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Last updated at 6:20, 5 Apr 2006 Uploaded at 23:09, 26 Mar 2006

-Incorporated a modified version of the Natural Wildlife script originally written by Tag. My version adds an extra decision check when the player gets close to the creature. This script adds a lot of life to the creatures by making them act more realistically instead of just always being hostile. A big thank you to Tag for letting me use his script!

-Increased the run speed of Deer to prevent players from being able to outrun them. (note: characters with high athletics and speed can probably still catch up to Deer)

-Removed the Gold/Lockpick/Spoon loot items from creatures. No more rats eating gold coins!

-Changed Mudcrabs to passive creatures.

-Tweaked the value of Deer Skins down to 20 and increased the value of Timber Wolf, Boar, Black Bear & Lion pelts Slightly.

-Slightly modified the alchemy effects of the custom meat types (Wolf, Lion & Bear meat) to make a little more sense for the animal type.

-Fixed an issue with a certain quest that could have caused some frustration. Thank you to LDones for finding this problem and creating the script to correct it!

-Created a work-around for another quest that also could have been frustrating. For details on the quest and the work-around, check the bottom of the readme file. (hint: it will only affect players with the Destruction Magic skill)

This mod is for Oblivion players who love to hunt out in the
wilderness of Cyrodiil. Have you ever wished that you could get more meat from a fresh kill for making healing potions? Have you ever wished that you could skin the deer you kill and sell thier skins for cash? Don't you think its stupid that a Wolf Pelt weighs 1 and is worth 10, when a Mountain Lion Pelt is also worth 10 but weighs 5! Mountain Lions are harder to kill so why are thier pelts worth less per pound? This mod makes hunting more profitable and rewarding without being unbalancing.

NOTE: I *highly* reccomend using the Lighter Alchemy Ingreds mod by dysesothymteric along with this mod. That way you can carry more Venison meat from your kills for making healing potions. You can find the Lighter Alchemy Ingreds mod at www.tessource.net in the Oblivion\Gameplay Effects and Changes section.

*Incorporates a modified version of the Natural Wildlife script to make creatures behave more realistically.

*Increases the run speed of Deer.

*Makes Mudcrabs passive creatures.

*Added 1 extra piece of meat to the inventory of Deer creatures and Boar creatures.

*Created new meat types with full alchemy properties. Wolf Meat, Lion Meat & Bear Meat.(similar properties to other meat types)

*Created new animal hide items and increased the value of existing hides. Increase in values based on the creatures level. New hides include: Deer Skin, Brown Bear Skin, Black Bear Skin, Boar Hide & Timber Wolf Pelt.

*Created new Deer Antler item that only drops on male deer corpses. Sells for 10 Gold.