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Crowded Roads Revisited

Update 12/19/2008:
Optional Spawn Rate Plugins File Added - see Description below

Date: 11/02/2008
Ver: 1.1
Author: LazyAltmer (based on work by MaXiMiUS & BkWyrm13)

Requires v1.2.0416.

Add random travellers to the major roads in Cyrodiil.

Based upon Crowded Roads Revamped 2.0 by MaXiMiUS, Crowded Roads by BkWyrm13.


Ver 1.1:
-- Increase spawn rate from 10% to 15%
-- Fix bug in NPC loot list which caused excessive loot (thanks to TheNiceOne &HeX_0ff)
-- Reduce NPC loot further
-- Revamp random armor distribution to Travelling Adventurer NPCs
----- distribute by body location rather than using piececount
----- leveled list now includes only fur, iron, leather, chainmail, and steel
-- Remove old unused scripts,references, and leveled lists
-- Cleaned ESP using Tes4Edit ("Remove identical to master records")
-- Greatly reduce spawns during MQ when gates open at cities (thanks to Arthmoor)

Ver 1.0 Beta:
-- Increase spawn rate from 2% to 10%
-- Add torches to travellers.
-- Add healing and defensive spells to travellers.
-- Modify leveled weapons list for travellers.
-- Modify loot list slightly to reduce jewelry.
-- Traveller traffic thins out around dusk. At night, only the Travelling Adventurers can be found risking the roads.
-- Removed horses (horses required PlaceAtMe, which can cause savegame bloating)
-- Fix Anvil XMarker so travellers should not get "stuck" at the Anvil waypoint
-- Remove GameMode scripts. All work is now done with AI packages, and OnLoad & OnPackageDone scripts
-- Remove iLevItemLevelDifferenceMax variable setting (thanks to CorePC)

Copy Crowded Roads Revisited.esp to your Oblivion\Data directory.
If you are currently running Crowded Roads Revamped/Advanced/Revisited:
a) Uncheck Crowded Roads Revamped/Advanced/Revisited.esp
b) Start Oblivion and create a new Save.
c) Exit Oblivion.
d) Check Crowded Roads Revisited.esp
e) Start Oblivion and load the Save you just created.
Otherwise, just follow steps d & e.

Disable the ESP, either with Oblivion Mod Manager, or in Oblivion. There should be no detrimental effect to any saved games.

Please give credit to MaXiMiUS & BkWyrm13 if you use this mod in your own work.

Update 12/19/2008:
Optional Spawn Rate Plugins File Added

Crowded Roads Revisited SpawnRates

Date: 12/19/2008
Ver: 1.1
Author: LazyAltmer (based on work by MaXiMiUS & BkWyrm13)

Optional spawn rate plugins to modify the default 15% spawn rates in Crowded Roads Revisited 1.1.

Crowded Roads Revisited 1.1
Requires Oblivion v1.2.0416.

CRR has four separate leveled lists which are tied to spawn points along the roads of Cyrodiil. These optional plugins allow the user to select different spawn rates individually for each of these leveled lists. This is accomplished by loading the desired optional plugin(s) *after* Crowded Roads Revisited.esp in the load order.

The four road spawn point regions are labeled in the ESP filenames as follows:
GoldRoad - Anvil to the Imperial City and across the bridge south of the City.
ChorrolCheydinhal - Orange Road,northern Red Ring Road, Blue Road.
GreenRoad - From Leyawiin to Bruma, on roads west of the Niben.
YellowRoad - From Leyawiin to Bruma, on roads east of the Niben.

The spawn rates percentages are indicated by the number in the filename, from 5% to 40%.

So, for example, to have a lower spawn rate of 5% north of the Imperial City (e.g., around Aleswell), but have a higher spawn rate of 20% on the Yellow Road from Leyawiin to Bruma, the load order would be:

Crowded Roads Revisited.esp
Crowded Roads Revisited_ChorrolCheydinhal_5.esp
Crowded Roads Revisited_YellowRoad_20.esp