Dwemer Technology PartII Dwemer Skyship by mr_siika and centurion
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Dwemer Technology Part II:
Dwemer Skyship
by mr_siika and centurion

centurion: Interior building and CS work
mr_siika: meshes and textures, scripting
rung: quests, bug-fixing ;-)

Dwemer Technology Part II, Dwemer Skyship is a player home plugin for TES IV, Oblivion. It allows the player to control and own the Dwemer Skyship, the last one of the glorious Dwemer sky-fleet.

50+ completely new and custom-made meshes and several new textures
A Small quest that might even lead you to ancient Dwemer locations
Allows you to battle Dwemer centurions ;-)
A "Fire Support spell", that makes the skyship attack everything in the player's vicinity
A Dwemer Parachute to jump down safely from great heights (new in 1.1, thanks to QQuix)
Voice acting (new in 1.1 thanks to the Cyrodiil Upgrade Team)

Modder's resource notes:
All custom meshes in the folders /dwemertechnology, /mr_siika, /creatures, /dwarven and /castle may be used as modder's resource. It should be obvious which meshes are custom-made and which are not.
If you use custom-made meshes, please give proper credit to me.

Have fun,