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Lost Sword of the Ayleids 2.0

The DarkSeed Team:
Da Mage - Textures/Meshes/Scripting/CS
Shadowhider - Textures/Graphics
WhoGuru - Writer/Dialogue
DarkRider - Voice Talent/Adviser
Varus Torvyn - Textual Adviser
WillieSea - Sword Savior Extraordinaire

Lost Sword of the Ayleids is a treasure hunt mod. There are no map markers.

You will have to rely on your own ingenuity and knowledge of Cyrodiil's landscape to find each

The clues, in combination with the journal hints, should give you ample information to point
you in the right direction.

The reward is a custom made sword that has a recharge ability along with other
useful enchantments.

We havent timed the quest, but it should take you awhile to do it as there are a number of
dungeons you have to raid in order to do the quest. From feedback, it will take upwards of 4
hours to do, but thats if you already have a good knowledge of tamriel...

Lost Sword is designed to begin once you've had a good night's sleep. Find a bed and get
horizontal for at least eight hours. The quest will begin with a short video clip.


-If you are experiencing the bug with the final clue spawn,
download the update .esp and overwrite your existing LSotA
.esp to fix the issue.

- The quest stages before the final dungeon are randomized, so that it is slightly different
each time you play. There may be a lag of several seconds between when you click on the scroll
and when it actually opens. This is due to the randomizer.

- The sword's recharge ability has been changed so that it only require 8 kills before it is
recharged. Also, the amount of uses has been increased.

- An-Arane Cey (the sword) is now a leveled weapon, and will also level with you. To level
up the sword, simply re-equip the sword.

- The final zone in the last dungeon has had a complete makeover.

- The final battle has been made harder, with a host of new features added in.

- Some general bugfixes.

- The files have been re-organised, to make them tidier.

TES IV: Oblivion Patched to v1.2.0416

This is a complete remake, hence version 2.0, follow the instructions that apply to you.

1. You do not have any previous version installed.

Copy all the files into your ...oblivion\data directory, then select the esp in the data files
in the oblivion lancher

2. You have a previous version of the mod installed, and have either not started, or finished
the questline.

Sorry folks, but you are going to have to uninstall the older version first. To uninstall the old

You must delete the following folders:

and the following files:

Then copy all the files into your ...oblivion\data directory, then select the esp in the data files
in the oblivion launcher

3. You have a previous version of the mod installed, and are currently following the questline.

You will now have to make a clean save, which will lose your progress, sadly if you update during
the quest it will screw it up.

To make a clean save load up your most recent save, without the mod active. Then save over it.
You can now install the mod following the steps from 2. and restart the quest.

We now have some optional add-ons for you to customize the mod to have certain features. All add-ons
must be loaded on after the main .esp use OBMM to do this.

- 1. Claymore Version -

This replaces all versions of the An-Arane Cey sword with a similar claymore version of it. Stats have
also been changed.

To install simply copy the files into the ...oblivion\data directory and then check the esp.

- 2. OBSE Recharging Script -

This is a small add-on that replaces the recharge feature on the sword with a more polished version
using OBSE scripts. REQUIRES OBSE v15 or later.

To install simply copy the esp into the ...oblivion\data directory and then check the esp.

To un-install this mod you must delete the following folders:

and the following files:

that is all.

**If you are using the Unique Landscape-Arrius Creek, the tallest waterfall below the Belda ruins will be gone. Thanks to the UL team, there is now a patch. Please download the Lost Sword-Arrius Creek Patch here:

Contact Darkseed Team
WhoGuru - Message at Official ES Forums or TES Alliance *** Try First ***
Shadowhider - Message at Official ES Forums
Da Mage - Message at Official ES Forums
DarkRider - Message at Official ES Forums(Darkrder) or TES Alliance

Bethesda Softworks - For making such a great game and the CS
Shivering Isles DLC - For use of a handy script
Blender Foundation

You cannot re-release this mod in any form without permission from the Darkseed Team.

If you do we will hunt you down and do horrific things to your pet/s.

We realize there may still be bugs and incompatibilities, please tell us if you find one so we
can fix it.