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Corepc Vibrant DistantLOD + Texture Replacer Tired of that gray dull looking distant that ship\'s with the game, use this to change that. Goal: To make distantlod map\'s look much better with more detail and color. Nothing Special just something that I created over the past few months. I wanted a distantlod pack that was more colorful a

Permissions and credits
Vibrant DistantLOD and Vibrant Texture Enhancements Replacer

April 2 2010

Version 1.6.5
Credits to Bomret for His Detailed Normal Maps

New BAIN Friendly Archive for Cyrodiil and Shivering Isle Textures..No Omod Yet..

Grass Texture's Redone once more to reduce tiling at close up range, New Color Scheme has well. To blend better

Replaced Road Texture with Different Varaints you have to see it is game..

Updated Clutter Signs - Redid whole Vibrant Process on them all so they would be the same

You only thought Vibrant Was Complete found some things

Added these Vibrant Landscape Plant Textures Varations for

Crop's - Carrot, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Leek, WaterMelon etc
Flora's - Tigerliy, Thistle, Flax, NightShade, etc
Misc's - Butterfly's, treeroot's, fungus, etc..
Oblivion Realms Flora - Harrada,etc

Added the Vibrant Clutter Textures Varations for

Art Supplies - Canvas, Brushes, Easel, etc
Food Item - Cheese, Bread, Beef, etc
Ingriedients - Fishscales, Glow Dust, Ectoplasm etc..


1.60 Vibrant Textures and Vibrant Bomret Fixes

Includes Modified Bomret Detailed Normal Maps(Landscape Textures Only) - Changed Mip Map Filtering and Bump Mapped a Few of Grass Normal Maps to match Vibrant 1.5. Adjustments..Still some tilling at long distance..But overall effect is sharpness on textures have been reduced but blending has increased alot up close and mid way..

ReRand Mip Map filtering Process to reduce the tiling up close..

All Credit's to Bomret for his Detailed Normal Map Replacer

All Fixes Below Included in 1.6 Update

1.56 Addon Snow Replacer

- Requested Snow Replacer Texture

1.56 Fixes

- Adjusted Bump Mapping, Sharpen, Layer, Coloring Process once more for Landscape Textures
- Adjusted Sand Normal Maps to be in dxt5 format for shiny Sand
- Adjusted Mip Map Method so less flicker on textures when AF and AA is turned on
- Adjusted Road Texture back to Normal Variety has smallroadstone would cause blending problems in some areas

1.55 Fixes

- Bump Mapped Landscape, Dungeons, Sewers, Aylied Ruins, Caves, and More
- Parallax Mapping Enabled for Sewers, Staring Dungeon, Caves
- New Color Scheme for Many Regions
- Over 130mb of textures redone
- Better Tree BillBoards, Leaves
- Better Plants Textures


Nov 15 2009 - - Fixed Issue with Incorrect Alpha Channel Information that was causing pink puffy clouds and pink sewers exit with All Natural.

- All Vibrant Weather Both Cryodiil and SI Textures now have correct Alpha channel added back to them has well.
-Tweaked Sun to be More Elipsed
- Tweaked Sun Glare to be More Intensive

September 05, 2009 - 1.31 - Fixed One that was not in correct DXT5 / 512x512/ and added alpha info
September 02, 2009 - Vibrant Distant Normal 1.3

Enhancements for 1.3
  • Resized from 1024 to 512 to compenstate for the upgrade from dxt1 (no alpha channel) to dxt5.
  • DXT5 format Now so alpha channel infomation could be used
  • All brand new normals map regenerated with Photoshop and Paint.net Plugins Used to add Height Map Information in the Alpha Channel.
  • Doing these changes greatly enchaned the overall detail on lod itself. Roads can be seen better from a distance, ravines and valley will have darker shading, normal match better to lod meshes themselves. Seams between lod quads have been reduced slighty.


March 27, 2009 - 1.0 Oblivion Realms Textures
March 21, 2009 - 1.1 Weather Textures Uploaded


or Planet Elder Scrolls - New Added Easy Readme for once

Tired of that gray dull looking distant that ship's with the game, use this to change that. Want trees that are more green, grass that is more color ful, sky that blend well with other mods, etc..

Goal: To make distantlod map's and Landscape, Architecture file look much better with more detail and color. without a cost to increase in performance.

Nothing Special just something that I created over the past few months.. I wanted a distantlod pack and texture pack that was more colorful and had a little more detail. Without a cost to vram performance.. So, I used different filter options and ran all textures with a 10% hue and saturation added to them and a 2% sharpen effect. What started has just a distantlod has now turned into a almost full texture replacer for all vanilla textures now..Using even more advanced filter process in Photoshop CS3 now..

All Pics Unless noted with AWLS, RAEVWD, Bomret's Normal's Map Recommended, Diverse Grasses Recommended, various other mods (UOP,USIP,Enhanced Weather, MMM, Travellers,) taking on Radeon HD 3650 512ddr2 with HDR, Shader 3.0 with Anti-Aliaising max (12xEdge Detect), HQ Ansitropic 16x, Max Settings in Oblivion, no self shadows or grass shadows (broken)..


Mar 02 09 - Added Vibrant Weather SI textures

Feb 09 - Added Vibrant Weather Textures

Added Vibrant Clutter Items and More OMOD 1.0

Added OMOD Verision for Architecture Textures for Cyrodiil and Shivering Isle..

SI fixes 1.1 - Fixed incorrect install path in OMOD version, both 1024 & 2048 version has been fixed now, will install to correct location has needed..[/b]

Added Color Maps for Shivering Isle normal and 2048 version

Added Enhanced Detailed Normal Maps to replace the vanilla ones blockiness and smoothing them out

Added Custom Grain Filter

Added 2048 Version

Beta2 is recreated with cs editor, which increased detail greatly (roads /trails can now be seen).

Beta1 was based off the originial lod images themselves. Detail not has great has Beta 2 version is.

Changes from Beta 1 to Beta 2
  • Did not use orignials this time around, recreated all new lod files in each quad withi cs editor, The ones the game ships with does not have same amount of detail that those created with cs editor would have.
  • Used a new filter to enhance the color and this enhanced the blending of textures up close to those that are loaded far away ( better blending overall in most areas)
  • Handpainted all cities wall in Imperial City, Anvil, Skingrad, Leyawiin, Chorrol, Cheydinhal, Bravil, and Bruma,
  • Handpainted all roads and trails that needed so that they would appear better from distance
  • Handpainted the Two Long Bridges Also so they would appear better
  • Changed file size and texture format from 1024x1024 to 512x512 in size and should not even affect performance at any cost. (was DXT3 format) now dxt1. there is almost a 600kb memory usage between dxt3 and dxt1 with very little difference in the image quality versus having 600kb file versus 1.2 mb files.
  • Next for Beta 3 handpaint location greater detail where ruins and farmhouse and villages are at...

Beta 1 Pics Before


Some Pics After - you will notice that things are slight brighter and greenier with these pics


Beta 2 Pics



Mountain Pic no distant lod object loaded

Beta Grain Filter Pics - ATI X1250 (radeon 3650 died during this time - Have new 3650 now) , Bloom, 16xAF, Bomret Normal Maps, 800x600

Before Pics




After Pics

1 - on the right compare the smooth looking grain filter to the peppered effected above on first pic..

2 (oops this got screenshot in it) - Notice the beach on the left hand side compared to second pic above

3 - look at the hills close to IC and on the left..you can see the difference between noise filter and grain filter and on the left..

New Vibrant Distant Lod Normals

The Normal Maps themselves the purpose of these is to enhance detail even more and get rid of the blockiness and make things much more smoother looking than the default normal map for distant lod themselves.

They have very little impact on performance since they are only about 600k in size and 1024x1024 images..dxt1 and no mip map generation. But still have great quality themselves.

Now onto the Image's..You really need to test these in the game to tell the difference nor not..click on image to see full size version..

Vanilla LOD with Vanilla Normal - notice the hill on the left hand side see the blockiness in it and dark shadows where the cliff would be at..

Vanilla LOD with Vibrant Normal - now notice the hill see the blockiness is not there anymore and there are not any dark shadows. things look much smoother now.

VibrantDistant Lod and Vibrant Normal - With VibrantDistantLOD loaded you can see a big difference has now that area is more grayish has it should be and smooth looking. That area is actually a cliff that is grey in color once close to it.

But you really have to load it in the game to tell the difference..comes has omod..

New Shivering Isle Version (normal 1024 version pictured)




Vibrant Textures / VibrantTexturesSI

This is a landscape texture replacer that is meant to go along with VibrantDistantlod

But can be used standalone for a vanilla texture replacer for these textures,

landscape, plants, rocks (underwater, westweald) , trees (billboards, Branches, leaves), grasses,

Note: No Town Textures, Dungeons, Building textures are modified. Only natural objects. Or Oblivion textures modified use Architecture files posted below


Details about changes and improvments

These are modified vanilla textures, what I did was sharpen up the textures, and depth (slight bumpmap texture layered in) in some cases (road textures) and adjust the color on some of the others (trees).

Many things will be more sharper looking thus have better looking detail up close. Plants and Trees are much more bumpy looking.

Rocks will vary but will have more color to them in general

Grass will be sharpen looking and more colorful also.


I did not change the size I kept those the same has to save on fps and memory usage versus quality.

So this mean they use the same has vanilla textures would use which is varied around the size of the texture itself

I did not make or included any normal maps since this is already done with Bomret Detailed Normal Map.


Vibrant Textures - Architecture

Vibrant Textures Architecture Texture Pack OMOD 138 mb

This is a vanilla replacer for all Architecture Textures which include

Anvil, Bravil, Bruma, Castle, Cloudruler, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Dungeons, ImperialCity, Ruins, Caves, Catherdal, Skingrad,

and more.

All Selectable Option via OMOD..So has to choose what you need.

These are based off vanilla textures themselves and have not been resized. So they have same performance has vanilla. But do look better overall.

I did increase the detail by running all the textures through a sharpen filter like I did with landscape textures themselves.

what this did was in some cases git rid of blurriness that some textures had.

Also this increased amount of detail that all textured had. They are now more pronounced and look much sharper looking. Some things look more bumpy aka column, some doors look more worn, Cheydinhal roof are more purple looking, Cathedral are more vibrant looking etc..Pic does not do it justice..


Vibrant Textures Architecture SI

Before Vanilla Ruins

After Vibrant Ruins (lots to compare that are visible now versus vanilla)

Before Vanilla Bliss

After Vibrant Bliss (look at the tile's on the roof..)

Before Vanilla Crucible

After Vibrant Crucible (even more darker and stoney looking now)

These are once again vanilla textures, size is not increased, format is not changed, so performance is the same..

All SI Architecture textures have been ran through same filter process just like all other ones in this series that I have done. textures has been sharpend and color and been enchaned even more make them much more detailed, more bumpy looking in some cases, etc..

this is an omod and comes with install option to pick ruins, rootcaves, palace, bliss, Crucible, CityWalls..


Vibrant Textures Clutter and More Oblivion and SI

OMOD Only - Install Options choose what you want?

Nearly ALL of Clutter Items that can be found in Oblivion - Bars, FarmHouse, Lowerclass, Middleclass, UpperClass, etc..


Shivering Isle - Grummite Totem, MadnessRocks, Paintings, furniture, cemetary, orderedchest and armor molds

Their textures have been given Vibrant Treatment ( increased detail by using sharpen filter in most cases, bumpmapping where neccessary, adjusting contrast/hue, etc filter's ) just like the other in the Vibrant series of retextures for oblivion

I would post more details and pic..But these changes are hard to notice via screenshot and more notice able in game itself..


New Vibrant Weather Textures 1.1

- New Sun Textures
- Increased Detail, Increased Halo, Many Improvements for once Pics do this Justice to see what I mean..

In the Forest - 1440x900

Sun Flare


Sun OverHead

Sun 3rdPerson

This give all Vanilla Sky and Weather Textures - Vibrant Treatment - smart sharpen filter, despeckle, blur, and color tweaked for nearly all sky and weather textures in order to give them better quality, different feel, and bring up to par with weather textures from Enhanced Weather quality wise.

Filter process - Photoshop CS3

Smart Shapen was used to enhance detail,
despeckle and blur where then used to remove artifacts and blend them a little more
Color Filter where applied to many of textures to make them look more vibrant
Resaved them has dxt5format with alpha channel and mip map added..

Sun, Sun Ray, these textures I tried to make look less bright but still keep that sun look. So there still may be some tweaking that is needed to make these look better or not so bright for hdr users (bloom not tested)..Bright horizon'z aka

This will conflict with other weather textures replacers that alter vanilla sky, weather textures..improved weather textures for example.

Weather Mods: I have only tested this with enhanced weather. Note that some weather mods change weather settings in esp so these may look different, depending on how the mod affect's vanilla weather itself. else should give you better image quality in some cases..


Vibrant Weather SI textures are posted..

I ran textures through all filter much like I did with oblivion textures see above, changed colors on many of them so that they would have more detail, and end up looking better..

Sunset Sky - major tweak to colors has you can tell..you can see the cyan blue sky up high..instead of bright orange blur now..



Night Sky - These are same screenshots, believe, me I reloaded by save several time to make sure..Instead of just a few color (red, yellow, white) there are many nebula colors now..(blue, green, red, yellow, orange, etc)..



I advise you to also install VibrantWeather up above Also so that you get those also to match what is used in SI from Oblivion weathers..

Weather Mods: I have only tested this with enhanced weather. Note that some weather mods change weather settings in esp so these may look different, depending on how the mod affect's vanilla weather itself. else should give you better image quality in some cases..

Else I do not know of any direct weather texture replacers for Shivering Isle.


Vibrant Oblivion Realms

You will notice that most of the Realm Architecture is more bright looking and more older looking at same time. Because of Filtering that I used. Lava did not turn out the way I wanted to..That will need some more work..Interiors turned out quite well I think.

Did not Adjust Glow Map Textures, Normal Map, or WarGate Textures, etc..Make sure you have bomret detailed normal maps installed or something similar to get quality ..

But I am releasing has is, and will work on making the lava better at later time..Just under 25 mb so I can directly upload to pes and modify at later date also..

All Pics High Rez 1440x900 - ATI 3650

01 - The Gate -

01 - Tower

02 - The lava

03 - Claws

04 - Architecture

05 - The Tower Closer

06 - Interior

07 - Upstairs from 06

08 - Interior Rending Hall

09 - Interior Rending Hall 02

10 - Interior Rending Hall 03



Using Omod for all Install - Everything listed below is optionial you do not need to install everything on this list only what you want or need ..

Install Unofficial Patch 3.2.0
Install Unofficial Shivering Isle 1.4.0
Install Unofficial Mods Patch 1.5.0

  • Install Bomret Detailed Normal Maps - overwrite any from UOP if asked, has they are same, this is normal map replacer that increase detail of depth of image's and quaility, vibrant textures work's along side these to increase color detail, sharpness, depth also..
  • Suggested for New Grass Types Install Diverse Grasses Main now or later if you want dg grasses instead of mine see below - do not overwrite any from UOP, Bomret Detailed Normal Maps, if asked
  • Install for Grass Performance Increase Rpg Black Dragon LowTriPolyGrasses - Level 0 - SL - to maintain imaqe quaility on with variable length for both short and long grasses types..
  • which DG uses..
  • Optionial Install Rpg Black Dragon Trees 1.0 - This will replace the vanilla tree models with new ones that have a different look and shadows etc..Some low end users may notice a small impact..
  • Very nice addon.
  • Install Vibrant Textures - Overwrite any when asked
  • Install Vibrant Textures SI - Overwrite any if asked but if pure vanilla users then you will not be asked.
  • Install Vibrant Architecture - Remember this has a Omod Script to determine what you want to install..Assuming you use a full install then ,
  • Overwrite any from UOP, Bomret When Asked,
  • Install Vibrant Architecture SI - Omod Script Install..Choose your options. Overwrite any if asked. but pure vanilla then you will not be asked..
  • Install Vibrant Clutter - Omod Install..Choose your options..
  • Install Vibrant Clutter SI - Omod Install..Choose your options
  • Install Vibrant DistantLod - Choose either 1024 or 2048 Version for Distant Color Maps
  • Install Vibrant DistantLod Si - choose either 1024 or 2048 Version for Distant Color Maps
  • Install Vibrant Distant Normal 1.1 - this contains both oblivion and si lod normal maps..
  • Install Grain Filter
  • Install Vibrant Weather - Install Vanilla Weather Enhancements, only tested with Enhanced Weather no other weather mods..
  • Install AWLS - Animated Windows Lightning System - overwrite uop,bomrets,vibrant mine when asked..when you install both meshes (uop) and textures (uop,bomret,vibrant)
  • Optionial - Medium to High End Users..
  • Install RAEVWD - Highly Optimized Visible When Distant Mod

What a Install Sorry for the Long Process but remember everything is optionial after all..



Bomret Detailed Normal Maps this is recommended to use with this has I did not do the normal maps for landscape, architecture files, etc..

Unless you are using mods like Qarls Texture Pack (2,3,), Bomret Shivering Isle or Detailed Terriain (possible to use shader's maybe), Wiseman, Etc..

It is suggested to either not to use and use all mine and bomret or

mix and match by carefully installing either those above and choosing what you need from mine, or install mine first and then overwrite with those that you need from above. with cases like qtp it would overwrite everything..etc ..

Mikal Improved Flora, Trees same applies has above do not use or mix and match install this after mine and mikal will overwrite in most cases..

Diverse grasses - Since it adds new grass types via esp (always activate this) you can mix match has needed..Either load diverse grasses first and then overwrite with mine, all new types from dg will still remain and all other would be vibrant, or install dg after to have dg textures take back over..

Weather Textures - Any mods that replace vanilla weather and sky will conflict with mine,
many weather mods change weather settings in game, so these have not been tested fully. So they may work wonder's for some, and other's may have some issue with them. I have only tested these with Enhanced Weather only no other weather mod..


Pics are provided on tesnexus

Enjoy, Please report any bugs of weird looking textures I will try and fix has needed.

Download the OMOD Version for Texture Replacer, DistantLOD, SI, Grain Filter


Always looking for feeback on them if they need to be adjusted or if you can tell any difference or not. etc..