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  1. maxxon89
    • member
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    Cool mod but makes it too easy to open hard locks.
    Upd. My bad, i should have read better about this mod's settings xD Now it's fine. Lockpick durability is a cool feature. Great mod!
  2. futurehermit
    • member
    • 58 posts
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    Anyone know if this is still compatible with OOO 1.35? Can't seem to get it to work
    1. ntblood
      • member
      • 1,181 posts
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      I found the resolution for me to get the mod to work or the spell "B--- Lockpicking" (I forget the first word). The answer for me was putting the mod last in my load order so that nothing overwrote it.

      There's another lockpicking mod that incorporates this one and another one, Morrowind Lockpicking. It's called, Real Time Lockpicking

  3. snake97531
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    Having a little trouble with the steel wire. When ever I use it on a locked chest, it screws up my characters view, making the first person view orbit around my characters body. I would enjoy help with this matter.
  4. Aries14482
    • member
    • 34 posts
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    I'm having an issue with going to jail: I have normal vanilla lockpicks in inventory when I am arrested, but when I check my inventory in my cell, I have no lockpick at all, just the ragged clothes.

    I'm running a bunch of mods, including the roleplay dialogue mod, which comes into play immediately before getting arrested.

    EDIT: Whoops, nevermind. I disabled the roleplay dialogue mod and everything is back to normal. Maybe one of the dialogue selections piss off the guards bad enough to make them go "TSA Lovin' " on you and find your backup lockpick?

    EDIT 2: For anyone interested, it wasn't the roleplaying dialogue mod either- it was caused by a backpack inventory mod. If you have the lockpicks in the backpack before being arrested, they are taken along with the pack (since the pack is treated like an item). You have to either add the lockpicks to your hotkey menu or drop the backpack and add a lockpick to your personal inventory.
  5. ConallK
    • member
    • 18 posts
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    Nevermind, problem solved.
  6. Sucaru67
    • member
    • 29 posts
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    About the problems with DR6, I've been able to work around the glitch by going into third person, but I'd really like to see a fix. It's a great mod, but maybe some changes should be made to make compatibility possible?
  7. SilvasRuin
    • member
    • 80 posts
    • 7 kudos
    I'm encountering a strange bug. Even with copying it all into the Data Folder, the menu file is not disabling the lockpicking menu. I've even booted up Oblivion right after copying it in there once again. The mod works just fine, I just can't disable that minigame.
  8. Zumbs
    • premium
    • 372 posts
    • 47 kudos
    As far as I remember, ZLP is compatible with Oblivion XP, but you may have to tinker a bit with the ini settings that come with ZLP for optimal performance.
  9. freedom613
    • member
    • 308 posts
    • 9 kudos
    Would this mod be compatible with Oblivion XP?
  10. WizardOfAtlantis
    • premium
    • 1,590 posts
    • 33 kudos
    Yes, I would love to see a fix for Deadly Reflex 6. I get the same perspective/body screw*skew*ing problem. I love your lockpicking but I can't do without DR...I'd really like not having to do without your mod as well because I already know from playing it that it's absolutely fantastic.