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Added: 24/03/2006 - 01:02AM
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This adds a Ring of Feather with 500 points to the dresser in the For Sale Shack in the Waterfront District of Imperial City. This means you will need to buy the shack and storage furniture of course.

NOTE - The game only adds 200 encumbrance total at a time.

IE - 200 + your current encumbrance = total encumbrance limit (up to a max of 500 above your normal)

For example you start at 84/284. Equip the ring and goto 84/284. When you reach 284/284 re-equip it and goto 284/484. The max in this case would be 700/700. Just unequip and re-equip ring when you need to.

Enjoy carrying all your fat lewt around :)

FYI the name of the enchant effect is MyRingFeatherEnch. Just in case you want to raise it from 500. I do not know what the max is. I figure 500 is enough to loot most dungeons before a vendor run is needed.