Kobus Character Advancement System by Kobu
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Added: 26/03/2006 - 11:06PM
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This file was made back in 2006. As such it probably won't work with newer patched versions of the game and may have unresolvable conflicts with newer mods. Those who do not know how to resolve these issues should not use this mod. This mod is no longer being supported.

The above edit is basically correct ;). It *should* actually work as it has, but no guarantees, especially in regards to newer disease type modifications. Feel free to experiment or tinker with it though. Many players are still finding good results with it. Happy gaming. :)

KCAS Manual:


Kobu’s Character Advancement System (KCAS) replaces the standard attribute gain at level-up with an intuitive and natural attribute and level gain system that is fully customizable. KCAS makes it so you will never again have to keep track of your skill gains to insure optimal character progression. KCAS is designed to be fully immersive and integrate seamlessly with your gameplay. You can use KCAS with both new and existing characters.


• KCAS uses a smooth Attribute and Level gain system.

• There's no need to sleep to gain Levels--Attribute and Level gains happen automatically as you play.

• Starting Attributes and Level are maintained as is, not raised to match a pre-set static formula.

• Immersive system--designed so you can stay "in-character".

• Simple to use for beginners, KCAS has many options for advanced users.

• The menu based system makes it easy to view your choices and make changes as you play.

• The dynamic system automatically adjusts to any options you choose.

• KCAS uses a natural and retroactive Health formula so there's no need to boost Endurance early.

• Birthsign bonuses to Attributes are maintained past 100.

• Supports any custom Birthsign bonus to Attributes, and custom Birthsign and Race bonuses to derived Attributes.

• Displays many statistics such as Attribute and Level gains and gain rates, and Skills gained to help gauge your progress.

• Major and Specialization Skill, and Attribute leveling methods.

• Option to set your Specialization Skills marked for leveling so you choose exactly what Skills and how many count towards leveling.

• Your choice to get +1 to three Attributes each Level or use only the leveling system without bonuses.

• Choose Luck increases based on an average of your other Attributes or based on adventuring (discovering locations and artifacts, buying houses, etc.).

• Set your Attribute caps based on Race (including custom Races), or set them directly up to a max of 255.

• Set your maximum Level up to 255 or as low as your current Level.

• 10 preset Paths for popular configurations makes it easy to try very different option sets as you play.

• Preset Paths can be further modified to use exactly the configuration you like.

• Option to set the rates that Major, Minor, and Specialization skills increase attributes.

• Option to add bonuses between 1 and 255% to attribute gain rates for each Skill letting you chose a very exact attribute gain system.

• Skill redistribution allows Skills to raise multiple attributes or completely different attributes (e.g. Blade raises Intelligence) by any percent between 0 and 255%.

• Option to set your attributes to where KCAS calculates they should be based on your Skills and Attribute gain percentages.

• Includes several Skill gain slowing mods.

• Includes two gameplay mods--one to double carrying capacity and one that makes Health level-independent.

• Includes mod to skip the tutorial dungeon.

• Includes "Stamina" mod to clear-up misuse of the word "fatigue".

• Vampirism is a made into a disease allowing normal gains to Skills up to 100 that would otherwise be blocked.