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At long last! Updated, better than ever before!

-This mod adds several armor and clothing sets based on the "Void" color
scheme I devised. Sets include, in no particular order:
Light, Medium, & Heavy Void Armor
Void Assassin Armor
White Void Armor
Common & Expensive Void Clothing
BB Common, Expensive, & Exquisite Void Clothing
Void Weapons
Misc. Void Items
Certain items can be purchased in different locations.

-In Sadrith Mora, you may find the armorer Anruin. He has several crates of
the more basic armors for sale, as well as some weapons. The Void Consolate
is not on the best of terms with House Telvanni, so some persuasion might be

-In the Great Bazaar of Mournhold, the trader Artanis Eston has set himself
up in one of the unused merchant carts, and wears Void Gear in additon to
selling it. He provides higher-level armors and more extravagant clothing.

-A tavern/cornerclub can be found in the sewers below the Great Bazaar. At
night, Artanis prefers this to the cold stones of the Bazaar. And if you
get on his good side, he might let you in on a few of the Void Consolate's
little secrets...

-Certain artifacts were placed unobtrusively in a couple cells. Check the
SPOILERS file if you must, but it's more fun to do the quests...

**CAUTION TO ALD INDORIL USERS: The "Chancellor's Chalice" is located in
the Great Bazaar sewers, perilously close to the entrance to the Ald Indoril sewers.
Conflicts unknown- use caution and backup your saved games before enabling.