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Bonds Firebird V01 ReadMe

The Firebird is a sailboat based on the Catboat. A Catboat is a craft with a single sail with the mast placed well forward. These are based on designs from around the 1840's and were extensively used in the fishing trade because of their roominess and ease of handling. They were also used as party boats. Today they are mostly used for day sailing and pleasure.

The Firebird is surprisingly accomodating, with both a fore and an aft cabin, there is room to sleep five. There is also lots of place for stowage. If you like small, attractive, efficient quarters this boat is for you. The Forward Cabin is yours and the Aft Cabin sleeps 4 companions.

Additional accomodations are available in the crew quarters on the barge. It has sleeping for 10 and a lot of additional storage.

The Firebird is moored at an attractive floating dock off the IC Waterfront. You can take a rowboat out to the barge, or fast travel to the Firebird. An attractive mini-garden compliments this lovely floating dock which features a pavillion to keep the sun off on hot days. Relax and enjoy the atmosphere. If you enjoy a swim just jump in, the water here is always perfect for a swim. I left a "Grand Waterbreathing Amulet" on the bar.

There are 6 crewmembers, three male and three female, they spend much of their time swimming. The crew all has AI to give the place some atmosphere.


All containers are safe except the the bar, it provides food and drink and is set to respawn. Safe containers include everything inside the ship cabins, including the bookcases in the Master Forward Cabin, and the book sets on the shelves in both cabins. The Firebird sleeps five in the comfortable but cramped quarters, and provides extensive storage.

Note: The crew is dressed for water sports in original Roberts clothed bodies. Their disposition for the player is 100, so you can easily use a companion share mod to change their clothing. They will come to you in the body and clothing style you play. If you use a nude body style, they will be nude.


Mr Siika for the sailboat mesh which I retextured and altered to include below deck cabins.

Salmo the Baker for the wall shelf.

Oblivimonk fpr both meshes and textures, that includes the mesh used for the Barge, and textures used for some walls and ceilings.

Vince Bly for his Wings3D Tutorials.

Book sets from the Garak's booksets, what a blessing. I've set them as containers so you can fill them with your own books, or anything you want on a shelf.

Andysaurus for the bunk bed mesh which I retextured.

Lots of miscelaneous retexturing by me.

Bethesda for this fantastic game.

The creators of Tes4Files, Tes4Gecko, and TesSnip.