3rd person animations in 1st person view by Loup Sombre
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Added: 21/07/2008 - 08:51PM
Updated: 30/07/2008 - 08:37PM

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Last updated at 20:37, 30 Jul 2008 Uploaded at 20:51, 21 Jul 2008

3rd person animations in 1st person view - v1.0 21/07/08

by Loup Sombre

This mod replaces every 1st person animation by those used in 3rd person view. The weapon wielded is now out of the screen, attack animations are faster, player's hands are displayed when swimming and the camera has a light head bob according to the player's movements.

If you are experiencing missing polygons when objects or walls are too close to the camera , you can force the game to render these objects by modifying this line in the Oblivion.ini (at this directory: My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\):

Under [Display], set the "fNearDistance=" to 3.0 instead of 10.0 (by default). You can set it lower but some words will disappear in the main menu (not a very important drawback), 3.0 works fine for me.


Correction of the height of the camera in the file skeleton.nif and of the bug when sitting.

Credits :

The skeleton and the animations in this archive are modifications of Bethesda Softworks' files.
Nifskope has been used to modify the files.


If you want to use custom animations, do not change idle.kf as it is a modified version of the original file made to work with the skeleton. Other animations are 3rd person ones from vanilla Oblivion, you may change them but I do not guarantee that custom animations will work without bugs.

Every comment/suggestion/criticism is welcome, have fun !

Loup Sombre