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Added: 27/03/2006 - 01:33AM
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Last updated at 18:33, 18 Jul 2009 Uploaded at 1:33, 27 Mar 2006

This is the WIP version of Companion Gabby. An imperial pirate whos tired of her life at sea and looking for new, drier, adventures.


Updated to v0.86
*Companion Share has been moved to a Dialog Option. Now trying to pickpocket her gives a message of not being able to pickpocket your companion.
*Should have) Fixed not being able to yield to her. (Hopefully)
*Snuck in a disposition increase everytime you ask her her status.
*Redid status report via Cajs messagebox version found on this thread. Tweaked it and added an opening messagebox to add a lil humor to the whole thing. Will add in a toggle for Messages vs Messageboxs when Im lookin at the CS and remember to.
*Reordered all the dialog topics by numbering em. They now appear in order of most use/relevance being Companion Share, Follow, Wait, Status, Find Stuff, Set Escape Point, Escape.
*Added a new dialog topic.
*Added the beginnings of support for gaining skill ups from magic use. She can now gain skill ups with the Standard Restore Health 1 Novice spell gained explicitly through the scrolls mod. This mod now REQUIRES my ANB_Scroll.esm plugin for giving npcs spells to use via scrolls. It sux but its the only way. You have BethSoft to thank for that.
*Added disposition to her status report.
*Added Skill Up Failure. When she attempts to skill up in combat or thru magic casting outside combat shell now gain 1/10th of a skill up. So if it takes her 10 skill ups to gain a lvl she can still gain that lvl with 100 skill up failures.
*Changed her status report to show the lvl progress with the decimal so you can see 10ths of skills.
*She will now sit down or lay down when you sit down. She picks her own place to sit or lay so it may be right next to you it may be across the room. If she doesnt sit with you Im sorry maybe you need to wash your armor or something.
*Redid handling of being disabled/enabled. Now you'll probably see her in her bday suit for a split second before shes disabled. It allows me to hook into when shes disabled and do things before shes re enabled.
*Blocked off her entire script (except the DoOnlyOnce block) into a if statement to see if shes a companion or not. Youll notice when you meet her at the dock shes not even essential now until she joins you. She doesnt process ANY of her companion specific stuff if shes not a companion now. May seem pointless but its not... alteast to me =)
*Guess what else I added? She'll tell ya when you join up with her at the docks =)

Updated to v0.85
* Fixed skill saving script so it now resets her skills after she lvls
* Added "Armor" to "Stats?" dialog message. Its in the Stats Message.
* Added Athletics skill gains while not in combat and not sneaking.
* Changed formula for sneak skill ups and the new athletics skill up to a random check then another check against the current value of the skill. Makes it easier to gain skill when its lower and almost impossible when its near max.

Updated to v0.8:
* New dialog commands to help avoid the "losing her in an OB gate" bug. You can now tell her to mark any place shes standing as an escape point. Once marked you tell her to escape and if your in oblivion shell escape to the escape point and be waiting there for you. If you dont tell her to set a point the point you find her at in the waterfront district will be it.
* New Stat/Skill reporting dialog. Asking her about Stats? will list out all of her stats and skills in normal messages across the top of the screen.
* Re enabled use of the skill storing/updating on lvl up where it would lose skill gains if they werent primary to her class.

I intended to include casting skill ups in this update but Im still trying to figure out how exactly Im gonna determine what skills SHOULD update since theres no way to tell what spells shes casting. So I decided to go ahead and update her instead of making everyone wait for these updates.

Updated to v0.75:
* Lots of checks added to make her function more naturally (not warping in combat not warping while not a companion not warping while searching other npcs activating her and you seeing her inventory etc)
* Removed Combat Styles dialog. She now picks her own combat style based on distance from her current target. This means she will now use all weapons. So if you give her a bow and a sword shell switch between them properly.
* 90% rewrite of Companion Share shouldnt lose entire inventory randomly now (I hope)
* Added functionality for intelligent use of torches. If you give her a torch shell use it whenever shes not sneaking or its dark enough to (night time, in a cave, etc)
* Possiblity for her lvling up to crash the game (always did for me others had no problems) but just incase I made it disable her for a frame when she lvls up.
* Many misc changes and code clean ups and probably some stuff Ive forgotten =)

Updated to v0.7 Lots of changes including:
* Fix for PC Vampires
* New Companion Share method
* Essential toggle with ANBbGabbyEssential
* Toggle to control her sneaking in combat if you are with ANBGabbySneakToggle
* She now draws her weapon if you have yours drawn regardless of combat
* Rewrote level up scripting. She now gains actual skill ups instead of just generic progress towards a level. Shes no longer set close to your level when you meet her now her progress skill and level wise is all based on her and what weapons and armor you give her to use.
* She can now "climb" up to you if your so high above her. Basically she warps to you if your so far above or below her.
* She now warps to you if you get too far away from her so you cant lose her too bad.

I think thats all the new changes.

She has new dialog for telling her to focus on Melee or Ranged combat. Their kinda pointless but Ive left em in for testing purposes to help figure out how to get her to use a bow all the time. Shes getting better and shell use a bow most of the time if she has one but sometimes she just wont for whatever reason.

Updated to v0.6 SIGNIFICANTLY changed her aggression and made it adapt based on the difference between her level and her targets.