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The Ilztafein v1.1
By: [email protected]

I lost about 70 hours of work I put into 1.2 due to technical problems. But I did manage to recover the custom eyes I made and re-implement them into the standard 1.1 that's up for download. So I'm putting up "1.2", which is just 1.1 with the eyes. Sorry folks, but I'm not doing that all over again. This is the final version.

**Brief description**
This mod adds 10 new races, with some accompanying items and lore.

(Please leave comments or e-mail me feedback, would be much appreciated! Ideas, input, anything like that. I'm happy with "LAME!!!!" if that's all you can manage, but beware Buddha.)

**Changes in 1.1**

-Changed hair selection

The Burned
-Wrote description
-Granted a healing spell
-Removed health loss
-Removed magicka bonuses
-Lowered health bonus
-Adjusted facial features slightly

-Granted "Primal Surge", a potent 3 second boost

-Adjusted Lunian's face
-Adjusted Lunian's skin tone
-Adjusted hair selection

-Removed natural fire resist
-Tweaked description

-Reduced special ability potency and duration
-Changed hair selection
-Adjusted attributes

Sea Argonian
-Adjusted face and body
-Adjusted skin tone
-Adjusted attributes

-Tweaked "Race The Sun" ability
-Changed eyes to slit
-Switched to Dremora hair /w horns

-Removed "Bite", added "Feat of Agility"

-Adjusted face


I included both the manual install files and the omod.

-Manual Installation: Copy-paste meshes, textures, and the .esp into your oblivion/data folder

-Omod Installation: Copy-paste the .omod into your omm/mods folder, activate with mod manager.

If you're confused, feel free to e-mail me.


Due to the fact that these are custom races, be sure you are able to use them. There are many custom race fixes available here on TES Nexus. A few links:


Also, you can use an alternative start mod:



From the Lands of Jemol comes 10 new races and a new sect called the Ilztafein, a clan of warriors who specialize in slaying mages. In Jemol, wizards are considered dangerous criminals and hunted viciously.

There are also 3 new classes, which I added so you can see the basic archetypes of these new cultures. I will add more later.

(In case it isn't clear, this mod does NOT include a new continent, that would be great but I don't have the time to do that.)

Further documentation on the races and lore is included.


-Sometimes the faces can get messed up while browsing races. This can happen to default races too. Just randomize the face to fix it. No idea why this happens, but randomize often while browsing.

-If you have a two-toned effect (upper and lower torsos different colors), save and load your game, this fixes it.


Feel free to use whatever you want in your own mods. I made this for my own enjoyment. Doesn't interfere with anything just gives more races to choose from.