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IMPORTANT: This mod requires OBSE v 0015a or higher

Bogdt15 made a mod based on mine to replace mangekyo sharingan with the Sasuke's one, you can find it here http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36078

Zneroth made a mod based on mine to replace mangekyo sharingan with the Madara's Sharingan + Rinnegan, you can find it here

Added video to show features of this mod, warning there are spoilers, thanks to nefro00 for the video

Sharingan and Uchiha Clan


0. What's New
1. Description
2. Compatibility / Known issues
3. Installation / Uninstallation
4. Revisions
5. Credits and rerelease


1. What's New


What's New in version 3.0?

1)Added the possibility to gain Sharingan also to not-Uchiha PCs, to do it just use the Sharingan eyes you will find on the last Uchiha, this feature is complete of new Mangekyou Sharingan eye, a new power called kamui and support for different eye meshes (Capucine's elaborate eyes, Ren's and vanilla)
2)Added the possibility to turn off the chakra detect via-console, you have only to type set Sharingan.CD to 0, if you want it again type set Sharingan.CD to 1
3)Fixed the bug that caused the game not to show properly
4)Fixed the problem that let the player use the eyes when they weren't supposed to do it
5)Made the Amaterasu 8 times stronger





PLUGIN TYPE: Gameplay and races

REQUIRED FILES: Oblivion.esm latest version
OBSE v1.15a or higher download it at http://obse.silverlock.org/
Custom Race Fix for the Uchiha Clan Race download it at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1815
RECCOMANDED FILES: Character Generate Amulet, to change easily the race download it at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2072

This mod adds the Sharingan and the Uchiha Clan race to Oblivion with all its powers from the chackra detect to the Amaterasu
The Sharingan is a doujutsu "eye-tecnique" from Naruto.
The Uchiha Clan Race uses Corean Race stuff: I discovered that if you use glow eyes also the Sharingan eyes have the glowing effect, so it's reccomanded that you use a glow eye

The Sharingan can be gained in two different ways:
The first needs you to choose Uchiha Clan as race at the beginning, with the Character Generate Amulet or with the showracemenu cheat, with this the Sharingan will ver slowly use your magicka points.
The second, instead can be done with any race from vanilla or from mods but you have to find the last Uchiha and use his eyes, and the Sharingan will damage much more your magicka
He's hiding in a secret room in the Cloud Ruler Temple.
Read the readme for more info
When you get the 15th level, you gain the Sharingan lv.2, when you get the 30th level you gain Sharingan lv. 3, if you reached the Sharingan lv. 3 and you kill an innocent, you get the Mangekyou Sharingan.
The Mangekyou Sharingan is very different if you are an Uchiha or not, if you are, it makes you blind, but it let you use the Tsukuyomi (Irreversible Coma on touch) and the Amaterasu (Black Fire), and you can gain another Sharingan level, instead if you are not an Uchiha, you won't become blind and you will gain the kamui (Space Distorsion).
If you have the Mangekyou Sharingan and you are an Uchiha as I wrote, you can get another level: the Eternal Sharingan, you have just to find the last Uchiha in Tamriel, kill him, take his eyes and use them.

IMPORTANT:All Sharingans finish their powers when your magicka bar is empty
To deactivate the Sharingan you have just to use the Stop Sharingan spell.

While using the Sharingan if you hold the block key, you activate the Chakra Detect, it works like Life detect, but with different colours, without changing the original Life detect effect, remember that you can turn off this feature by typing in the console set Sharingan.CD to 0 and re-activating it by typing Sharingan.CD to 1

Sharingan lv 1
Lesser Power
cost 0
when you use it you gain:
Sharingan Eye lv.1
Fortify Agility 10
Fortify Speed 10
Fortify Light Armor 10

Sharingan lv 2
Lesser Power
cost 0
when you use it you gain:
Sharingan Eye lv.2
Fortify Agility 20
Fortify Speed 20
Fortify Light Armor 20

Sharingan lv 3
Lesser Power
cost 0
when you use it you gain:
Sharingan Eye lv.3
Fortify Agility 40
Fortify Speed 40
Fortify Light Armor 40

Not-Uchiha Sharingan Mangekyou
Lesser Power
cost 0
when you use it you gain:
Kakashi Uchiha Mangekyou Sharingan Eye
Fortify Agility 50
Fortify Speed 50
Kamui(You Have to cast it): The target will be sent in another dimension and will only come back into the world after two minutes. It can be used only once each two minutes
the Kamui will be selected as your active spell.

Uchiha Sharingan Mangekyou
Lesser Power
cost 0
when you use it you gain:
Hitachi Uchiha Mangekyou Sharingan Eye
Fortify Agility 50
Fortify Speed 50
Fortify Light Armor 50
Tsukuyomi(You Have to cast it): The target will fall in a irreversible state of unconscious madness. If you use this tecnique once you loose all your magicka points
Amaterasu(You Have to cast it): For 30 seconds all NPCs and creatures you will see, will burn in a black fire. If you use this tecnique three times you loose all your magicka points
the Amaterasu will be selected as your active spell.
Using the Uchiha Sharingan Mangekyou you become progressively blind.

Eternal Sharingan Mangekyou
Lesser Power
cost 0
when you use it you gain:
Hitachi Uchiha Mangekyou Sharingan Eye
Fortify Agility 50
Fortify Speed 50
Fortify Light Armor 50
Tsukuyomi(You Have to cast it)
Amaterasu(You Have to cast it)
Summon Nine-Tail Fox(You Have to cast it): Summon the Nine-Tail Fox that follow and help you for 120 sec. and give you the lesser power Attack Target as active spell.
the Amaterasu will be selected as your active spell.
The Eternal Sharingan doesn't make you blind.

The Uchiha Clan has:
Base Attributes........................Skill bonus
Wil...50....40.........................Light Armor.5





None Known




If you have a previous version of this mod, before installing the new, you need to make a cleansave and uninstall the old files:
1 Run Oblivion
2 Change your character's race to another one
3 Save (Remember the name of this save because it is the only you can use when installed the mod)
4 Uninstall the old esp
5 Follow the installation instructions


Copy Sharingan and Uchiha Clan.esp , Meshes, Textures and Sound folders to Oblivion's Data folder.
Choose the package that fits woth you race among, Vanilla eyes, Elaborate eyes, beautiful people and Ren, Corean and copy the content to Oblivion's Data folder
Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the .esp file or use your favourite load order utility.

Before uninstalling if you are an Uchiha you have to change your race
Just delete
Sharingan and Uchiha Clan.esp
Sharingan folder in meshes/mieimod
Sharingan folder in textures/mieimod
Sharingan folder in textures/menus/icons/mieimod
Nine-tails Fox.nif, Nine-tails Foxeyes.nif and Nine-tails Foxhead.nif in meshes/creatures/dog
Sharingan folder in meshes/characters/_male/idleAnims
Sharingan folder in sound/FX/_male/mieimod




Initial release

Fixed the non visible Sharingan eye bug and the eyes don't require a slot anymore thanks to the Seteyes obse command
Now the Uchiha clan Race uses eyes, hair and head from Corean Race
Changed the script to use the No-Spam feature from the new Obse version

Fixed a CTD bug
Tweaked the Tsukuyomi spell, now it is on target, changed also the effect see the decription for info

Read What's New section



Credits to idkrrr for the Corean Race stuff wich I used according with the readme for my Race, I also Included the original Corean Race readme
Big thanks to Chishiokage for helping me with beta test
Thanks to ianpatt, behippo and scruggsywuggsy the ferret for their wonderful creation: OBSE
Credits to me, Skingrad24 for this mod

Use my work freely provided that you credit me and idkrrr