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Name: Beta Predator/Yautja Playable Race and CM Partners
Version: 6.0
Date: 3/8/2011
Category: Playable Race and 3 Companions
Forum page: Bethsoft
My Homepage: Divine Avenger's TES:IV Oblivion Videos and Screenshot Stories


For better video quality download the latest videos here:
Latest Predator Video

Source: Video #4

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Source: Video #1

1st off thanks to Swidhelm for all of the amazing meshes and textures from his awesome Predator works. We just can't thank you enough :)
Renderosity Swidhelm's Profile

Thanks to the original Predator meshes and textures that came from the author Olivier Couston (Dr.Jones) SciFi3d.com

Special thanks to Aridale for getting this Predator Gear in game!

Thanks to drusvak we now have Swidhelm's new feet meshes and head ingame!

Another awesome co-author is BlackDragon66 with his many brilliant textures he made this mod amazing. Most of the texture work, testing, ideas, and now this mod is what it is today :)

Thanks to Yurec_o for becoming our new Pred Team scripter. I can't even comprehend all the cool stuff you have done for our mod.

tobi999 our resident Predator lore man :) and even the maker of the shuriken star weapon mesh - thanks for all the ideas and enthusiasm and work for this mod :)

Thanks to the theoutcrowd and Guidobot for the script that is used for the Shuriken, one of the most amazing weapons in the game IMO!

Special thanks to CuChullain for redoing the wrist bracer meshes for us so they are slimmer and more awesome looking....also for converting the female pred suit and Hybrid armor to Robert's female body to go with BlackDragon66 female yautja and female hybrid textures.

Kewin is a serious hero and original co-author with his ideas and scripting wonders this mod would be much less without his work :) Well he has done a whole lot more than what I listed.


!!!Back up any texture folders that this mod may replace/overwrite we can't be held responsible for textures or any other game problems that could occur by installing this mod. Use at your own risk but we will help in trying to fix problems if and when you decide to uninstall this mod!!!

*****************This mod will work with any female body Replacer installed************************

This is a fully functional playable race. As of 11/22/2008 Feet and head are added from the very start of the game. Head has no animations at this time and you cannot change eye or hair color.

Yayinde, Dahdtoudi and Khajaa CM Partners are also available in this mod. These companions are completely based off of the awesome CM Partners Mod from Cutthroat Mods by Blackie
CM Partners Basic Mod


CM Partners Mod Basic - Download and install the latest files here: (and yes version 1.9 is compatible)
CM Partners Basic Mod
(The only files needed to run the mod are the CM Partners.esp and the CM Partners.esm and of course the .esp from this mod)

Oblivion Script Extender - Obse version 0015a or above
Oblivion Script Extender

Oblivion Mod Manager / OBMM
Oblivion Mod Manager

Robert's Male Body Replacer V4 version 3 and 5 might work as well.
Robert's Male Body Replacer ver.4

Latest oblivion patch 1.2
Latest oblivion patch 1.2

****Female Yautja are not playable at this time so no requirements for female body. Female companions use meshes and textures included so no other mod is needed and this will not conflict with any other female body replacer that you have installed.

Highly Recommended mods

Robert Male Muscular Stock Oblivion Clothing and Armor

Robert Male Muscular SI Clothing and Armor


This mod is an OBSE mod! You have to have it installed for the new features to work!

Go easy on this mod as it is a playable beta but please let us know if there are any problems. There is no playable female support yet and there may never be. Just not sure yet.

When you 1st start a new game select the Yautja race to begin with. The head and feet will automatically be added.

With new updates to this mod that add new scripts or functions you will need to start a new game until we find a solution for an easier update. So previous save games will not work properly as far as we know. But for now you can try this in the console but it has not been thoroughly tested yet Startquest PredReset

Companion Bio-masks have waterbreathing enchantments so they will not drown as well as the players Bio-masks.

Yayinde and Khajaa are a Yautja race and are both experienced Warrior class characters. They were last seen in the Arena Bloodworks looking to challenge only the best on this planet and from what they understand the Arena is the place for that.

Dahdtoudi is a female hybrid companion you can find her wandering around the Fighters Guild in Chorrol. Think of her as some sort of kick arse Easter Egg. She will always wear her armor but you can change her weapons and remove her Bio-mask - *Right now her race is not playable*

**Special note Yayinde and Khajaa will always wear their Predator gear and helmet they will not wear anything else - this will be updated soon. They will change weapons though and have hit and power attack sounds working.**

***To find the weapons go underneath the dock at the exit from the Imperial sewers.*** You will also find the armor.

****Predator shoulder canon now works. To use it equip the "Armor" cannon (not the canon under weapons) in fact it is a very good idea to hot-key the armor canon to one of your keyboard number keys for easier use and less confusion. Do not access the canon in weapons and please ignore that it is even there. Once equipped you still need to enable it with the left mouse button. Only works in 1st person and the 1st person animations omod should be used to make your experience much more realistic. Canon now relies on mana and each shot will consume 25% of your total mana. 4 quick canon shots and you have to wait for your mana to regen before firing again.
********WARNING - Do not drop "weapon" canon on the ground.******************

Race Info

Yautja male

Str 60
Int 50
Wil 30
Agi 50
Spd 50
End 60
Luc 50
Per 20

Skill Bonus

Athletics 10
Sneak 10
Acrobatics 50

2 Classes - Hunter and Warrior

Yautja "Hunter"

Primary Attributes:


Major Skills:
Light Armor
Hand to Hand

Yautja "Warrior"

Primary Attributes:


Major Skills:
Heavy Armor
Hand to Hand

***Big thanks to Yurec_o and Blackdragon66 for the work in the customizations of the race skills, birthsigns, and classes - texture work = awesome


1. To activate the cloaking device use keyboard letter "B" ****WARNING**** Do not enable cloak while on horseback or when mounting horse. The cloak has a slow drain on mana to better balance this race.

2. To enable nightvision click on the button "N" click button "N" a second time to disable it. Yes your Bio-mask has to be on.

3. To use the Predators special vision shader modes press letter "V" hit again and again to scroll through the various night eye shaders. Hit button "N" and you will return to normal vision again. To use the zoom in function you need to hit the "Z" button again and again to pick what zoom level you want. Button "X" is now used to reverse zoom to help you get back to default FOV - also using mouse wheel down/back will get you back to default FOV just make sure to mouse wheel forward/up again. To disable night vision hit button "N". Keep in mind the faster you hit any of these buttons the greater the chance that you might have a sound effect not work as your keystrokes should match the time length of the given sound file.

4. To use the medi-kit it is now in your inventory (I suggest hot-keying that as well), you can fully heal yourself when not in combat once every hour with some side effects.

5. To add the trophy skulls on spears "totem" to your back armor just go out and decapitate any vanilla npc, including races from Shivering Isles. Once 4 decapitation skull/spines have been automatically added to your inventory then you can use the trophy "spell" to activate this armor add on. To add it just equip it in your armor inventory - to remove it just deselect the totem in your armor inventory. You can re-equip it whenever you like.

A: Get at least four skull/spines from decapitating npcs.
B: Equip Make trophy spell from your spell inventory and cast it.
C: Go to your armor inventory and equip your Skull Totem.

6. For the Predator wrist blades to extend just equip the bracers and go into hand to hand mode.

7. You now have a Decapitation Spell added so when you kill an NPC you can keep their skull and spine as a trophy. Just use the spell on a dead body and and check your inventory. Then to see it just drop it from your inventory. You can start a nice collection ;) It can also be used as a very weak blunt weapon.

1. Kill an Orc get an Orc Skull and spine which can be used as a weapon.
2. Kill a Dremora get a Dremora Skull and spine - sorry only one type of horn set for all Dremora.
3. Kill any other race (including SI races) you will get a human type skull and spine.
4. Working on adding Argonian and Khajiit skulls so for now you get a human looking type of skull and spine - will probably be in the next update.

***Using the Predator Shoulder Canon***

The Shoulder Canon is meant to be used in a 1st person view mode. I suggest hot-keying the armor canon to one of your hot-key slots. Please ignore the canon in your weapon inventory as you should never select it or drop it to the ground. With your Bio-mask on and you select night vision mode the canon now is a tracking/homing device. Even if your crosshair is not on the intended victim the plasma ball will connect if the NPC stays in a stationary position. If any of your targets are moving the homing ability stops working even though the target reticle remains. This maybe fixed later but it does help to balance a little. If you do not wish to use the homing reticle either remove your Bio-mask or just do not turn on your night shader vision. When in sneak mode and night vision mode off or Bio-mask off the canon becomes completely inaccurate so keep this in mind.

***USING THE Shuriken***

The Shuriken is a thrown weapon that flies back to the player after it hits something or it goes too far. It can also be used like a blade. The Companions are unable to throw it at this time.

**To throw the Shuriken:

1. Sheath your currently equipped weapon.
2. Equip the Shuriken.
3. Aim at an enemy.
4. Unsheathe the Shuriken.
5. To throw the Shuriken again you must re-sheath the weapon and unsheathe it again, which will launch the weapon automatically again.

**The Shuriken will always fly back to you but sometimes this takes time if you throw it really far or run away after throwing it. Listen for it. When it is close enough to you, it will automatically re-equip itself on you (unless you are attacking, in which case it will just go straight into your inventory).

**To use the Shuriken as a blade:

1. Make sure you have your current weapon unsheathed.
2. Equip the Shuriken.
1. When the Shuriken returns after a throw, it will automatically equip on you and you will be able to use it like a blade.

**Shuriken bugs:

1. If you are in the water, the Shuriken will get confused when returning. It will hover above the water until you get out and catch it.
2. You may or may not lose the Shuriken when it is thrown in an interior and then you go outside.
3. You may experience problems when using this mod with Guidobot's throwing stars mod.


*** Please delete your default shader folder before installing the Predator Vision 1.0.omod then your nightvision shaders will appear correctly in game.***
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\shaders

1. Extract the files to a temporary location (your PC's desktop for example).

2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.

3. Copy folders Meshes, Textures, Sound, and the DAPredator.esp to "Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data"

4. Start the Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a check mark beside DAPredator.esp, CM Partners.esm, and CM Partners.esp and any other CM Partner esps that you want to add to your game.

5. Remember Blackie's CM Partners mod basic is needed for this mod to function. Blackie has supplied excellent documentation that explains most of the options for this companion mod so please take the time and read it.

6. Install Predator Crosshair and Person Animations OMODs to C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\obmm\mods
Then double click and make sure it is active in Oblivion mod manager. If you do not like this omod then just disable it in Oblivion mod manager.

7. Install Predator Vision 1.0.omod to C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\obmm\mods
Then double click and make sure it is active in Oblivion mod manager.

8. Install Predator 1st Person Animations 1.0.omod to C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\obmm\mods
Then double click and make sure it is active in Oblivion mod manager.

Possible Bugs or issues

1. Once leaving the last sewer exit for the 1st time of a new game (exiting dungeon tutorial) you may experience a CTD (crash to the desktop). It maybe possible to exit with a hood or helmet on but most likely the best fix is to lower your graphic settings until you get out of the Vilverin area. Remember that this mod has very high poly models and a lot of times with older computers you need to lower some settings in order to make the mod more stable and more stutter free.

2. There is a small bug (this may not be fixable and it really isn't a big deal) with the Shoulder Canon when returning to the game from past saves. If the canon was equipped on your last save the canon stops firing so the quick and easy fix is to just un-equip and then re-equip the canon again or every time you make a new save just un-equip the canon right before performing the save.

3. When in stealth mode and you come upon an NPC that is eating at a table the Canon seems to have no damaging effect on them. Just show yourself and they should leave the seated position and you can then dispatch them.

4. Delete your default shader folder before installing the Predator Vision 1.0.omod then your nightvision shaders will appear correctly in game.
C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\shaders


3/08/2011 - New AVP style Ceremonial Dagger both mesh and texture.

2/20/2011 - New Shuriken replacer both mesh and texture.

11/22/2008 - ver. 6.0 Complete overhaul of scripts thanks to Yurec_o, armor Canon auto equips weapon canon seamlessly with new cool sound effects, when night vision is turned on and canon is equipped there is now a targeting homing canon which fires a blue plasma ball, new targeting reticle similar to the movies as well. Combi-stick can now be used with companions. Feet and head permanently attached from the very start of the game. Fully redone race stats all the way down to Class and Birth signs with new images added. Cloak can only be enabled as long as you have available mana, very slow drain on your mana when cloak is enabled. Canon can be fired quickly up to 4 times as mana drains 25% with each shot - after the 4th shot is fired you must wait for mana regen to fire canon again. Medikit is redone and is no longer triggered by the H button but instead activated from your medikit in your inventory - 100% hp recover, can be used once per hour.

11/10/2008 - ver. 5.0 New head added, new feet added, new celtic mask, new combi-stick weapon added. New skullspike mesh for trophy kills.

10/18/2008 - ver. 4.2 Pred cannon now works as weapon. 1st Person Animations omod added for cannon. Changed Scar companion name and gave him different armor textures. Changed female armor meshes to use Robert's female thanks to CuChullain to take advantage of new female body textures. Bracer meshes changed out with slimmer meshes by CuChullain. Added female hybrid companion. Celtic armor icons fixed. Mask visor mesh fixed. Meshes and textures folders cleaned up to remove unused textures and meshes. New skullspike mesh for trophy kills. Added new feet mesh to male companion.

10/12/2008 - ver 4.1 Decapitation Spell added so when you kill an NPC you can keep their skull and spine as a trophy. Fixed Scar from not being able to cloak. Added 7 new Predator weapons to the game. Removed the addition of added weapons to the starter dungeon. There is now a chest under the dock where you exit the sewer tunnel that has all the weapons. New icons added and updated. New textures for decapitation skulls by BlackDragon66

10/09/2008 - ver 4.0 Removed Morrowind Mod Predator Head due to possible copywrite issues. Added new spell for decapitations by Kewin. There is currently not a Predator head nor female support for now but we are working on it. Also added menu icons and an OMOD for a new Predator crosshair. BLackdragon66 added new racial specials.

10/03/2008 - ver 3.1 small update - added fixed smaller bio-mask and head meshes thank you Kewin!, fixed Celtic texture shoulder armor paths and added new chest mesh nif that Kewin found, removed chest plate from Scar and updated Scars Biomask textures.

9/20/2008 ver. 3.0 - new update - power keys have been changed

9/08/2008 added BlackDragon66's Shuriken re-textures - thanks BD!

9/07/2008 ver. 2.0 a lot of additions posted above

8/10/2008 "bug fix" Shuriken folder paths should now be fixed

8/06/2008 update - Added new weapons and a save game to make the race playable but only as a male. Always keep the helmet on until a proper head mesh is made :P Also there is a chest in the testing hall full of gear. The console command is coc testinghall

7/28/2008 update - Predator sounds are now working - it is fixed

7/26/2008 update - added a female predator and race, updated both body textures and added weapons and a shield.

1.0, 7/18/2008


You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as Divine Avenger
You can send me an email here: Divine Avenger's Website
You can send me an email here: trooper1 AT fastmail DOT fm
You can find me on Tesnexus as Divine Avenger


Thanks to Swidhelm for all the amazing meshes and textures from his awesome Predator works. We just can't thank you enough :)

Thanks to Cutthroat Mods - Blackie!!! I would not have been able to make my own companion from scratch. So many many thanks to Blackie for providing this mod to share.

The original Predator files came from the author Olivier Couston (Dr.Jones)
Aridale made them work for Roberts Male Body Replacer. All the meshes and textures (except for the mask texture) came from the original DL listed above.

Thanks to Aridale's "ANB Predator mod" as this mod was made possible for his fine work getting the Predator Gear in game.

Thanks to the theoutcrowd for granting me permissions to use the script and sounds from his Xena Warrior Princess for Oblivion mod - "the Chakram" - I used for the Predators Azura Star Shuriken. Also huge thanks to Guidobot for his throwing stars mod. As theoutcrowd borrowed and modified A LOT of code from his mod to make the chakram throwing possible.

Thanks to "BeanspanX" aka "Blackbear" aka "PhyntosWasp" and team for permissions to use the files from the Morrowind Predator mod. I really can't thank you enough as we are able to port your wonderful over to Oblivion :)

Thanks to BlackDragon66 for a lot of the amazing texture work and testing. New Hybrid race,female head, eye and body textures, predator body and head textures for male and female. The Celtic textures, the new scar helm and armor textures, weapons, male companion armor, other textures.......etc. Love his work.

Spasibo to drusvak for all his help to get all of these new meshes ingame and rigged. You are an amazing guy and this Pred Team is lucky to have you. Thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks to Yurec_o for becoming our new Pred Team scripter. Nice work on the combi-stick, auto equip shinguard, and to the future for the new canon and Shuriken scripts that you have been working on.

Thanks to Scanti for the brilliant Night Eye Shader Switcher mod.

Thanks to xilverbulet for the use of his awesome Midas Magic Spells of Aurum mod.

Thanks to Metrick for some cool scripts from his Metricks leveled SciFi with MidasSpells mod.

Thanks to LucyBlue Heat Vision shader for Night Eye mod.

Thanks to Divine Avenger for the latest Shuriken model and texture as well as the new AVP style Ceremonial Dagger.

Thanks to Blademan for his Blademans New Birthsigns mod.

Thanks to tobi999 for being a cheer leader of sorts for this predator mod and also supplying great mesh alterations and texture work, links to sound files, all kinds of media. Right now his cool Shuriken is in this mod :)

Thanks to Felic for doing all of this mods icons for weapons. They look so great. Thanks for all the work on the Predator Pyramid as well.

Thanks to Kewin for tons of scripting, ideas, race alterations, mesh alterations.

Honorable mention goes out to MR.Dave for the 1st rigging of the MW Predator head. Thanks for your time.

Thanks to CuChullain for redoing bracer meshes so they look slimmer and awesome. Also for converting female armor meshes to Robert's female body.....Kudos my friend BD66

Thanks to jDayT for creating the feet originally for the Argonian race they are wonderful and I love your "stuff"! I also grabbed an amulet from another one of his mods for the female predator.

Thanks to Drake the Dragon and his Argonian Beautification mod that helped me greatly in matching the feet textures for this mod. Awesome work both on jDayT's feet meshes and supporting all the major body replacers with awesome texture work. Also the work he has done with the meshes of the Arena gear and Sandals as now both the male and female have cool footwear. This would not have worked without ya Drake :)

Thanks to Keter Sephiroth for invisible nif used for Pred Cannon weapon

Thanks to McMuffin for the chest armor nif from the Daedric Lord Armor mod :)

Thanks to smoothy for the neck nif and the textures that go with it.

Thanks to Hel Borne for the Orc Skull resource.

Thanks to JazzJR for the awesome Skeleton Retexture mod

Thanks to Antenni for his "The Temple of Nirn" we used his scythe skull nif.

Thanks to Robert and his Male Body Replacer V4 and Female body replacer

Thanks to Alienslof for the upper arm and upper thigh armor from her Giger Gear mod and the fingernail meshes and black textures as well.


Thanks to Se7enraven for his mod Yautja_Naginata weapon.

Thanks to BlackDragon66 for the awesome re-textures of the Naginata weapon :)

Thanks to kynetarse for the Custom Race Fix mod.

Thanks to pale_rider for the chest armor and the skeleton head for the belt buckle and the textures from his Armor of Dragons Nightmare for both male and female predator.

Thanks to Najaknevrec/Aknevrec for the skulls on the spear mesh from his Mage Equipment mod.

Thanks to Najaknevrec/Aknevrec for the skull necklace part of his ShamanRobe mesh that was combined with skull spikes to make the Skull Totem.

Thanks to Kyim for altering the first body textures for both male and female predator used in initial release and another thanks for any other retextures you may do in the future ;)

Thanks to Greaver117 as I stripped some parts from your War Goddess mod for Exnems Body for the female predator. So thanks goes out as well to the original modders of the content.
Exnem Warrior thanks Exnem and others from Greaver117's readme.

Thanks to Bruce Vayne for looking into the Predator voice files and for finding my simple mistake.

Thanks to Ren for the hair mesh we used for Hybrid race

Thanks to tobi999 for the initial mask texture for Scars Mask with lettering.

Thanks to the Nifscope team.

THanks to the OBSE team.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

Thanks to Darkone of Tesnexus.com and Planet Elder Scrolls hosting this file.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop
Nvidia DDS tool
Oblivion Mod Manager
Readme Generator
TES Construction Set


Do not upload this mod to any other modding website, period! It is still in beta and I will be updating frequently so I don't want this mod on other websites as I will not update any other place other than TesNexus. This is not a modder's resource so you can't reuse any of the contents to be used in any other mod unless you contact me.

We are not responsible if by installing this mod it somehow messes up your game. We will assist with any questions about your problems. Install at your own risk.

If I do not respond within 3 weeks from an e-mail or PM for questions concerning using resources from this mod I "can't" actually grant anyone permissions for re-use --- especially without contacting the Core Pred Team, out of consideration please contact individual authors for permission to use their content. Again do not upload mod to any other mod hosting sites.

Please keep in mind that anything that is sent to me for use in this mod becomes the property of the Predator mod. Personality conflicts with any Pred Team Members does not constitute or justify a removal of any works given. Items that have been added with 1st time consent will not be removed later. Any files given to me made for the Predator mod can and will be used/altered and cannot be rescinded later as permissions were already given.