combinations and where they'll take you.

The TARDIS also has a few optional features which can be turned on and off at will.
Buttons that changes preferences:
- Blue stabilizers
- Helmic Regulator
- Handbrake

The Blue Stabilizers control the 'Shudder effect', which is the players view being rattled whenever a flight control is set.
Also, if the blue stabilizers are off, while in flight, random shudders might occur at different uncorrelated time intervals as you would expect in the real TARDIS.

The Helmic Regulator, inspired by atlantiantokradesu on the nexus forum. The background information on this item is that it levels out fluctuations in the TARDIS time/space travel capabilities and makes the positioning more accurate as opposed to being completely random and never being able to land in its designated destination.
How it works ingame: If disabled the TARDIS will most often still land where you choose, but occasionally it will take you somewhere completely different. It's about 81/100 of getting you to the right place but it varies from each destination.
The Helmic Regulator has one additional effect listed in the spoilers section, but if you want the full experience of this effect you should in stead just play with the Helmic Regulator off and see what happens, though it should be said that there is a very low probability of the special event occurring so you might have to play with the setting off for a while.

The Handbrake simply switches off the TARDIS flight sound and enables it again.

Additionally the TARDIS comes with two different but similar control rooms, referred to as desktop themes. The standard theme is the one designed by Murfy27, for his original TARDIS mobile home. The second theme was made by me, inspired by Murfy27.
The themes can be changed from the Auxiliary Control Room. Any items or characters left in a control room when the desktop theme is changed will be stored there.

All in all, my TARDIS was made according to a very simple concept, that different people have different preferences, such as landing positions, interior decorating and control behaviours.
In this mod, the player isn't bound by one specific layout for the entire mod, prespecified by the author. I have personal preferences but I have never let that come in the way of how the mod should progress. Any suggestions are welcome, but only few will be implemented.

Before exiting, remember to pick up the TARDIS locater device on the table next to the entrance. Press it in your misc inventory and notice the text, which will appear in the top left corner of the screen.

4.0 updates:
Added a second desktop theme and made the two themes interchangeable.
Added a library to the interiors.
Changed the interior lighting of the main desktop theme to give it a brighter look.
Made a few changes to the living area. Worked around with a concept from DW new series; S06E04: The Doctors Wife

3.4 updates:
Fixed Regeneration! Now, whenever your health drops below 10% of its Base/Maximum value the regeneration will be allowed to begin, might take between 10 and 15 seconds from reaching the 10% minimum.
Fixed death issue. Should you die, you will now be resurrected and given 5 HP, and then the regeneration starts.
Fixed Stats reset. Once a regeneration is started, the players stats are saved, and then reapplied once the regeneration finishes. It doesn't work perfectly, but all skills should be properly saved. Health, Fatigue and magicka, along with Personality, and possibly a few other attributes might not be properly saved.

3.3 updates (don't pay any attention to the 3.3 updates, they don't work):
I took some time to fix the problems regarding the the optional buttons, which should now all work perfectly.
The retrace function has also been fixed, there should therefore be no longer be any chance of getting stuck in an empty worldspace without a TARDIS, and when regenerating it should be possible to retrace the last position, so no mission need be ruined. If however any bugs should occur, please notify me.

3.2 updates:
For a full update list, see the spoilers section.
Added Helmic Regulator to randomly materialize the TARDIS.
Changed the Manual, have a look through that.
Added Doctor Who load screens for the TARDIS interiors.
Added some interior redesigns as found in the Bennomakin2 "TARDIS"
Added a Retrace button. Materializes the TARDIS at the last place you used the TARDIS 'come to me' spell.

3.1 updates:
Added two new spells:
- TARDIS Companion: Teleports the targets to and from the control room to wherever the TARDIS landed
- TARDIS Capture: Teleports the targets to and from the holding cells to wherever the TARDIS landed
Added blue stabilizers to make the TARDIS more rugged similar to the changes made by UselessChris in the patch for the Murfy27 TARDIS mod; for reference: Doctor Who New Series; S05E04: The Time of Angels
Changed the proportions between the length/width compared to the height to give it a boxier look
Because of the new TARDIS Capture Spell I've chosen to add an automatic door to the TARDIS Cells for when the player forgets to lock the cells to prevent an unexpected combat situation
Fixed the error with the TARDIS preset 1 location not spawning a TARDIS
Have set up conditions to prevent the TARDIS from materializing in one of the TARDIS interiors
Fixed some of the worst spelling errors in the manual
Moved the TARDIS Bravil Guilds position closer to the guilds...
Added the Portal.esm and set it as essential for the mod which should fix the voice glitch when SI is installed (optional for 3.2)

3.0 updates:
Added a time circuit
Added spells for preset locations
Added TARDIS manual
Changed interior lighting
Raised pedestal for easier use of TARDIS controls

2.5 updates:
Removed the Master in the prison cell
Added the missing masterfiles supplied by Murfy27 so there shouldn't be any problems with the meshes any longer
Added a button in the main bedroom which when activated will add a spell to the player that enables the player to summon the TARDIS at his or hers position. When cast the player is moved inside the TARDIS and the TARDIS materializes where the player was (around the player).
Fixed the problem with the TARDIS disappearing when travelling to an inn
I have chosen to add map markers for all the way shrines where the TARDIS can land because this was a very typical way for the TARDIS to disappear. Though it's not really that necessary any longer since you can now just summon the TARDIS to you, but it is there.

2.0 updates:
Lots of new locations including; Cloud Ruler Temple and all of the deadric shrines.
A remake of the prison cells including the nemesis of the Doctor as a prisoner.
Added a sound for the TARDIS when flying.
Added a light for the TARDIS in the IC Palace district to make it shining and fantastic.
The TARDIS has been made 10% bigger. I watched the episode 'Smith and Jones' the first one with Freema Agyeman as the companion, in this episode in the end the Doctor leans against the TARDIS and it's very big. Even if it doesn't look like there is enough space for the TARDIS in some cells I have been very observant on making it fit the rooms or to move it somewhere with enough space.


Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Kvatch, Leyawiin and Skingrad castles
Near the guilds in all the cities
In each of the chapels and temples in the cities
In the player owned house in: Bravil, Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Waterfront District, Leyawiin and Rosethorn Hall in Skingrad

On the docks, in Lelles Quality Merchandise and near Benirus Manor.

Near the Lucky Old Lady and in the Fair Deal.

Near the main entrance and in the Jerall View Inn.

Near the chapel and in Borba's Goods and Stores.

Near the main entrance and in the Oak and Crosier Tavern.

The Imperial City:
Near the Imperial prison, near the Arcane university, near the Imperial Palace (start location), near the Temple of the One and in the Market District.

In the ruined castle, near the destroyed guilds (right next to the chapel), in the plaza, in a building next to the chapel (might not want to go here, might be difficult to reach), and then one
in the refugee camp (the one called 'House').

Near Rosentia Gallenus's house, in Best Goods and Guaranties.

Near Rosethorn Hall and in the West Weald Inn.

Anvil - Arkay (-45,0)
Bravil - Zenithar (16,-5)
Bruma - Akatosh (5,32)
Cheydinhal - Julianos (32,27)
Chorrol - Dibella (-15,18)
IC - Stendarr (13,16)
Kvatch - Tiber Septim (-26,0)
Leyawiin - Mara (29,-27)
Skingrad - Kynareth (-13,0)

For the n, s, e and w directions, use the in-game manual

Most interiors were made by Murfy27, control room and prison cells mended by me, Auxiliary Control Room Control room 2 and library made by me.
If it's your first time playing this mod you might want to have a thorough look at the interiors.
Honestly the interiors aren't the best feature of this mod, and most the time they won't be much needed.
All the storage is safe and non-respawning.
The TARDIS door, like the real TARDIS is impossible to force open, meaning no companions, no monsters, and no guards. Using script extender it might be possible to have companions but I haven't tested this. So, for companions to enter and exit, use the Companion spell.
The holding cells all have manual locks, but when using the prisoner spell there is a small chance of the prisoners ending up outside the containment area. Therefore there is now also an automatic lock to prevent any prisoners from mounting a surprise attack.

Background information:
This mod will probably not be that fun if you do not know anything about the Doctor Who TV show, so I suggest you look it up.

Known issues:
-When using the spell TARDIS Relocate you might exit next to where the TARDIS is rather than out the door, I don't want to change this because you might end up inside a wall if I fix it so best leave it be.
-The prisoner spell doesn't accept a reference I tried to call and I don't want to use OBSE so instead of sending prisoners to unoccupied cells it sends them to whatever cell is next on the list in a continuous order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4... However, Oblivion will try to configure the optimal pattern for NPC's as to avoid any clipping errors and other collisions.
-Upon first time activation the TARDIS might not be in the IC; fix: open console '~' and then enter: 'coc agcTARDISControlRoomDUPLICATE000' (zero zero zero in the end)
-The TARDIS doesn't always materialize the TARDIS when using the personal locations or the retrace function. Main reason: If a cell isn't properly loaded it doesn't know where to send the TARDIS.

Credits go to:
Murfy27, for great meshes and textures and all the interiors of the TARDIS.
All of you who have given me suggestions on how to improve the TARDIS, I've been given some really good ones and I haven't so far considered any of them to be bad, so thank you all.
Special thanks to atlantiantokradesu for suggesting a way of creating random events, it is because of him I chose to continue working on the mod.
I have used a script from the Ancient Towers mod made by WilliamSea, credits to him.
Credits to Xilver, the creator of the Midas Magic Spells of Aurum, he supplied a special effect which you can read about in the spoilers section.
Credits to Bennomakin2 for enhanced TARDIS Control Room designs for CR1
UselessChris for the Shudder effect used with the Blue Stabilizers