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This mod adds cards you can collect, a new faction and quests.

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OCC update v1.7 released

I know you guys have been expecting v2.0 update for some time now, and you might be confused the version we've uploaded is numbered 1.7. That's because I've lost almost everything related to version 2 after my harddrive crashed. It's even more unfortunate as the source files for new cards were finished, all that remained was to create textures. I'm very sorry for this and I hope it's not too much of a letdown.
On a more cheerful note - we'll be striving to deliver the best collecting experience possible in Skyrim. Thank you all for all the tremendous support you've shown us over the years, it's been great to hear all that positive feedback.


Do you like collecting? If so, this mod may be the right one for you. It adds collectible cards that are hidden all over Cyrodiil - 300 cards in the current version. There are six categories of cards - NPCs, Creatures, Daedra, Weapons & Armor, Buildings and Plants.

The Septim coins in the upper right corner of each card define how rare a card actually is - 1 coin for common cards, 2 coins for the uncommon ones, and 3 coins mark rare cards. There are also very rare cards with a special glossy surface that are very hard to find.

You will mostly be finding cards as part of the random loot in chests. Bandits, marauders and goblins carry some from time to time, most general goods merchants will offer a few pieces when you visit them, and there is also a slight chance that a card will appear in fleshy pods found in the Realm of Oblivion. However, the rarest cards are not generated randomly and can only be found in Cyrodiil wilderness.


We've implemented an intuitive, animation-based system that allows you to view any card as easily as possible without console commands. While in the viewing mode, you'll be able to adjust cards's height by holding down the 'run' key (Shift by default) and looking up or down. You can cancel the viewing mode by drawing a weapon, crouching or simply walking forward.


As of version 1.5, OCC offers a way to organize your cards, while still letting you keep them in your possession. You can buy one of seven different albums from Orenthil, and put you cards inside. They are split into various categories (album for creatures, album for plants, etc), but you don't have to follow that rule, if you don't want to. Because of certain restrictions of Gamebryo, those seven albums are also unique, which means if you ever sell one, you won't be able to get it back.
When you activate an album in game, you will see a menu with several options, most of which are self-explanatory. You can manually add cards to an album, remove them, show a list of cards you have yet to collect, or enter a view mode. That is done in a way similar to the one in which you can view separate cards, with a new custom model for albums.


Introduced in v1.4, OCC also features a new set of furniture designed specifically for displaying cards. The set consists of eight pieces, ranging from simple static shelves for common folk to large display cases with animated glass doors that will fit nicely into a luxury manor. Each of them can be placed wherever you see fit. You will also receive a scroll called 'Furniture Catalogue', which contains overview on all available pieces, a list of resellers, and an extensive 'Help' section that covers the entire process of arranging the furniture.


With OCC, you will have an opportunity to join a new guild - the Collectors of Cyrodiil. The guild is led by an old Bosmer named Orenthil, who has recently moved to Chorrol. Look him up there if you're interested in joining the guild, and he'll be more than happy to answer any questions about collecting you might have.

The quests are mostly focused on dialogue rather than combat, each with more than one path to completion. All important NPCs added by the mod are fully voiced, which results in over 500 lines of new dialogue (30 minutes of speech)!


The current version of OCC doesn't work with Better Cities and Open Cities. However, compatibility patches for OCC are included in the current version of Better Cities, available here: http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16513

OCC also conflicts with 'Cheydinhal Petshop', as it adds a new building in the same place.

There are some minor conflicts with 'Unique Landscapes - Cheydinhal Falls' mod, but nothing that would make either mod non-functional. There is now a patch available, created by David Brasher (thanks, Dave!): http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=33542


Copy Oblivion Collectible Cards.bsa and Oblivion Collectible Cards.esp into your Oblivion\Data\ directory. If it needs to overwrite any files, click "Yes to all". Then activate the .esp in the Oblivion Launcher or Oblivion Mod Manager.

You need to have the latest patch ( installed in order to run the mod.

If you are updating the mod from a previous version (1.32b and older), you MUST delete these folders from your installation directory:
  • Oblivion\Data\Meshes\clutter\SLCards\
  • Oblivion\Data\Textures\clutter\SLCards\
  • Oblivion\Data\Textures\Menus\icons\SLCards\
  • Oblivion\Data\Sound\Voice\Oblivion Collectible Cards.esp\

If you want to uninstall the mod, simply remove Oblivion Collectible Cards.bsa and Oblivion Collectible Cards.esp files from your Oblivion\Data\ directory.

Enjoy the mod!