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Add pack guar that you can command to follow you and a ridleable guar also..

Permissions and credits
Personal Pack Guars by Corepc

Version .56

The PPG (PersonalPackGuars) Project by Corepc

Requires patch 1.2.0416 installed..work with Shivering Isle (but not required)


To aquire the Pack Guars please visit Rvera in BlakenMarch you will find a guar pen and small tent with chair / bed..Rvera should be located here or close by..and purchase the spells from her for a price..

Here are the spells to control your guar's..

GuarPack Summon - summon pack guar that will carry your items for you,

GuarMount Summon - summon rideable guar that can be just like a horse

Guar Wait here - cast this on either one of them and they will wait in location

Guar Find Flora - cast this on them they will find flora

Guar Call - use this to make them follow you around


Guar Mounts and Pack Guars Details

Pack Guar Inventory how to access it, sneak and activate them and you can drop or pickup item out of inventory ..items do not respawn ..if pack guar dies or you lost your guar's then your items may be lost also..

Guar's will defend themselves if attacked ..They are tough and can take some damage before they die and can deal some damage also..

Guars will not attack the player back if you accidently hit them in combat


Personal Pack Guar Black,or White, or Striped.esp

These require that you have PPG.esp activated and this plugin load after that. Do not use more than 1 of these at a time. or else will lead to problem.

Each esp above will change the textures of both the guar / packguar to match so that you can have alternate colored version instead of standard brown.

Provide for those without cs or do not know how to use cs editor.


Version Fixes

Release 0.56

Created 3 new Plugins PPGBlack, White, Striped this will change the guar and packguar color's has needed (for those do not have or use the cs editor and would like alternate colors)

Release 0.55

Mostly Cosmetic & Changes to Rvera Herself

Moved Guar Pen / Stable and Rvera Tent so that it was not directly on top of the pathgrid itself. This was causing npc (aka travellers) to run into pen or tent.

Increased the size of tent so that Rvera and Other npcs could enter correctly now.

Rvera is now a full merchant.
Added chest and added vendor leveledlist for items that she is going to sell
Added LeveledlistClothing and Weapon directly to Rvera, so that she would change clothes and items every few days

Release 0.50

New Guar Pen is built in "Blankenmarch" this new location for them

1) you purchase them here or find them when they die, they will respawn at this location, (if you do not use the summon spells to bring them to you that is)
2) New Npc named "Rvera" - Merchant Added. She has a Small tent with bed / chair located next to pen. with eat / sleep packages.
3) Change of how you aquire the guar's now.
You can buy the spells from Rvera now in BlakenMarch (Price will depend on your dispostion toward her, merchantile versus her merchantile etc, race, etc..standard merchant stuff..etc..) At lvl 5 for me price was 147gp for summon's and around 50-60gp for other spells (this could be raised some more by increasing the spell cost, but, then some may be unable to cast them)
You only need to buy the spells once...since they will only appear once..after you have bought them all..You need at least the Summon's and Follow Spell..but best to get them all for more control.

Release 0.40
  • Increased Hitpoints by 50 more points. on both guar and gaur mount
  • Added script check to prevent them from attacking the player back if you attacked them in combat, else they will attack and defend themselves normally now.
  • Increased magicka requried for all spells -
  • Wait, Follow, Find cost 10 each now,
  • Summon Cost 40

Release .25

Tweaked Guar Speed and Health, tweaked damage and aggression levels also, and they do not report crime's commited on them anymore also..

Combat: they do not accept yield, so you will have to Guar Find Flora spell to stop them from attacking you if you hit them in combat or to stop them from attacking other creature's or npcs..etc..

Beta .20

Updated: Guar Call Spell to work Better

Added accept yield to them so they will not attack you anymore on accident..(They are trained to understand what a yield is the the hand motion, shield motion, weapon motion etc)...Can't complain about that now..

SI portal, Use the Guar Summons Spells to make them move from Oblivion to SI and Back etc...at the SI portal ..

Beta .10 and .15

Updated: Script to non bloating type, Updated Pack Guar hitpoint to 250, and fixed named spells..

Does not contain quest to buy them yet..you are given a gaur mount and pack guar for free with this beta..


How to Instruction's for Changing Guar themselves..

how to change the model to use different textures or use different packs like above..and add that to all readme expect in actual download.

activate personalpackguars.esp in cs editor,

for guar mount go to PPPGuarMount - open, go to model tabs and select only one - guarblack, guarwhite, stripedguar, uncheck guar.nif after you have made selection, hit preview to make sure that is one that you want, do not uncheck saddle.nif unless you want too, then tell it okay.

for pack guar go to PPPGuarMount1 - open, go to model tabs and select only one - guarblack, guarwhite, stripedguar, uncheck guar.nif after you have made selection, to change pack themselves do this..select either guar_4barrels, guar_4sacks, uncheck guar_2barrels2sacks, hit preview to make sure that this is one that you want. the tell it okay..

Save and exit and now your guars should be a different color or have a different pack..



Lore Creature's Team for Pack Guar Model - Mdogger , Xmarksthespot , Grimdeath , ..

Mr Siika for Pack's themselves for guar

Sarkandar, Hamma, and Kyoma for container and combat script addition's

Community for their support

Please do not reupload, distribute, or modify, or use any meshes or textures without my permission.

Please notify me if on official elder scrolls forum if you have a problem or would like to translate to another language!!!