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Glenvar Castle Voice and Lip Animation add-on

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Glenvar Castle Add-on, Quest Voice-over v1.1
(c) 2008 By Euther

VERSION 1.1 Update: I have added LIP Animation files and remaster all voice overs... The new file (GlenvarCastle Voice and LIP Addon) replaces the old one. If you are updateing from my origional file, make sure you over write all existing files in the GlenvarCastle.esp directory.

Seems like I should not write this, but, Glenvar Castle (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8235) is required for this add-on!

A little history.

After living in my primary home (Battlehorn Castle) since Beth released it, on the day I finished up The Dungeons of Ivellon, (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13714) I decided it was time for a new home.

I searched and read many posts on Beth’s forums (w/respect to castles, keeps, etc.), I finally decided to d/l and play Glenvar Castle produced by Quartz. It is a home/quest MOD and while researching, I came to understand why many people praised it. It is a great home MOD, and one that is very challenging to complete!!!!

Being something less than a novice in the Oblivion modding community, I have recently been trying to get involved in any way, and to challenge myself. So, I took on the task of doing all the male quest lines in Glenvar Castle and had my wife do the female ones. I did this mostly for personal reasons, to get some idea of how CS works and to add more immersion into my game. Once completed, I did not intend to release it publicly.

After completing the two quests and coming to the realizations of thoroughly enjoying the MOD, I decided to contact Quartz to see if he would be interested in listening to them, get some criticism before stepping out, and request to do voices for other modders. Surprisingly he was.

Therefore, after receiving Quartz’s permission and some praise, I am sharing my voice-overs for the Glenvar Castle MOD. I never intended to, but after reading his “post review” comments, I feel I must.

Note: I tried my best to get lip sync working, and never did. Sorry, maybe one day I will go back and try again.

* Installing the add-on:

- GlenvarCastle.esp.RAR: complete archive, including sound files.

Let WinZip (or any other archive program you might use) extract this compressed file using the folder names included in the archive. All the files will then be extracted to their appropriate location and subfolders will be created if necessary.

The file and folder structure is as follows:

- the Voice (MP3) and Lip animation files (LIP) in the \Oblivion\Data\Sound\Voice\GlenvarCastle.esp folder (with subfolders)

All you need to do to install these files are
1. Unpack directly to the \Oblivion\Data\Sound\Voice\ folder, and replace all sub-folders in the GlenvarCastle.esp folder already or
2. Unpack to a temporary folder, then manually copy the entire contents to the \Oblivion\Data\Sound\Voice\ folder.

The will replace the entire GlenvarCastle.esp folder after you install the Glenvar Castle MOD


None planned unless Quartz decides to expand Glenvar Castle.