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This mod adds the ability to change Essential, No Rumor, Respawn, and Quest Item status of NPCs with a touch spell.

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Set Essential Actors Plus


As a request I have added a few new options.

Set Actor as Essential

Set Actor as Quest Item

Set Actor to respawn

Set actor No Rumors

Set No Persuasion

When you cast the spell you will be given the option to choose which function to modify. Choosing a function will report the current status of the function, and ask if you want to change it. Options can be turned off and on whenever necessary.


This mod adds a spell to the player that will allow them to set any actor to essential, or not essential. It works on any actor, even ones set to essential in the vanilla game. The spell will be added to the player shortly after the game starts when the mod is active.


This mod requires OBSE (Oblivion script extender). It will not function properly without it. You can download OBES here http://obse.silverlock.org/


Extract the SetEssentialActors.esp to the Oblivion Data folder, default path is C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion.

To activate the Mod start Oblivion and select "Data Files". Find the SetEssentialActors.esp in the list and click it to to add a check mark in the box. Then use OBSE to launch Oblivion.