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As part of an old mod, this expanded overhaul makes it so you go undercover depending on the armor/clothes you wear. IE: Wearing a town guards armor they will not attack you, they will think you are part of them making breaking in easier.

Permissions and credits
Look at Version History / Bug Fixes on bottom or in Read Me inside 2.0 zip file for information.

Someone made a mod a while back that makes it so that everytime you wear a guards armor you become 'undercover'. But thats all they did. Now i have expanded this idea into every single aspect of the entire game. From mythic dawn, mages guild, bandits, guards necromancers and even nobles. The list goes on and on! Read below for a more detailed list.

Example of things to wear to become one with them and go Under Cover!

Mages Guild: All robes that arent lowerclass: IE tattered robes, grey robes etc.
Nobility (Yes even upperclass nobility!!!) All upperclass shirts and outfits.
Fighters Guilds: Since they dont have an official outfit... I chose Steal Cuirass, as whenever i look at one i think fighters guild.
Dark Brotherhood: Shroud Armor
Blackwood Company: Blackwood Armor.
Bandits: Fur armor
Maruaders: Iron Armor
Order: (Shivering isles) Priest Order Robes
Newly Added Undercover:
Vampires: There is a new ring on the vampire loot list called Blood Lust Signet
Beggars: Beggars shirt
palace guards
and much much more! Any and every faction there is you can now go undercover... In my later version, you can even go undercover from WILDLIFE!


I was very careful on the factions i used, the changes i did and the armor chosen, i made sure not to make anything that can potentially interfere with other mods or bug out.If you find ANY please tell me in PM comments

Obvious Bugs: Does not work with any mod that will script over the same armor and clothes, mods such as the Dark Brotherhood armor Bounty mod

Questions comments suggestions all go to either PM or comments. Please tell me what you think, have fun downloading and thanks for the time in reading!

Please rate this according to how it fullfilled its intended use. Dont rate it on how you think it should do or add that it doesn't but rate it on what it DOES do and how it does it. Too many crud ratings because of 'ethical' reasons on my mods.

Version History / Bug Fixes:
1.1 Fixed a bug where if you are already a member of a certain faction (mages guild, fighters, darkbrotherhood ETC) and you wear+remove the armor you loose that preexisting faction rank and everything. [New file loaded to replace bugged one] See comments for details about fix.
1.2 Tweaked the Mages Guild Undercover script so that you are a journyman when wearing robes instead of associate, so you have post recommendation quest rank.
~Added Pirates Faction, while wielding a Cutlass, anyone with the faction Pirate will consider you one of them. (Unsure but it may not make a difference in the pirates on the waterfront due to their questing script for the Dark Brotherhood, if not im still not going to fix it because thats unrealistic... they know their own crew.)
~Unlocked doors in Arch Mage Lobby to the Arcane University to override any bug that may come with the Mages Guild Undercover script.
1.3 Changed Marauder Under Cover Faction to Iron armor instead of Leather armor to suite the looks of a Marauder.
~Added Faction: Morag Tong to the Morag Tong armor.
~Added Faction: Drothermi to the Drothermi Tunics
[WARNING: Version 1.3 MAY require Knights of the Nine Mehrunes Razor to work properly as the Morag Tong and the Drothermi are part of that expantion!]
1.3.1 Fixed bug where game confused Morag Tong with Drothermi, replaced 1.3 with 1.3.1. Download as normal and replace old file.
2.0 Added scripts to Imperial Palace and Dremora robes armor, including Dremora chest peices EVERY class.
Enabled the in-game use of Dremora robes and armor. Enabled the in-game use of Imperial Palace armor from Imperial Palace Guards in and around the Imperial Palace. Minor bug fixes added, nothing worth listing.

[Warning - Some people may experience script infunctionality with the Drothermi, will fix in 2.1]

Spartans Diverse Guards Mod (if need be i will make a compatible version)

With any version update, please download and replace old file. It is not an extension of a master file you no longer need the old one if you download a new one.