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This mod will get the NPC to \"wake up\" (change from a lazy unwary stroll to an excited faster sweep of the area and give a bonus to their ability for detection) and to call out to other NPCs to also \"wake up\".

Permissions and credits
Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs Rev 4
OBSE 18 or better needed.

Try using Duke Patrick’s Script Effect Silencer mod.

BE SURE TO DO A DO A CLEAN INSTALL if you are installing over an older ver.

rev 4 Beta fix to try to prevent Objects from being faction swapped. Only actors should be affected by the mod. I did have an check in the script to see it the subject was an actor, but I removed an strange extra endif in the script and I put in a secondary check to be sure now. If this will not fix the issue then there is some other incompatibility unrelated to the object factions/ownership (per this mod anyway.)

Rev 3.3.1 A one-time pop up will allow you to configure this mod to remove (move to a hidden cell) dead bodies after they have been dead for 6 hours (GAME time not real time.) Answer Yes or No to the pop up message to set the mod. If you are upgrading from a previous REV This rev 3.3.1 may not need a clean install but pleases do one anyway.

This mod is NOW "Companion Friendship Ring" enabled. This means that if you use Duke Patricks Companion Friendship Ring mod this mod can detect your Companion and thus ignore them. This Duke Patricks Companion Friendship Ring mod will work for all other mods as well as long as they are also Duke Patricks Companion Friendship Ring mod enabled. Download the Duke Patricks Companion Friendship Ring mod for details. However the Duke Patricks Companion Friendship Ring mod is NOT required to run any of my mods.

get it here:


This ver will now make the dumb creatures react in a simple manner to another creature flopping over dead such as when they are hit with an arrow and killed. 20-foot detection from the killed creature IF they are in the line of sight!

Any creature smart enough to use a weapon to also be smart enough to be alerted upon finding a freshly killed comrade.
This will include any creature from any mod.

The mod works for FRESH kills. So There is a time limit on the corpse getting reactions.

Once the body is found by the NPC the body will be dragged off either by the upset NPCs that are now alerted or by hungry creatures.

It is not my intention to make this a big stealth based game change.

That is to say I am not going to redo other peoples work such as Proximity based Sneak Penalties by DuggeDank or
Reneer's Guard Overhaul for example.

This mod will only get the NPC to "wake up" (change from a lazy unwary stroll to an excited faster sweep of the area and give a bonus to their ability for detection) and to call out to other NPCs to also "wake up".

What happens after that (what occurs when the npc then detect the player) is left to other mods to handle.

The intention of my mod is purely an aesthetic immersion game enhancer by inducing a realistic reaction from NPC coming into range of another NPC that was recently killed and was of the same "alignment" of the NPC that makes the discovery.

Good guys get upset about dead good guys, bad guys get upset about dead bad guys, no one cares if it is a dead "dumb" creature.

For the purposes of the mod I decided that the "reaction" will be a sudden alert state (drawn weapons for example) and in some cases the NPC will yell something appropriate, and then will run around either to runaway and hide or
to look for what ever has caused the death of the NPC that was discovered.

This will have an indirect affect on the PC being discovered more easily as the NPC running around will cover much more ground in a shorter amount of time! But it will also boost the NPC ability to detect because they are now in an alerted state.

A simple transfer of the alert state will be passed on to other NPCs as the alerted NPC runs around!

A timer is used to stop this effect for 120 seconds after they NPC has been in combat as they would not react after a big fight. They would not be "suddenly" surprised to see a dead friend after a battle. Especially when they accidentally shoot each other with arrows all the time!

I discovered I could use IsActorDetected ON THE DEAD!

This means that the NPC will or will not get excited and "alerted" based on more than just proximity
to the dead body and LOS.

These factors will also be automatically included per this IsActorDetected command:

Light level

Ability and skill of the NPC power of observation

If they are busy doing other things like chasing prey or fighting.

Spells that effect the NPC sneak ability (this is their power of observation as noted above)

Which direction the NPC is facing and a few other factors that make this MUCH more realistic!

So if you kill somebody at NIGHT there is less of a chance the body will be spotted.
You can also drag the body into a dark corner behind some crates and you will have effectively hidden the body!

After working on this mod now for a few weeks (many many hours not spent working or sleeping) I can see now why the other mods have not done this yet. This was not an easy thing to do in a simple way. I had to use a relay of spells ONLY as a means of communication between NPCs, then do most of the work using an object script instead of the normal manner of using spells scripts to do the work.

Basically the spells scripts were used as a kind of information packet to deliver data from the dead body to the NPC then on to other NPCs.

I think this may have been one of my biggest AI script head aches next to my personality AI companion mod "The Lady Said NO!


The Mod Team:
Leandro Conde

Script Gurus:
Scruggsywuggsy The Ferret
Reneer (who made the Guard Overhaul mod)

The OBSE team

All the people that write the Wiki
and the active members on the Oblivion CS forums for feedback in my WIP thread!

Last but not least of course Bethesda for allowing all of us to shape and personalize our own virtual playgrounds! Please do not let the ignorant and uninformed people at the games ratings board influence your choice to provide tools and permissions to mod your game code!


OBSE 18 or better needed.

I worked very hard on this mod. But this mod is a product more of creativity, sweat and tears than script writing talent.

DO NOT distribute or use any of my 3d models, resources or scripts.
You should only find this mod distributed from TesNexus!
If any other web site is distributing this work they are doing so illegitimately.

Only as long as it has nothing to do with killining actors thus alerting other Actors,you MAY use my scripts and my other resources for making a mod. I.E do not make a disguised knock off!

And you must credit me fully and include my "legal" as shown above.

For the most advanced SCA combat with sword and shield: