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Saddlebags Plugin for Oblivion Version 3.0 Beta by Maboroshi Daikon Requires OBSE v15 or later. Saddlebags are now completely independant of other horse mods. Use with any other horse compilation that doesn\'t include saddlebag functionality.

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Saddle Bags Plugin for Oblivion

Version 3.0 RC1
by Maboroshi Daikon

Requires OBSE v15 or later. Archive includes OMOD conversion information.

Special thanks to mystikhybrid and odin_ml for the use of their saddlebag models:

Adds functional Saddlebags to various "General Store" type merchants accross cyrodiil for purchase. These saddlebags will work with pretty much any horse, even plug-in horses. They might even work with other mountable creatures, though I doubt the meshes will look very good on them.

This mod does not include the other horse mods that previous Saddlebags versions did. This mod is meant to be used on top of other horse mods and compilations such as Slof's horse mod, Ulrim's Horses and Horse Armor Revamped.

To use a saddlebag, click on it in your inventory when close to a horse. This will visibly add Saddlebags to the horse.

Once a horse has Saddlebags put on, you can open or remove them by placing your cursor on the horse and pressing the "O" key.

The weight limit for a regular leather saddlebag is 200 pounds.

If you can't find the saddlebags for sale at any of the merchants, try typing the following at a command prompt:

For base saddles:

Set MDSBTraders.Version to 0
StartQuest MDSBTraders

For saddlebags and fancy saddles:

Set MDSBTraderESP.Version to 0
StartQuest MDSBTraderESP

If you've lost your horse for whatever reason and would like to get back the items that were in it's saddlebags, you can teleport to a special cell to try and reclaim them. Type the following at a command prompt:

COC MDSaddleBagCell

This will place you in a small cell with many bookshelves that contain chests. Look for the chests with the lowest number in their name and open them. You should be able to find your items in one of them. When you’re done, you can leave from the door in the room. It will take you to Skingrad Stables.

You can change the maximum capacity of your saddlebags with the following command (default == 250):

Set MDSBGblCapacity to 250