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Added: 03/09/2008 - 06:21PM
Updated: 18/07/2009 - 02:36AM

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Last updated at 2:36, 18 Jul 2009 Uploaded at 18:21, 3 Sep 2008

Claymore Equipment for Exnem's Body ( or any body mod that uses Exnems textures)

Created by J.Stuart (aka Dahkar or Blaqk Horizon)


The mod adds to the game armor and swords based off ones used by Helen, Teresa of the Faint Smile and Alicia the Black, all of which are characters from the Manga and Anime "Claymore", Created by Yagi Norihiro.

The armor can be found the imperial city market district, near the best defense;just look for the swords, you can't miss them.


  1. Unzip file ( you will need a program to unzip .7z file type)
  2. Put all files and folders ( except the readme) from inside the unzipped folder into your data folder. your data folder is location inside your Oblivion folder, which inside your Bethesda Softworks folder, which inside your Program Files folder.
  3. Check the box next the Claymore equipment version 1.3.0 .esp your want to use under the oblivion launcher menu
  4. Start up the game and enjoy


  1. Remove the Claymore items from your inventory, save and quit.
  2. Then uncheck the Claymore equipment version 1.3.0.esp in the oblivion launcher.
  3. Finally delete the Claymore files from both the texture and meshes files in your oblivion directory

Installation and Uninstall using NMM

Should work fine

and permissions

You may not upload this mod or any part of it on another site nor may you use it in a mod you are
making unless you ask and receive permission from me.


Meshes and textures from Exnam's body replacer mod, created by Exnam, were used to create this mod.

Comr4de who supplied the improved textures

Meshes and Textures were inspired by the Characters Created by Yagi Norihiro.