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Skingrad is a town which lends itself to being crowded. Towering buildings lean over narrow paved streets, not an inch of city space is spared, and just outside the walls are the fields of a prosperous farming community.
But the streets are empty, barely a few guards, a beggar and a mad wood elf wander the streets. This mod changes that. The population of Skingrad is doubled, from a meagre 65 to a bustling 130. Now the streets are full of all new NPC's, the inns are no longer contain 2 or 3 NPC's but 6 or 7 and the fields no longer lie bare but are now tended by the fully AI'd NPC's.

Extended Skingrad is the third mod I have made in the Extended series. If you liked this mod you should see my Extended Imperial City mod at: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=14676
And my Extended Chorrol mod at:

This project aims to double the population of the Skingrad, adding 65 new NPC's.
All of these people have names, unique faces and hand crafted AI's.
These NPC's sleep at night eat lunch, go to church, go shopping and do all the other things expected from a Bethesda NPC.
You can simply leave these new NPC's, just have them as nice background characters, or for you more evil players remember that all added NPC's are unessential so killing sprees can now reach insane proportions!
This is version 1.0 so the full 65 new NPC's have been added.
This mod now has a version compatible with Open Cities Complete by Texian, godhugh, Arthmoor.

Q: Are there 50 male Argonians with crazy names like Death-Lord and Noob-Slayer?
A: No, the races of the citizens are decided by real demographics eg: 26% are Imperial, that’s 17, while only 2% are Khajiit, that’s only 1.
Also the names were not chosen by me but by a name generating program or taken from Morrowind names, so all are lore friendly.
Q: Are there warriors and hunters or are they all just commoners?
A: Most of the population are indeed normal people, who shop eat and sleep but some are more interesting, including a hunter who hunts deer over the Skingrad County, a number of adventurers, a prisoner, and a few new Fighters and Mages guild members.
Q: Will this conflict with -X- Mod?
A: There are a hell of a lot of mods out there so it is likely there will be one out there that does. See Conflicts: for more details.
Q: Where do these new NPC's sleep?
A: Some sleep in inns, some sleep in people’s houses and some sleep in bedrolls or wander outside.
Q: What is the FPS hit?
A: On lower end computers there may be some lag due to the increased NPC numbers. On higher end computers though, the difference shouldn’t be too bad.

Open Better Cities is a major one that comes to mind, though if there are any more please contact me.

Recommended Mods:
Ambient town sounds. This mod now makes more sense because there are now enough NPC's to make the added noises.

Version History:
1.0 Initial release, all NPC's done.
Open Cities Complete version - Compatibility for OCC


Extract the files into your oblivion data directory. Load the oblivion start up menu and activate Extended Skingrad esp in your data file menu.
Open Cities Complete:
Same as above but you must have the Open Cities Resources esm and the Open Cities Skingrad esp or Open Cities Full esp activated also. It is best to use the latest version of Open Cities Complete available.