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A modder\'s resource which allows addition of working eyelashes to most humanoid races in Oblivion.

Permissions and credits
Name: Working Eyelashes
Version: 6.4
Date: 6/3/2008
Category: Modders Resource
Author(s): Throttlekitty,Jclyde6108
Source: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=17323

Adds meshes and textures allowing addition of working eyelashes to most character races. Most known head meshes supported.

An Optional ESP by Haloman21 has been added that adds eyelashes to all the vanilla races.

Adds planar retexturable eyelash meshes for most known head meshes in Oblivion.

You only need the 6.4 File.
The Catalog and Tutorial are optional.

No need to download any prior versions.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
4. See the optional catalog for a visual guide to the eyelash textures available.
5. See the optional tutorial for procedures on modifying an existing race to add the lashes.
6. In the event of trouble, see the section on issues/bugs for answers to the most
commonly encountered problems.
7. If using the optional ESP by Haloman21, check the ESP.
8. Play and Enjoy!

1. Unchecking ESP files is not required unless you installed Haloman's optional esp.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


3. And the files from scanti's resources:


4. Revert any esp's which were modified to utilize the lashes back to a prior form.

1. Uninstall of a pre-6.4 version is not required.
2. Install the new mod and update any race modifications as desired.
3. Start oblivion and play. There is no effect on saved games and this mod cannot corrupt any saves.

None Known

Known Issues or Bugs
1. It is recommended to use the Large Textures option in your video settings.
Lashes may not appear correctly if medium or small textures are used.

2. The Orc head morphs are significantly different. The lashes fit but do not morph or animate.
This is unlikely to be fixed anytime soon.

3. Since the eyelash meshes use alpha, problems will be encountered with eyelashes disappearing
under alpha-enabled hairs unless a DXT1 1-bit alpha texture format is used. This is a limitation
of the game engine and cannot be fixed.

4. Regardless of which Head/Eyelash combination is used, there may be a small gap between the
lashes and face. We currently don't have a fix for this, most of the conditions for this are
in specific face morphs, the assymetrical ones in particular. Or sometimes when an actors' eyes
move around. Right now, the only workaround for this issue is to alter the face of the character
until a better match is made. -Sorry!

5. Although all male and female head meshes are supported, the head is not gender specific in the CS, so
if male and female lashes for different heads are to be used,a separate custom race must be created.

6. Asianmlash now morphs correctly and has been fixed.

7. There have been reports of lashes appearing blocky or distorted when using the merged teeth to free a slot. Try
using the merged mouth and putting the lashes in the tongue slot instead. The problem appears to be mipmaps in the merged teeth texture.

7. Some lash meshes that are not needed may be removed from a future release...cutelash should use ren1lash instead, and colflash/colmlash should use tkflash/tkmlash. These have been left to avoid causing undue maintenance.

8. if eyelashes do not appear as expected, especially if using Halonman21's esp, check the following:
a) scanti's resources are required and have been added as of this update.
b) make sure you put the esp last if other esps modify the race.
c) make sure you assigned the texture correctly.
d) make sure you update your bashed patch if using one.

5.0 Initial closed beta
5.1 added heads, fixed morphs, added textures
5.2 updated all egm and tri files
6.0 initial public beta, all heads added
6.1 added Asian race meshes, numerous textures
6.2 added kalikut texture, modified Westly normal maps
6.3 Add ESP by haloman21
6.4 add catalog, tutorial, update asianmlash, modify readme, add scanti resources built in

You can contact us at the Beth Officials as throttlekitty and jclyde6108.
We can also be reached at the CanadianIce & HownDog forums and the TES Eye Candy Forums under
the same names.
The WIP forum threads are here:





Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to TESNexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to Scanti for the tools and files that made it possible,and his merged resources.
Thanks to JazzJR for the original whiskers modified by Scanti.
Thanks to Luchaire, Revenant, Kalikut, Kalia, Floydian, Spirited Treasure, Chingari, Ismelda,
nytekat, DFSL, Capucine, Slof, Nanook, and Jennifer for testing.
Thanks to Revenant, Kalikut, and Jennifer amongst others for cosmetic advice and assistance.
Thanks to Kalikut and Luchaire for the marvelous textures.
Thanks to Nanook and Jennifer for volunteering to texture as well.
Thanks to Robert for advance copies of his head meshes and advice along the way.
Thanks to Thanks to God for creating us all.
Thanks to Westly for his ton of textures.
Thanks to Jennifer for her textures.
Thanks to haloman21 for the vanilla races ESP.

Tools Used
3D Studio Max - http://www.autodesk.com/3dsmax
Blender - http://www.blender.org
GIMP - http://www.gimp.org/
NIFSkope - http://www.niftools.org/
Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/
TES Construction Set - http://www.elderscrolls.com/downloads/updates_utilities.htm
The Conformulator - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=9360
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp
http://www.oblation.eu/downloads/whiskers.7zJazzJR and Scanti modKhajit Whiskers Mod
http://www.oblation.eu/downloads/MergedTeeth.7z Scanti mod
http://www.oblation.eu/downloads/MergedMouth.7z Scanti mod
http://www.oblation.eu/downloads/MergedFangs.7z Scanti mod
http://www.oblation.eu/downloads/VampMorphs.7z Scanti mod
http://www.oblation.eu/downloads/VampTeeth.7z Scanti mod

This is a modder's resource. If you use any of the content from this mod in your mod, please
credit jclyde6108 and throttlekitty for the meshes and the authors listed above for any texture
you use. All included meshes, egm files and tri files were original or derived from Bethesda meshes.

The following mods are produced by Scanti and included in this mod. Please consult his original readmes in the extras folder:

Scanti's ESPs included with his resources have been placed in the Extras folder as well to avoid clutter.

Please do not upload this mod in its entirety at any site without checking with jclyde6108 or
throttlekitty first, so that we may continue to support this mod without outdated versions running amok.

If we do not respond to a PM at CI&HD or BethSoft within one month, feel free to
do as you wish.


If your head is not supported, and you're a DIY type, import your head with the transform in the nif removed.
Import the bethlash.nif file. Rename the mesh and object something appropriate for your head.
Adjust the fit of the lashes to the eye rim vertices on the head. Distort the remainder of the mesh as little as possible.
Do not skin or rig the lash mesh. If your head mesh does not have the same number of vertices around the eye rim,
or if you subdivide the ash mesh or alter the vertex order in any way, your eyelashes will probably fit but not animate
or morph in game. Also do not edit the uv of the lash planes unless you plan to make a custom texture.

Export the lash nif when you are done, using the standard Oblivion settings. Make sure Export Skin Partition,
Flatten Skin, and Stripify is OFF if you are using Blender.
Open your new nif. Open a new window. Also load bethlash.nif. Copy and paste the stringextradata branch from bethlash to

your nif. Close the new window.
Set the material setting specular value to white, add alpha to the trishape and set flags to 4845 and
value to 0, and point to one of the available textures (see above). Save the nif, install it in meshes\characters\jc.
In meshes\characters\jc, carefully copy bethlash.egm and rename it to have the same name as your nif but with the egm

extension. Do the same with bethlash.tri, give the copy the same name as your nif.

Note: If you want the lashes for your unsupported race added to a future version of this mod/resource,
send your nif file to jclyde6108 or throttlekitty along with any textures you want added, and your head mesh.


If you are modifying a race that does not use a supported head mesh, complete the previous section first.

If you're using an existing race or a modded one, the process is the same: Open your race's .esp in the Construction Set,

and go to the Character>Race menu, and click on the 'Face Data' tab.

There are two slots for teeth, Lower and Upper, the leftside box is for selecting the .nif (model), and the rightside box is

for selecting the .dds (texture). Click the Upper teeth slot, and select Scanti's merged teeth nif and dds. Now, click the

Lower teeth slot, and pick the appropriate Eyelash nif file for the head you are using. Use the list below to make your

selection. Please note that matching the wrong eyelash to your races head will cause obvious gaps between the face and

eyelashes. Now select a texture to use, they all work the same for any of the meshes, but provide different options for

you. It's a matter of taste!

Please note that you may find these files from Scanti most helpful:

After everything has been set up, now go to the 'FaceGen Data' tab, and preview your result. You can press 'A' on the

keyboard to preview all the blinks as well. Be careful not to alter the shape of the face here, as that will affect how

your character looks.-Click OK to finalize your edits, save the .esp an enjoy!

meshes\characters\jc\bethlash.nifbethesda stock headhuman
meshes\characters\jc\ren1lash.nifRen's head 1
meshes\characters\jc\ren2lash.nifRen's head 2
meshes\characters\jc\colflash.nifKalikut's Chimer of Light female head...use tkflash instead!
meshes\characters\jc\colmlash.nifKalikut's Chimer of Light male head...use tkmlash instead!
meshes\characters\jc\tkflash.nifthrottlekitty's hotheads female
meshes\characters\jc\tkmlash.nifthrottlekitty's hotheads male (either one)
meshes\characters\jc\xivlash.nifSlof's modified Xivilai head
meshes\characters\jc\cutelash.nifCute Elves head...use ren2lash instead!
meshes\characters\jc\corf1lash.nifCorean mod female head 1
meshes\characters\jc\corf2lash.nifCorean mod female head 2
meshes\characters\jc\corf3lash.nifCorean mod female head 3
meshes\characters\jc\corf4lash.nifCorean mod female head 4
meshes\characters\jc\corm1lash.nifCorean mod male head 1
meshes\characters\jc\corm2lash.nifCorean mod male head 2
meshes\characters\jc\corm3lash.nifCorean mod male head 3
meshes\characters\jc\r41lash.nifRobert's male v4.1 head
meshes\characters\jc\r42lash.nifRobert's male v4.2 head
meshes\characters\jc\r43lash.nifRobert's male v4.3 head
meshes\characters\jc\r51lash.nifRobert's male v5.1 head
meshes\characters\jc\r52lash.nifRobert's male v5.2 head
meshes\characters\jc\rflash.nifRobert's human head
meshes\characters\jc\rflasha.nifRobert's human head adjusted (v1.2 female)
meshes\characters\jc\orclash.nifbethesda stock headorc, Roberts headorc
meshes\characters\jc\askhajitlash.nifSlof's clouded leopard head, also used by Nirn Felidae
meshes\characters\jc\bethkhajitlash.nifBethesda stock khajit head
meshes\characters\jc\asianlash.nifHan or Budoka Asian race head, female
meshes\characters\jc\asianmlash.nifHan or Budoka Asian race head, male...currently broken, being reworked.

Available textures are grouped by author below. Please consult each section for specific permission guidance.
If nothing is mentioned in the section then these files are a modder's resource and may be used however you wish.

These can be found in the folder textures\characters\JC.
jenlashes_4t_green2.ddsa long feathery green lash. Great for Dryads!

These can be found in the folder textures\characters\JC.

kaleyelashesDXT1_6.ddslonger lashes, DXT1 format, 6 mipmaps
kaleyelashesDXT1_all.ddslonger lashes, DXT1 format, all mipmaps
kaleyelashesDXT3_6.ddslonger lashes, DXT3 format, 6 mipmaps
kaleyelashesDXT3_all.ddslonger lashes, DXT3 format, all mipmaps
kaleyelashesDXT5_6.ddslonger lashes, DXT5 format, 6 mipmaps
kaleyelashesDXT5_all.ddslonger lashes, DXT5 format, all mipmaps
kaleyelashesseq_brncolors.ddslonger lashes, brown with colored sequins
kaleyelashesseq_brngold.ddslonger lashes, brown with gold sequins
kaleyelashesseq_brnsil.ddslonger lashes, brown with silver sequins
kaleyelashesseq_colors.ddslonger lashes, black with colored sequins
kaleyelashesseq_gold.ddslonger lashes, black with gold sequins
kaleyelashesseq_sil.ddslonger lashes, black with silver sequins
kaleyelashesseq_whtcolors.ddslonger lashes, white with colored sequins
lucheyelashes_wht white version of luchaire tex
These can be found in the folder textures\characters\JC.

lucheyelashes.ddsfor a natural looking lash


Coming soon!


These can be found in the folder textures\characters\WAR.
At the request of the author, these textures are available for use as eyelash textures in race/character mods
only. For any other use, please get his permission first!

WARLASH1_01 = Long & Lusty: Black
WARLASH1_02 = Long & Lusty: White
WARLASH1_03 = Long & Lusty: Brown
WARLASH1_04 = Long & Lusty: Blonde
WARLASH1_05 = Long & Lusty: Baby Pink
WARLASH1_06 = Long & Lusty: Baby Blue
WARLASH1_07 = Long & Lusty: Spring Green
WARLASH1_08 = Long & Lusty: Crimson
WARLASH1_09 = Long & Lusty: Lavender
WARLASH1_10 = Long & Lusty: Duality
WARLASH1_11 = Long & Lusty: Radiant Duality
WARLASH1_12 = Long & Lusty: Chromatic
WARLASH2_01 = Naturally Full: Black
WARLASH2_02 = Naturally Full: White
WARLASH2_03 = Naturally Full: Brown
WARLASH2_04 = Naturally Full: Blonde
WARLASH2_05 = Naturally Full: Baby Pink
WARLASH2_06 = Naturally Full: Baby Blue
WARLASH2_07 = Naturally Full: Spring Green
WARLASH2_08 = Naturally Full: Crimson
WARLASH2_09 = Naturally Full: Lavender
WARLASH2_10 = Naturally Full: Duality
WARLASH2_11 = Naturally Full: Radiant Duality
WARLASH2_12 = Naturally Full: Chromatic
WARLASH3_01 = Feathered: Black
WARLASH3_02 = Feathered: White
WARLASH3_03 = Feathered: Brown
WARLASH3_04 = Feathered: Blonde
WARLASH3_05 = Feathered: Baby Pink
WARLASH3_06 = Feathered: Baby Blue
WARLASH3_07 = Feathered: Spring Green
WARLASH3_08 = Feathered: Crimson
WARLASH3_09 = Feathered: Lavender
WARLASH3_10 = Feathered: Duality
WARLASH3_11 = Feathered: Radiant Duality
WARLASH3_12 = Feathered: Chromatic
WARLASH4_01 = Bejeweled: Diamond
WARLASH4_02 = Bejeweled: Blue Topaz
WARLASH4_03 = Bejeweled: Alexandrite
WARLASH4_04 = Bejeweled: Citrine
WARLASH4_05 = Bejeweled: Pink Quartz
WARLASH5_01 = Diamond Tear: Brilliant
WARLASH5_02 = Diamond Tear: Prism
WARLASH6_01 = Opalescent Dew: Sparkle
WARLASH6_02 = Opalescent Dew: Blue
WARLASH6_03 = Opalescent Dew: Green
WARLASH6_04 = Opalescent Dew: Pink
WARLASH6_05 = Opalescent Dew: Twinkle
WARLASH6_06 = Opalescent Dew: Summer Berry
WARLASH7_01 = Southern Maple: Crimson
WARLASH7_02 = Southern Maple: Autumn Fire
WARLASH7_03 = Southern Maple: Spring Green
WARLASH7_04 = Southern Maple: Winter Frost
WARLASH8_01 = Summer Ivy: Green
WARLASH8_02 = Summer Ivy: Gold
WARLASH8_03 = Summer Ivy: Blue Frost
WARLASH8_04 = Summer Ivy: Copper
WARLASH9_01 = Corona Flare: True Flame
WARLASH9_02 = Corona Flare: Hellspark
WARLASH9_03 = Corona Flare: Cold Fire
WARLASH9_04 = Corona Flare: Flame Shard
WARLASH10_01 = Gossamer Bliss: Pink
WARLASH10_02 = Gossamer Bliss: Green
WARLASH10_03 = Gossamer Bliss: Blue
WARLASH10_04 = Gossamer Bliss: Purple
WARLASH10_05 = Gossamer Bliss: Silver
WARLASH10_06 = Gossamer Bliss: Black
WARLASH11_01 = Jester‘s Gambit: Gold
WARLASH11_02 = Jester‘s Gambit: Silver
WARLASH11_03 = Jester‘s Gambit: Black
WARLASH12_01 = Arachne‘s Gaze: Shadow
WARLASH12_02 = Arachne‘s Gaze: Cobweb

And more are on the way!