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Added: 28/08/2008 - 10:00PM
Updated: 13/12/2010 - 11:01PM

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Last updated at 23:01, 13 Dec 2010 Uploaded at 22:00, 28 Aug 2008

tda's Armoury BETA v1.2 - by Thomas 'tda' Bramall.


v1.2 - Added 3 remaining weapons, fixed rigging on holy knight pauldrons. Incorporated world models for knight's armour.

v1.1 Hotfix - Fixed texture paths of knights helmet, removed bogus nodes.

v1.1 - Added knight's armour. Removed imbalanced enchantments.

V1.0 - Initial release.


This isn't intended for the casual player or RP-er, as the armour is located in a test cell only acessable via console. This is purely a BETA release to test the armour and weapons for bugs, and to give people some shiny armour to play with.

To install, extract/copypaste all files with their folder structure intact into the Oblivion\Data folder. When prompted to overwrite, click yes to all.
**This will not overwrite any existing mods.**

Once installed, activate the ESP and jump ingame. When ingame bring up the console and type "coc tdaarmourytest" (without quotes) and you will be transported to the test cell. You may need to also use the console command "TCL" (again without quotes) to turn on no-clip so you can fly inside the room. Once inside the room you can type "TCL" again to deactivate no-clip, the armour is situated on the floor in the upper tier of the test area.

There are no doors in the test chamber, so to leave again you must use the coc command. I personally use icmarketdistrict02.


Problems i am aware of:

- The shoulders on the holy knight become somewhat disjointed when you sneak (they move too far down). This is because of the way i have rigged the cuirass, and unfortunately because it cannot "bend" because of its design this is unavoidable.

- The holy knight's cuirass (specifically around the neck area) moves more than you would expect the upperbody to move during running/walking animations. It's only noticable if you really ook for it, and again it's due to the limitations i had while rigging.

- Small clipping between the waistline fabric of the holy knight and his right leg while running with a 2 handed sword equipped.

- Nothing has its own Icon. I have yet to do this.

- If you find any others, do let me know.



Do not distribute this .ZIP/.omod or any files within without my written permission, and similarly do not claim any work within to be your own. All content within is the (intellectual or otherwise) property of Thomas 'tda' Bramall and Bethesda Softworks®.