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Adds travelling NPCs to the roads.

Permissions and credits

Here is an OMOD Version provided by Zhelkus.

Version 1.3:
Minor immersion improvements
-Smugglers and grave diggers are called suppliers: that’s what they are officially.
-Evil mages rangers and leaders are simply called bandits.
-Murderer are “travelers” (officially)
-Smugglers and vampires do not travel after 5 a.m.

Version 1.2:
-Added a “less crowded” version.
-NPCs carry fewer riches.
-Suppliers carry fewer goods.
-You will meet fewer assassins.

Version 1.1: [Possible SPOILERS]
-Added Bandit Bosses who offer a tougher challenge and yield better objects.
-Bandits and Assassins have less valuable equipment.
-Bandits will attack anyone on sight.
-Grave Diggers will attack player only if he is in the Mage Guild. There won’t be any Grave Digger after you defeat the King of Worms.
- Mysterious People are now Travelers, be careful when you attack rich travelers, vampire mages are very powerful.
-Dremora Scouts will patrol the roads after you find Martin. They just seek to prepare the invasion and should flee quickly should anyone attack them. They will disappear after you finish the main quests.
-Dremora Invaders appear later in the main quest. They will try to kill as many people as possible. They will disappear after you finish the main quests.

This is the extended version of Crowded Roads Revamped by MaXiMiUS and BkWyrm13.
It began as a no requirement version of SNR Crowded Roads but is now quite different.
Here is the list of NPCs:
-Travelers: commoners or richer citizens they carry various sums of money.
-Imperial Patrols: there are more soldiers on the roads than before.
-Merchant Suppliers: they carry various kinds of goods (scroll, staffs and soulgems, ingredients, books or gems).
-Bandits: rangers, mages and warriors, they will attack you and the heroes on sight. They carry many stolen jewels and god. They should prove difficult to beat, so try and fine a hero or avoid them if you are not of high level.
-Heroes: renowned adventurers, they will attack bandits on sight and should prove a very tough challenge should you attack them for their powerful equipment.
-Common adventurers: they have random equipment and behavior.
-Grave Diggers: they supply the Necromancers. They are not part of the guild and not hostile.
-Mysterious People: seemingly rich travelers they are powerful vampires in disguise. They are well fed and won’t attack you unless you strike first.
-Smugglers: they carry stolen goods of great value for the Thieves Guild (they ARE in the guild).
-Assassins: they are murderers of the Dark Brotherhood on mission for our father Sithis.

The travelers, soldiers and suppliers will not travel by night, the grave diggers, smugglers and mysterious people will only travel by night.
Heroes and bandits will travel by day and night.
Every NPC has a chance of riding a horse and/or of running.

Just unpack the .esp file in your oblivion/data directory!