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Aberwiin Manor - A large fully furnished manor with a good living area and a hidden evil area. Includes a display room with 60 display cases, teleports to the 8 main towns, a working death chamber for NPC\'s and much more stuff.

Permissions and credits
House Features

- Fully furnished and located just north west of imperial city.

- A ring for instant travel to the manor.

- Mage teleports to the main 8 towns.

- Spellmaker and item enchanter.

- A display area with 60 display cases.

- 34 storage chests and 2 jewelry cases, these dont respawn items, and so are safe to store ur stuff in.

- 2 living areas, a good area and a hidden evil area

- Pit of Eternal pain, this is a working death chamber, you can teleport any NPC to 7 different traps, the traps include a gas chamber, a crusher, blades trap, a cell full of rats, a cell with a deadroth, a darts trap. There are also 2 seperate cages in the dark temple with trap doors that can drop 2 NPC's into lava at the same time. Be careful which NPCs you send to the traps, some are quest characters and cant die, but they'll usually escape after a while.

- Several ingrediants areas, flower beds full of Tamreal's plants and 1 with oblivion plants, the pit of eternal pain also has cave plants.

- A couple of prisoners in the dark temple, these two were imprisoned by the previous house owner for trying to rob the manor. One of them will always be asleep so they make an ideal vampire snack. A 3rd prisoner in the pit of eternal pain has an immortality enchantment, and so she cant die (despite the lava!).

- Static Alchemy set, thanks to Shawn Dworshak (aka Academician Nwahs) for making this and allowing everyone to use it.

- 4 custom weapons

- Fast travel is on.

How to get Aberwiin Manor
At the moment the house is free (I might add a quest later), after the mod is installed a map marker for the manor will appear just north west of imperial city, 2 new spells will also be added to your character. You will have to pick the lock of the front door to get inside. The key and a teleport ring are hidden somewhere inside the manor behind a secret door, to open the secret door you will have to find a hidden button.

How to send an NPC to the traps.
After the mod is installed 2 new spells are added to your charachter (Mark Victim and Take Victim), to teleport an NPC you must first cast the Mark Victim Spell on the target, next cast the Take Victim spell and select the trap you want to send them to, then use the teleport ring (Aberwiin Ring) to travel to where you sent them.

Known Bugs
Sometimes when you teleport an NPC to a trap they dont spawn, try leaving the area and coming back, this sometimes helps.
You might also have problems if you try and teleport more than 1 NPC at a time to the same trap, there again it might work fine.
If an NPC is left in a trap for too long they manage to escape (god knows how!)

NOTE - you need at least version 1.1.511 of Oblivion installed for this mod to work.

I welcome any feedback, comments or suggestions.

Change log
Update 2.07
-Fully integrated Shawn Dworshaks Static Alchemy mod into Aberwiin Manor, now there is just one esp file that needs activating instead of two.
- Made it so you can teleport NPCs into the eternal pit cage with Geminas (the immortal prisoner), and then lower them slowly into the lava :)
- Added a release prisoner option to the take victim spell, prisoners will be sent to Talos Plaza in Imperial City if you choose to release them.
- Added a couple of nice looking books created by Dragonblade86, one is in the display room, the other is in the dark temple.
- Added a stone arch to the dark temple bedroom door.
- Fixed a small graphics glitch on the prison cells in the dark temple.
- Fixed gap between wall and bed in the dark temple bedroom
- Fixed the flame that was floating near one of the torches in the dark temple.
- Changed the wall, door and door arch in the light alter room bedroom, the door that was there before was cut off at the bottom, and no door from the game would fit the archway properly.
- fixed an ugly wall texture in the dark temple.
- Made the chandeliers in the telport room and display room a bit smaller, and improved their alignment to each other.

Update 2.06
- Fixed Dark Elven War Sabre and put it back in the mod.
- Added 2 new custom weapons, both in the dark temple.
- Added a walkway linking the higher and lowers platforms in the dark temple, and removed the teleport that was previously used to do this magically.
- Added some goblins to the dark temple and pit.
- Fixed it so random NPC's no longer use the teleporters in the teleport room.
- Improved the collision on the dragon statue, its now easier to climb up its tail.
- Fixed floating alchemy set in the light alter room.
- Added a couple small bits to display room.
- Changed the entrance and door to the pit in the dark temple.
- Put some hinges on the dark temple bedroom door, so it no longer floats when open.

Update 2.05
- Added some flower beds, trees and seating to the back garden.
- Added a second cage release button for the 2 cages in the dark temple, to find the new button, climb to the top of the dragon statue (up its tail), the new button is on the left hand side of its neck.
- Added collision to dragon statues head and neck.
- Several improvements and modifications to the dark temple.
- little gap in garden path fixed.
- Fixed the bit of misplaced wood sticking up through the left hand stair case in teleport room.
- Iv optimised the collision used on most of the models (the house, interiors etc.) in the mod, this will provide better graphics performance than past versions of the mod.

Update 2.04
- Added bones, blood and rotting corpses to pit of eternal pain traps, also added cobwebs.
- Made garden bigger, added garden path, some trees and a few plants. Also added a viewing area with benches.
- Added human heart on alter and necromancer banner to dark temple.
- Fixed bedroom so you dont need to close door or jump over bed to get out.
- Fixed floating books on one of the bookcases and added a missing fireplace candle in teleport room
- Fixed missing collion around front door in teleport room.
- Improved alignment of teleporters in teleport room.
- Had to remove the dark elven war sabre due to a bug, I'll try to fix it in the next update.

- Removed/changed bookcases in teleport room.
- Added two custom weapons.
- Added a few bits to garden.

- Made all areas darker, added lighting to top floor, display room and basement.

- Darker Teleport room Test Version.